Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Week (11/24/14 - 11/30/13) - Final

Ugh, the holidays are upon me. To say I hate them is an understatement. 

Texting with a friend about my family traditions made me realize why I've been so blue no being able to see my people since May.  

I was explaining my families traditions around Christmas, this is what I received in response:

"You have good, if non-traditional memories of the holidays."

My reminiscing about the year of three Christmases when my mom and my brother's and I lived in one state (WI), my father in another (MI), Christmas with my paternal grandparents, in another state (OH).  This isn't like CT/RI/MA sort of tri state adventure US map provided for review.

"Really, they go to that much trouble, there's a lot of love there"





Leaf raking

Monday  - TRX / Walk

I'm glad my ankle foot thing seems to be calming down.  It hurts if I rotate it a certain way, so I won't do that!

The vet said all looked good with Gizmo's surgery and healing.  I was able to take Gizzy for a walk on Monday night - 2 miles. To say he was PSYCHED to cross over US 1 and not turn around and go back home would be an understatement.  He skipped, seriously, he skipped over US 1 knowing he could go for a walk as long as he wanted.   We had a lovely walk, in the nice moist and warm conditions.  Perfect for a lot of sniffing.  Gizzy was in heaven.  I am very happy for him.  Inside of 30 minutes of getting home he was curled up on the couch snoring up a storm.  Ahhhh the life of a geriatric pup!

Tuesday - Speed work / Walk

After last weeks not so great session I was a little nervous.  I noticed the run to Lot L seemed better, I felt less like I was dragging lead behind me.  Perhaps this was a good sign?

Josh join in on the fun.  He tortures Dave or Steve while the other tortures me.  Oh. So. Fun.  No really.

I'm pleased with my results.  All sub 8 pace for the 1/3 mile.  Vast improvement over last week and each previous week.

Tis a thing of beauty, unless it is a stock price.
Imagine what I could do if I set my mind to it... Kinda scary?

Gizzy whined for his walk, it was pretty clear about 3/4 of  mile in his foot ached a bit and he was tired.  We walked our two miles despite him being a bit uncomfortable.  With in 10 minutes he settled in with a thud on the couch with Dave when we got home.  Poor guy, we over did it a bit.  Pretty normal first day back from injury/illness!

Wednesday - Big old fat ZERO, nada, zilch, worked later than expected and took a nap.  I still haven't gotten a picture with me and Gizmo in our quilt, eventually.  Not quite cold enough for him to want to be wrapped up.   

Thursday -  Run / Walk

Mystic Y turkey trot and dip just trotting no dipping!  Billed at 3 miles it was 2.5  actually a nice run.

Got home to find the sun getting sunnier and Giz looking like he needed a walk.  Walk he did, he'd of kept going for 4 miles if I didn't steer him very unwillingly towards home.  In 15 minutes he was sacked out on a dog bed in front of the fire.  So nice to walk in the day light and get in some more exercise before the food orgy at the in-laws.

Friday - Run / Walk

Long turned into medium.  Sometimes it just does.   Took Gus for a walk later in the day and never seemed to manage to warm up.

Saturday - Run

Shoulda taken Jax on a dog jog.  This was a pathetic run, I felt like I was running with someone else's legs and feet.  It was very weird and frustrating. Although I did nab a CR, most likely I'm the only woman that ran that Segment. 

Spent the evening baking cookies and goodies with the Red Felt girls.  Jennifer organized us with a place to bake, assigned tasks and everyone showed up and baked.  We adopted two platoons, 41 soldiers.  I hope their goodie box brings a little sunshine into their holiday.  Many of the soldiers don't get packages often or even at all.  

Sunday - Rake / Walk

It appears the leaves in the front yard have tripled since last year.  Weird.  Half the yard is done and Dave will finish the other half during the week.  Contemplated a bike ride, just not feeling like anything I try running or biking is going to be successful so I'll take the day off and take a dog for a walk.

And Monday starts a new week!  (I love the 'old nonsense' part!)
A bit better than "suck it up buttercup"  -- yeah I need to do that too!!

Beth, If anyone ever tries to convince me there is no Santa Claus they are the fool, not I.

Published 11/25
updated 11/27
Final 11/30

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