Sunday, November 9, 2014

Up Front for DeMar - recap

A group note went around about a 5K one of the gals in the virtual running club was hosting, in MA.  After clearing it with Dave, I signed up.  Sure it was a 5K three hours away in North Adams, MA.  However it was a great opportunity to meet in person people I know virtually or have only briefly met.

This is the second year for the Up Front for DeMar 5K.  Appropriately hosted in his hometown on Veteran's Day weekend.

US ARMY SPC Michael R DeMarsico was an American Hero, a soldier and a hometown boy.  Not only did SPC DeMarsico volunteer to fight for our country and our freedoms, he volunteered to be "Up Front protecting his battalion and fellow soldiers.

On August 16, 2012 SPC MeMarsico was killed by and IED in Afghanistan - after finding 15 others and first saving his men. 

SPC DeMarsico's community came together to honor him, to welcome him home, to mourn him and lay him at rest.  Now the community can come together again to honor him and to raise money for the scholarship fund in his name. "

It was an out and back course, the flattest Elaine could manage in the hills of the Berkshires, she did pretty damn good!  The turn around was in a parking lot beautifully done, I know we were all surprised.  

After Saturday's un-epic performance at EBAC, I had no goals, just to run and enjoy the scenery, it was very beautiful.  The race kicked off with a group of motorcyclists leading the way.

I ran negative splits, and am happy with that.  Plus it was nice to get away for a night and have a girls night out, even more happy for that opportunity.

Red Felt Running Club - New England - Great group of folks!

Beth, giving thanks to the veterans who have sacrificed their lives and remembering her twin cousins KIA in WWII.

Richard Volk 1924 -1945   Russell Volk 1924 - 1945


  1. Great job running negative splits!

    I can't say enough about the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for us. makes me feel so blessed and I tear up just thinking about it. As a mother I can't imagine sending my babies off to war and how long the days must have seemed waiting to hear from them.

  2. That sounds like a great way to honor SPC DeMarsico, and the name of the race makes total sense now. Good job making the trip up there! James and I were there for the Greylock race a few months ago, and it really is a beautiful area. And nice negative splits!!!