Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Week (11/24/14 - 11/30/13) - Final

Ugh, the holidays are upon me. To say I hate them is an understatement. 

Texting with a friend about my family traditions made me realize why I've been so blue no being able to see my people since May.  

I was explaining my families traditions around Christmas, this is what I received in response:

"You have good, if non-traditional memories of the holidays."

My reminiscing about the year of three Christmases when my mom and my brother's and I lived in one state (WI), my father in another (MI), Christmas with my paternal grandparents, in another state (OH).  This isn't like CT/RI/MA sort of tri state adventure US map provided for review.

"Really, they go to that much trouble, there's a lot of love there"





Leaf raking

Monday  - TRX / Walk

I'm glad my ankle foot thing seems to be calming down.  It hurts if I rotate it a certain way, so I won't do that!

The vet said all looked good with Gizmo's surgery and healing.  I was able to take Gizzy for a walk on Monday night - 2 miles. To say he was PSYCHED to cross over US 1 and not turn around and go back home would be an understatement.  He skipped, seriously, he skipped over US 1 knowing he could go for a walk as long as he wanted.   We had a lovely walk, in the nice moist and warm conditions.  Perfect for a lot of sniffing.  Gizzy was in heaven.  I am very happy for him.  Inside of 30 minutes of getting home he was curled up on the couch snoring up a storm.  Ahhhh the life of a geriatric pup!

Tuesday - Speed work / Walk

After last weeks not so great session I was a little nervous.  I noticed the run to Lot L seemed better, I felt less like I was dragging lead behind me.  Perhaps this was a good sign?

Josh join in on the fun.  He tortures Dave or Steve while the other tortures me.  Oh. So. Fun.  No really.

I'm pleased with my results.  All sub 8 pace for the 1/3 mile.  Vast improvement over last week and each previous week.

Tis a thing of beauty, unless it is a stock price.
Imagine what I could do if I set my mind to it... Kinda scary?

Gizzy whined for his walk, it was pretty clear about 3/4 of  mile in his foot ached a bit and he was tired.  We walked our two miles despite him being a bit uncomfortable.  With in 10 minutes he settled in with a thud on the couch with Dave when we got home.  Poor guy, we over did it a bit.  Pretty normal first day back from injury/illness!

Wednesday - Big old fat ZERO, nada, zilch, worked later than expected and took a nap.  I still haven't gotten a picture with me and Gizmo in our quilt, eventually.  Not quite cold enough for him to want to be wrapped up.   

Thursday -  Run / Walk

Mystic Y turkey trot and dip just trotting no dipping!  Billed at 3 miles it was 2.5  actually a nice run.

Got home to find the sun getting sunnier and Giz looking like he needed a walk.  Walk he did, he'd of kept going for 4 miles if I didn't steer him very unwillingly towards home.  In 15 minutes he was sacked out on a dog bed in front of the fire.  So nice to walk in the day light and get in some more exercise before the food orgy at the in-laws.

Friday - Run / Walk

Long turned into medium.  Sometimes it just does.   Took Gus for a walk later in the day and never seemed to manage to warm up.

Saturday - Run

Shoulda taken Jax on a dog jog.  This was a pathetic run, I felt like I was running with someone else's legs and feet.  It was very weird and frustrating. Although I did nab a CR, most likely I'm the only woman that ran that Segment. 

Spent the evening baking cookies and goodies with the Red Felt girls.  Jennifer organized us with a place to bake, assigned tasks and everyone showed up and baked.  We adopted two platoons, 41 soldiers.  I hope their goodie box brings a little sunshine into their holiday.  Many of the soldiers don't get packages often or even at all.  

Sunday - Rake / Walk

It appears the leaves in the front yard have tripled since last year.  Weird.  Half the yard is done and Dave will finish the other half during the week.  Contemplated a bike ride, just not feeling like anything I try running or biking is going to be successful so I'll take the day off and take a dog for a walk.

And Monday starts a new week!  (I love the 'old nonsense' part!)
A bit better than "suck it up buttercup"  -- yeah I need to do that too!!

