Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday and Tuesday are a Wrap

Mondays schedule was a 3 mile run and an hour TRX class.  Tuesday is a rest day.

I ALMOST managed the plank curls in TRX.  I did a couple and then ‘cheated’ through the range of the rest of the 30 seconds.  On both sides.  Hey, two weeks ago I didn’t even have my feet in the straps, so phooey… All in all, I love this TRX stuff, you are using your own body weight and leverage, it is very cool.  I can feel a little bit of a difference three weeks in, I expect there will be more changes as I get better and continue.  Saw a little bit of a triceps popping out in the mirror this a.m. OH yeah, I’m bad ass!  HA!

I ran before TRX class not sure if that was wise or not.  It wasn’t wise, or make that fun, to run without water. I know I know, it is 3 miles Beth, you can’t run for 30 minutes without water? You wuss.  Well, actually not at the moment I can't (or maybe won't). It may be like a pacifier for me, my big water bottle with the pink strap?  I’m claiming I needed the water due to the heat and the fact it was after 4 in the afternoon when I am tired.  So I’m just going to run with my water.  I don’t think it is a bad thing although I do worry I maybe over hydrating.  What are the signs of over hydration?  Anyone?  Buller? 

Tuesdays I am in the city, New York, that is, tourists, crazy cabbies.  There are days you can put shoes and a nice dress on me and no one would ever know I used to run around barefoot on a farm for the first 20 some years of my life…  other days, well I may be a featured DON’T in the “DO’s and DON’Ts” in the back of Glamour Magazine.  Today was not one of those days, pshew.  Thankfully a girlfriend shops with me and pulls together outfits.   What was particularly challenging was getting out of bed and staying awake.  I may have mentioned I slept in till nearly noon on Sunday, then ran at night, before bed, I was a little sleepy Monday and arrived home with the intention of going to bed by 9:30.  Well, once I got home to the chaos and confusion of four dogs and hubb who was busy working on a new project and had lots to show me my energy level zipped through the roof.  Or it was the box of Whoppers I ate in the car on the drive home?  We may never know.  So this, my declared rest day, I am grateful for.  I may take a mile or so walk at lunch, depending on which shoes I wore, but generally it is a sit on my butt and think day.  Oh yeah and eat, what is it with sitting around and the urge to cram food in the mouth?  Crazy. 

Seemed like everything in the city was overly Air Conditioned.  I wish I had a parka from one of these holiday tourists!  Grand Central Terminal is beautiful, no matter what time of year.

My boss is always astounded that I make it into Manhattan before her, I have a 3 hour commute and she has a 30 minute commute.  She walks in and shakes her head, how do you manage to be in here by 8:30, do you sleep?  I got lucky this a.m. and got on a train 13 minutes earlier than my usual train…  Have to say it is nice and quiet until about 9:30 when the rest of the office arrives.  I do manage to get a few things done.  I am sure she is home well before me, that 6:29 train isn't too terrible, it is the not actually arriving home until 9:30.  Fortunately I have a good audio book for the 60 minute drive from the train station to home and Facebook to entertain me on the train.

So this catches me up for the week.  Ah, I knew the rest day would come in handy for something!

And to my friend who said "What do you mean you don't have to run? Shouldn't that be I don't get to run?"  Point taken, noted, and believe me I do enjoy a day not running, it makes the next run so much more delightful!

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