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Lucy Looking for Ethel....

Weekly Log – 11/09/2014 – 11/16/2014

Monday – TRX / 2 mile dog walk

Gizmo’s last walk for a while, he is getting a fatty tumor removed from his toe before it causes any mobility issues.  The vet was highly impressed with his weekly walking mileage; he gets about 10 in a week unless I have too many social activities during the week and he can’t whine loudly enough to get me to take him out when I get home.  
I took a 0, I earned a rest day, although it was very hard to see the beautiful weather and not run.  I knew this would be a temptation so I left my gear at home.

TRX was good, lots of laughs, per usual. 

Tuesday -  Speed work / 2.7 dog walk

Gizmo did well through surgery and was released on Wednesday afternoon.  It was weird not having him home. Gus got the dog walk.

Speed work is showing some improvement!  I’m seeing my average time per lap come down.  Not that I felt any faster in my Wednesday run, however I did just run and not really do much but run and think about my breathing.  Who knew deeper yoga like breaths help a person run faster?  It will take a while to lose my habit of short sharp panting breaths.  I am starting to notice a difference when I think about breathing into my belly.  

Gibber jabbered with Mike B (seriously use the nip guards) after the run, he shared the proposal story of one of the guys in the running club.  Awwww so sweet!  Definitely a couple meant to be together.  Best wishes Tommy and Shara!! 

Wednesday – Run 5 miles/ 40sec 50sec 60 sec planks / 10 sets of stairs at URI football stadium (a whoping 0.4 miles)

Faith and I were going to meet up to run, well that didn’t happen.  In my defense she changed the time from 11:30 to 11:15 and I left on time and she left late and we missed each other, but not by much!  Strava Labs has a fly by and well you can see for yourself, if you haven’t already.  I thought it was quite comical.  I also did see Mike B, no we didn’t stop and chat!

After work and another Lucy and Ethel moment I met up with Jennifer at the URI stadium to run some steep big stairs.  She said 10 so we did 10. I managed to get my lap button pressed correctly most of the time.  The run up took 20 seconds, no I didn’t count the number of stairs but I do wonder if I Google mapped the stadium if I could count them.  We stopped at the top caught our breath and walked down carefully trying not to trip and me (who left her head lamp in the car) not to get spaced out by the light streaming through the bottom of the stairs and miss a step and end up face planting down the uncounted number of stairs.

Dave brought Gizmo home from the vet, he was very groggy, actually kind of comical as he couldn’t really sit up straight for long and would flop over as the anesthesia really took good hold of him and was taking a while to wear off.   He was happy to snuggle and not move around too much. 

No one can top the Pitiful Gizzy!

Thursday – NYC – big old fat ZERO  (ugh)  but I do get to dress up all fancy for an after work event...

I didn't bring a spare pair of shoes and walking in 3 inch heels was not fun, partly because of the shoes mostly because my legs were rebelling against me!!  Whoops. DOMS set in late in the day and got progressively worse.  Fortunately there was wine, not my first choice but swigging out of a beer bottle in a cocktail dress is trashy.

The event was fun.  Good to meet people I usually talk to via the phone or eMail.  

Friday – 4 quick miles with Jennifer and hopefully a dog walk, if Giz will let me walk Gus.

I ran 4 solo, Jennifer texted she was a bit under the weather and had a fever.  Fever =  no running, right?   I try and not run when I have something settled in to my chest.  Then again I coughed through all my runs in June and earlier and later...  It took a long time for me to recover from that 50K, I guess.  Anyhoodles, I went out to run.  Quads screaming, shins and left knee grumbling, and my right ankle decided to chime in.  I'm sure this is the result of stadium stairs then going to NYC and running around in 3" platform heels - IDIOT. 

My mom was too cute and suggested I was nuts for wearing heels.  Isn't she a peach?  

Saturday – not sure, and still not sure as of Fri night.  I need to work more kinks out I'm sure...

Ran 3 just before dark.  It was chilly and felt pretty good, not as sloggy as Friday's run .

Sunday – Li’l Rhody Run Around 8 mile trail race.  Recap

Beth, working on another partner for a Lucy and Ethel routine....
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