Beth, If anyone ever tries to convince me there is no Santa Claus they are the fool, not I.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (well maybe not)

Beth, not sure what made me think of this....  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"You going out like that?" final

Weekly Recap - 11/17 - 11/23



Speed / Plank 40/50/60 / Stairs 15 sets

NY for the day




Monday -  Run / TRX

Post Li'l Rhody I was feeling a little achey in the knees, guess that is normal.  I wanted to get out a bit and see if everything worked, it did. 

Nice to read everyone's posts about Li'l Rhody Runaround especially Jeff's comment, to my post, that everyone falls apart on the second half.  Stellar performances by all, and not because the course is getting faster!!! (thanks Johnny)  I paid a bit more attention to the pace on the second half and it seemed to drop for most everyone.  Huh...   

TRX was its usual barrel of laughs!  Managed 10 plank curl unders on each side with no cheating.  Has been a while since I've managed them with out having to put my hand down to steady myself.

Tuesday - Speed work / Planks / Stairs
A twofer today.  Scheduled to be in NY on Wednesday and it is hard to fit it all in so I decided to torture myself a bit.  Success!!

Speed work was sluggish, I wasn't feeling it and was told numerous times "Beth you're slacking, get it together."  External dialogue not internal dialogue.   Appreciated comments as much as it stung.  We agreed that there could also be some residual sluggishness from Sunday's race.

I dropped back to where I was in week 2.  However my laps were consistent and not wildly varying, so there is that.  Ok so varying...  Well there does seem to be a pattern with 3 being the best other than week IV...  oh hell what do I know about any of this...  Well my breathing IS getting better.

Met up with Jennifer at URI for some stadium stairs.  I remembered my headlamp this time, much better!!  The goal was 15.  I wanted to be done at 10, I still had energy, although my legs were trembling (?) so much Jennifer asked if someone put a quarter in the stadium.  At #12 Jennifer declared she was done, she'd wait for me to run the last 3 sets.  Um.  No.  I encouraged (or harassed) her up the last 3 while she muttered something like "she's trying to kill me."  Hey, 15 was your idea!!!

Mead Stadium - URI - We run up and down the "visitor" steps
DOMS set in for both of us later in the afternoon, not as bad as last week, however I was wearing sensible shoe this time!  Lesson learned.

Wednesday - Dog Walk

Another day in NYC, with sensible shoes, this time.  I have missed my colleagues in the city, for sure.  I don't miss the long day, though.  I did get myself on a train by 5 so I'd be home by 8.  Gizmo is a wreck, no walk in a week, grumbly grouchy old man is he!!  I took Gus out for a brisk walk to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I did take a brisk walk at lunch time, so I wasn't completely cooped up inside all day.  Gus is very happy to be taking Gizmo's place on these walks.  Next week Gizmo's cast is removed and we can resume our after dinner constitutional.  I don't know if either Dave or I can stand his carrying on for that long, we will we understand his agony.  I think all fully understand what it is like to be sidelined,  poor guy has the added benefit of not understanding why he doesn't get to go out.

Thursday - Run / Disappointment  (edited for clarity)

IM from Mike B asking if I was running.  Back and forth and he agreed not to torture me (too much) meet at 11:30.  Got myself down to the gym and pulled out about 10 long sleeved shirts and no blasted bra.  Yes, I have a list on my bag, however I've been just bringing home the stinky clothes and replacing with clean.  Normally throwing in enough bras to last for the week.   Not sure what the hell happened this week. 

I walked back out of the locker room to see Mike B walking in (sporting that gnarly scar on his face) asking "So, you going our like that?"  I explained my problem and all he could do was laugh and give me shit.  Ahhh...  guess that is pay back for the bloody nip comment on Tuesday? Couldn't possibly be for all of them....

Well that blew my double for Thursday.  Bought a bra at the sporting goods store at lunch, the weather looked so beautiful and sunny, a bit windy, though.  Way better windy and sun than the wind and cold of an after work run.  

I attempted a back to back --> run then hills...  attempted, the operative word.   It was going well, up the Bitch and down Shennie, turn on Thomas looky there an 8:47 mile, I can so keep this up... and about a half mile later I tried to land on the top of my foot.  Son of a Bitch, that hurt.  I hobbled for a few steps and picked it back up.  Damn it is so much easier on the joints when I do this on the trail, bloody asphalt.    Hills with Ro were in question.  Once I got back to Vinnie (who just flipped 200,000 miles at age 8) I hunkered down and hoped it would magically get better, it didn't.  Should be fine for Friday right?

