Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter is on its way!

10/27 - 11/2 - weekly recap






Monday - 

I was feeling pretty stiff from the Chatfield Hollow race, my lower back seems to be causing me issues again.  Hopefully we aren't going through another SI joint issue because that would suck.  And frankly I finally feel normal and healthy and would like it to continue.

Went out not sure what to expect, it wasn't a difficult run and it felt good, nothing feeling too off with my knees, just a tight right hamstring and lower back ache.  

TRX was good.  Full class for a change, hope that continues, so nice to see gals commit to getting themselves in shape.  

Took Giz on a different route, he seemed to enjoy not having the same old same old smells and wanted to stay out longer, which is good.   He had an Ultrasound earlier in the day.  The vet suspected, based on increased levels in his chemistry panel pancreatitis or cancer.  The tech who performed the ultrasound was amazed that he was looking at the insides of a 14 year old boxer.  Nothing odd was found, he was pronounced "clean as a whistle" and that must just be how Giz's chemistry panel is.  He'll get some more blood work in a few days and Dave still has to figure out how to get a urine sample from the old guy.  I had no helpful suggestions, but should try and carry the cup with me on one of our walks, perhaps I can get him to pee into it!  HA!!

I'm not sure the reason for the square on the side. His belly was shaved to.  We can't even imagine how he tolerated that!!
 Tuesday - 

Back to the EB lot for speed work with Dave and Steve.  

I saw improvement!   

Ro and I ran with the TRALP (Tuesday Running and Libations Professionals) on Tuesday night.  3 easy miles, it is getting chillier and darkness will be upon us for evening runs it was good to get in at least one more before the time change.

Wednesday - 
The top of my list of first world problems today was I never felt un-hungry (is that a thing or a word) today.  Must be fall kicking in?  I debated having a snack before I ran or not,  I didn't.  This was a day I was glad to not have to run by a bakery...  I was going to hit all the 'points' today but was loosing steam after leaving Avery Point so I went back to work.  Oh yeah, I might have actually had work to do to!

It was nice to get home before dark and Giz and I went on a nice long walk before dinner.  Dave took the young ones out to the field to scrub off some energy before the looming bad weather set in.

Thursday - 

Mixed up my running route a bit, felt nice to not do the same old same old.   There is this long slow climb on Shennecosett I usually avoid, I'll run The Bitch to avoid it.  Which makes no earthly sense, but there you have it.  I've been attempting to make it a point to run, and really put in some effort on this climb.  It is paying off and didn't feel too horrible.  It felt especially good to pass by Tom and Matt who usually fly by me, I said "I need to savor this moment, this will be the only time I ever pass you two on a run."  They laughed.   Eventually they started running again and with less than a mile to go to campus passed me, thanking me for motivating them and cut their break short.  

Another double day, 3 miles with Ro who made me promise to actually go slow.  Huh.  The tables are turning...  We ran and out and back by the Groton Airport and called it a night, settling in for some drinks and food at Sneekers and camaraderie with the Mohegan Striders running club.  Time to break out the headlamps as we will be leaving in the dark, not returning at dusk....

Friday - 

Jennifer's first run after Marine Corps Marathon.  She had an OK first marathon, she learned a lot of lessons during training and more during the race.  I was happy she ran her own race and didn't hang with the pack of 6 like she thought she might.  They run Jeff Galloway and she attempted it with one of their final training runs and well if you aren't used to running that way it isn't an easy thing to get used to or attempt for a 10 mile run...

She was game to try Burlingame.  I said its a loop 8 miles, no turning back.  She said I'm good with that if you are good with walking some.  Sure.  Fortunately it is too cold for snakes.  I did keep a look out for them, like I'd actually notice one, ha!!

We had a good run and more than usual gibber jabber.   I still can't figure where that new trail is the NEMBA guys are working on.   Dave met us out for drinks and I asked him where this new trail is, he said, "Well didn't you see the big signs?"  Funny guy.   *smack*

Saturday - 

Nothing, I knitted.  Finished the front of the cardigan, took the back off the blocking mat and blocked the fronts, then started on the sleeves and have to pull out most of what I did because I'm not happy with how it looks.  The rain kept us inside and I was just fine with that.

Giz helping me knit - he kept my legs warm!

The back
The Front

Sunday -  

Tarzan Brown in a Nor'Easter....

Beth, trying to figure out which tub the winter running clothes are stored in!!

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  1. Nice job with the knitting! I wish I knew how, but I seem to not ever make a point of learning.