My GAP even with The Bitch was hugely respectable pace for me, and negative splits with the booboo...  damn it.  As my husband would say "God got you" apparently for being cocky?  

Friday - who the hell knows

Took a cold walk around Avery Point before I went home.  Ankle/foot felt ok, hoping it wasn't just the support of the boots I was wearing.  It was wicked windy, yet it felt great.

Dave was out riding in Burlingame - I still can't figure out where the hell "Lenny Lane" is going to be.  Then again I have a hard time not getting lost in the house.

Took Gizzy out for a walk to the end of the block and back.  A whopping 1/3 of a mile.  He was stoked, I mean STOKED to get out side on the leash and go go go.  Of course this meant stopping to smell every 2 feet, but hey, it is what he likes to do.  The cast should be off early next week and we can walk a bit longer and eventually get back to our 10+ miles a week.

All in all the ankle/foot feels fine, tender for sure.  Of all the asinine things to do...

Saturday -  Run / Walk

Too chilly to bike, I ran errands in the a.m. to get that torture out of the way.  From now till January even going to the grocery store is going to suck with the bazillions of holiday shoppers, where are these people the rest of the year?  It's like tourist season...

I went for a run in the afternoon. Three close calls with cars made me wonder if this was really a good idea...  All in all the ankle felt fine, it's the top of the foot that hurts once its out of a shoe and I rotate the ankle.  So I won't do that.

Dog walk with Gus, he was psyched and when I got home I took Gizzy up and down the block, he was happy to get out, bummed when we didn't cross the street.  His vet appt is Monday so hopefully we will be back to 2 - 3 mile walks next week.  

Sunday - Run

Dave was up and out early to ride in Arcadia.  I just got up and ran, took a couple swigs of water, and set out on my journey.  The first mile was mostly down hill and logged way faster than I think is reasonable.  Oh well, so I captured a bit of Strava bling...  All in all the run felt better than yesterday and no one tried to run me over, so double bonus.

Feeling rather uninspired for the rest of the day.  Maybe a bike ride if the sun stays out.  Or maybe I'll knit...

Beth, far less graceful on asphalt than trails....

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

LI'l Rhody Run Around - recap

2013 (official) 1:33:13 Recap
2014 (unofficial) 1:25

I've run many laps of Burlingame, only 13 of them have qualified as the Li'l Rhody Run Around segment on Strava.  If you don't start at the start and stop at the stop it doesn't register as a Strava segment, right?

The one I ran today was the best, a PR.  I'm pleased.  Oh how pleased!

Li'l Rhody Run Around - course results

Thank you, Johnny, I am seeing some improvement in my race times, although after a month of speed work, is that even possible?  I am also really focusing on my breathing, deeper and more yoga like.  When I fall back into my panting ways things seem harder, and focusing on conscious deep breathing, well it is helping!!  Then again every one ran faster this year.  The course conditions were perfection.  Either way I did better by over a minute per mile. Crazy!!  I'll chalk it up to being in better shape as well as perfect course conditions.

Dave joked that it was probably all the bridges by the covered bridge that sped me up.  Oh, stuff it in your ear.

The first half went well, I expected it would.  I got wrapped up in a couple packs of people and the only way to pass was to pass going up hill.  So I did. I picked off quite a few people.  I stopped at mile 4 water stop and let a few people I had picked off by me (4).  Fuel and water and I was set. The last 1/2 is usually where I fall apart.  My pace did slow however I slowly picked off those 4 people and a few more too boot over the next three miles.  I passed Way Headding for about 50 feet and he nearly tripped and fell because I was distracting him.  I let him pass with a 'oh go ahead of me you old pervert'.  I'm sure I'll pay for that crack at the fun run on Thursday night!!  Oooops... my filter is once again on the fritz!

The last mile, on the hard top road, I got picked off by three people and managed to pick one of them off.  Tee hee....

I felt great and tired, and legs of lead as I crossed the finish mat.  Looking at my watch, a PR!  Cool!  By how much I wasn't certain, probably close to 10 minutes?  8 Per the unofficial results, hoping for a few extra seconds with the official, but if this goes like it usually does I finished in something over 1:25.  Feh, I still finished in less than 90 minutes and that was one of my goals while I was training for the ultra.  Another goal was to run the whole course.  I damn near hit that this time around!!

It was an even better experience than last year, I knew so many more people and managed to stay hooked up with groups of people, pass on the up hills and one major pass on a downhill!  The joys of running on your home turf, right?

Jeff a MA trail runner managed to find me in the sea of orange -  probably the crazy hat, eh?

Beth, who didn't leave it all out on the course, next year I will.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucy Looking for Ethel....

Weekly Log – 11/09/2014 – 11/16/2014

Monday – TRX / 2 mile dog walk

Gizmo’s last walk for a while, he is getting a fatty tumor removed from his toe before it causes any mobility issues.  The vet was highly impressed with his weekly walking mileage; he gets about 10 in a week unless I have too many social activities during the week and he can’t whine loudly enough to get me to take him out when I get home.  
I took a 0, I earned a rest day, although it was very hard to see the beautiful weather and not run.  I knew this would be a temptation so I left my gear at home.

TRX was good, lots of laughs, per usual. 

Tuesday -  Speed work / 2.7 dog walk

Gizmo did well through surgery and was released on Wednesday afternoon.  It was weird not having him home. Gus got the dog walk.

Speed work is showing some improvement!  I’m seeing my average time per lap come down.  Not that I felt any faster in my Wednesday run, however I did just run and not really do much but run and think about my breathing.  Who knew deeper yoga like breaths help a person run faster?  It will take a while to lose my habit of short sharp panting breaths.  I am starting to notice a difference when I think about breathing into my belly.  

Gibber jabbered with Mike B (seriously use the nip guards) after the run, he shared the proposal story of one of the guys in the running club.  Awwww so sweet!  Definitely a couple meant to be together.  Best wishes Tommy and Shara!! 

Wednesday – Run 5 miles/ 40sec 50sec 60 sec planks / 10 sets of stairs at URI football stadium (a whoping 0.4 miles)

Faith and I were going to meet up to run, well that didn’t happen.  In my defense she changed the time from 11:30 to 11:15 and I left on time and she left late and we missed each other, but not by much!  Strava Labs has a fly by and well you can see for yourself, if you haven’t already.  I thought it was quite comical.  I also did see Mike B, no we didn’t stop and chat!

After work and another Lucy and Ethel moment I met up with Jennifer at the URI stadium to run some steep big stairs.  She said 10 so we did 10. I managed to get my lap button pressed correctly most of the time.  The run up took 20 seconds, no I didn’t count the number of stairs but I do wonder if I Google mapped the stadium if I could count them.  We stopped at the top caught our breath and walked down carefully trying not to trip and me (who left her head lamp in the car) not to get spaced out by the light streaming through the bottom of the stairs and miss a step and end up face planting down the uncounted number of stairs.

Dave brought Gizmo home from the vet, he was very groggy, actually kind of comical as he couldn’t really sit up straight for long and would flop over as the anesthesia really took good hold of him and was taking a while to wear off.   He was happy to snuggle and not move around too much. 

No one can top the Pitiful Gizzy!

Thursday – NYC – big old fat ZERO  (ugh)  but I do get to dress up all fancy for an after work event...

I didn't bring a spare pair of shoes and walking in 3 inch heels was not fun, partly because of the shoes mostly because my legs were rebelling against me!!  Whoops. DOMS set in late in the day and got progressively worse.  Fortunately there was wine, not my first choice but swigging out of a beer bottle in a cocktail dress is trashy.

The event was fun.  Good to meet people I usually talk to via the phone or eMail.  

Friday – 4 quick miles with Jennifer and hopefully a dog walk, if Giz will let me walk Gus.

I ran 4 solo, Jennifer texted she was a bit under the weather and had a fever.  Fever =  no running, right?   I try and not run when I have something settled in to my chest.  Then again I coughed through all my runs in June and earlier and later...  It took a long time for me to recover from that 50K, I guess.  Anyhoodles, I went out to run.  Quads screaming, shins and left knee grumbling, and my right ankle decided to chime in.  I'm sure this is the result of stadium stairs then going to NYC and running around in 3" platform heels - IDIOT. 

My mom was too cute and suggested I was nuts for wearing heels.  Isn't she a peach?  

Saturday – not sure, and still not sure as of Fri night.  I need to work more kinks out I'm sure...

Ran 3 just before dark.  It was chilly and felt pretty good, not as sloggy as Friday's run .

Sunday – Li’l Rhody Run Around 8 mile trail race.  Recap

Beth, working on another partner for a Lucy and Ethel routine....
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Stat Geek Edition

Speed Work Tuesday -- 

Beth, holy crap... 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Up Front for DeMar - recap

A group note went around about a 5K one of the gals in the virtual running club was hosting, in MA.  After clearing it with Dave, I signed up.  Sure it was a 5K three hours away in North Adams, MA.  However it was a great opportunity to meet in person people I know virtually or have only briefly met.

This is the second year for the Up Front for DeMar 5K.  Appropriately hosted in his hometown on Veteran's Day weekend.

US ARMY SPC Michael R DeMarsico was an American Hero, a soldier and a hometown boy.  Not only did SPC DeMarsico volunteer to fight for our country and our freedoms, he volunteered to be "Up Front protecting his battalion and fellow soldiers.

On August 16, 2012 SPC MeMarsico was killed by and IED in Afghanistan - after finding 15 others and first saving his men. 

SPC DeMarsico's community came together to honor him, to welcome him home, to mourn him and lay him at rest.  Now the community can come together again to honor him and to raise money for the scholarship fund in his name. "

It was an out and back course, the flattest Elaine could manage in the hills of the Berkshires, she did pretty damn good!  The turn around was in a parking lot beautifully done, I know we were all surprised.  

After Saturday's un-epic performance at EBAC, I had no goals, just to run and enjoy the scenery, it was very beautiful.  The race kicked off with a group of motorcyclists leading the way.

I ran negative splits, and am happy with that.  Plus it was nice to get away for a night and have a girls night out, even more happy for that opportunity.

Red Felt Running Club - New England - Great group of folks!

Beth, giving thanks to the veterans who have sacrificed their lives and remembering her twin cousins KIA in WWII.

Richard Volk 1924 -1945   Russell Volk 1924 - 1945

Electric Boat Athletic Club (EBAC) Fall Challenge - recap

I haven't even recapped Tarzan Brown... on the list, and now I've finished two other races...  No we are not heading down that slippery slope of 2013 where I ran something like 40 races?  Ridiculous.

Anyhow, this was a day of decision.  I knew it was more of a fun run especially after fartlets with Jennifer on Friday and hills with Ro on Thursday.  My legs felt like lead and responded the same way.

I started out ok, Bob B said "You were hanging with me and then you weren't.  You looked like hell coming into the last turn."  Thanks.  I appreciate his honesty, I do.  At least I didn't look good and feel like hell, that is a sucky combination, no pity for Beth....

Ok so this is billed as a 5 mile race and measures 4.75, which bodes well for the final results!  LOL.  It was cold and windy and the race gets a nice breeze off the Long Island Sound. 

Anyhow, the course was a loop and pretty much flat and pretty things to look at, the water and the houses.

I felt good most of the first mile, my time showed.  But really wasn't feeling it, oh well.  Kind of what I suspected.  I picked a runner ahead of me and watched their feet and focused on closing the gap and form and breathing.  Might as well, right?  I had my music, which pretty much means I'm not serious.  I think someone was trying to talk to me, I'm probably now known as 'that snobby girl' in her race recap!  WHOOPS.  

Mile 2 Noticeably harder and slower.  Yeah, this is going how I expected.  Still the Thames River to the right and pretty houses on the left, really not so bad.  

Mile 3 Noticing a bit of elevation gain, and then turned the corner on, huh, appears this road has no name.  It does have a bit of a hill.  I got picked off by three people.  Grrr....  Once to the top (it wasn't really anything to write home about but damn it felt like I was climbing Mt. Washington).

Mile 4 I focused on picking off the people who passed me.  Success!  And I picked off a few others.  Huh...

Mile 5 When the woman with the baby stroller passed me the wind went out of my sails...  Ugh...  I finished, happy to see the finish line with a time of 47:22 (official results not out), so a true 10 pace, a slow training/recovery run?  

Chilly enough for a hat!

There was beer, that always helps.  Plus a pending drive down The Mohawk Trail in MA to get to North Adams for Sunday's fun!

All in all a good race in a great location!  My performance, was as I expected.  

Beth, who should really consider raising her expectations!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Probably Time to Take Out the Air Conditioners?? (final)

Weekly Log 11/3 - 11/9


Plank 30/45/30

Plank 30/30/45/30 w/Mike B

 Double   Plank 30/30/45/45
 Speed work with Jennifer

 Electric Boat Athletic Challenge (EBAC) 5 miler

 Up Front for DeMar 5K

Monday –

I wanted to run, but I also had to duck out of work early to pick up goodies for Joy’s birthday celebration post TRX.  I also wondered if a true rest day would be good before speed work Tuesday.

TRX was good, we were not completely focused on our task.  Ringing in Joy’s birthday was good,  good food and drinks!  Cucumber Vodka (I couldn't find Cucumber Gin) martinis, followed by shots of rum and the other gals had Tequila, I had a tiny taste and that stuff still gives me flash backs to 1985.   Ella picked up cupcakes at the Blue Squid, YUM!!  We were full of far more calories than we expended between class and laughing…

Tuesday –

Speed work with Steve, Dave had to bail.  Same routine as the last two weeks; easy lap followed by a hard lap with a total of 5 hard laps.  I’m not sure how to report the results.  The lap is 1/3 of a mile.  Here is a chart of the last three weeks…  I see progress.  Could have worked harder this week.  Pretty tickled with the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) of 7:59, anything is possible, isn't it?

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3











Week 1
Week 2
Week 3











Wednesday –

I really wanted to be alone with my thoughts and my music for this run.  A friend asked if we could run together and I felt horrible saying no, but I was just in the mood to be alone with myself, which is usually the case when I run and I wanted to run 5 and would rather try out a new running partner on a shorter run!

Again the Wednesday stalker was out.  I asked her to run with me next Wednesday instead of stalk me!  Figure I have week to prep for running with someone!

Nice 5.5. miles along the points, Eastern Point Beach, Avery Point, and Jupiter Point.  Two Mike B sightings in one day, on my way out on the run (no I didn’t see you, my eyes are old and bad and my contacts are dialed in for mid-range to close seeing not distance seeing) and then again on the way back to campus.  He chose to run the opposite way so he didn’t pass me and make me feel bad.  Always the gentleman!

Thursday -   Rain predicted, hmmm first treadmill run?  Nahhhhhh  Sneekers with the Mohegan Striders. 

I ran 3 in the rain at lunch I was the only person out there, it was just lovely, wet and wonderful, actually.  Mike B was on the treadmill when I left the gym and was still around when I got back to the gym.  He was waiting for me to bust his chops for being on the dreadmill.  I couldn't, he ran his first marathon in the rain and qualified for Boston, I can be assy but that would have been far more assy than even I am capable of!

After work back out in the rain, more of a mist, in the dark (my headlamp was charged - pshew) Ro and I ran 3 in "the Neighborhood" long up hill with the corresponding downhill then "the Bitch" another long steep hill, aptly named, and then around and back to the bar.  She suggested one more loop around "the Neighborhood" I gave her a sharp "NO".  

Friday - Run with Jennifer, speed work, fartlets, I think they will be fun... ok I think the drinks and apps after will be fun...

Met Jennifer out in Coventry on the bike path, figured that would work well for our first foray in to fartlets.  She snorted and said "those are real things?"  I started us with 2 hard 3 easy after a mile warm up.  That was too much.  We backed off to 1 hard 2 easy 6 times and a 1.5 easy run back to where we started.  All in all it worked well.  She was pretty surprised with her pace.  Honestly so was I.

the second one is in there with the lap 2/3 I fat fingered the lap button....

Saturday -  EBAC?  Bike?  Long run?  

Looks like EBAC - I'll do a separate write up.  Write up here.  

Sunday - Up Front for DeMar 5K North Adams MA (more for socializing than running)  Write up here.

Beth seeing some progress with speed (or maybe it is in her mind)  

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