Sunday, November 9, 2014

Electric Boat Athletic Club (EBAC) Fall Challenge - recap

I haven't even recapped Tarzan Brown... on the list, and now I've finished two other races...  No we are not heading down that slippery slope of 2013 where I ran something like 40 races?  Ridiculous.

Anyhow, this was a day of decision.  I knew it was more of a fun run especially after fartlets with Jennifer on Friday and hills with Ro on Thursday.  My legs felt like lead and responded the same way.

I started out ok, Bob B said "You were hanging with me and then you weren't.  You looked like hell coming into the last turn."  Thanks.  I appreciate his honesty, I do.  At least I didn't look good and feel like hell, that is a sucky combination, no pity for Beth....

Ok so this is billed as a 5 mile race and measures 4.75, which bodes well for the final results!  LOL.  It was cold and windy and the race gets a nice breeze off the Long Island Sound. 

Anyhow, the course was a loop and pretty much flat and pretty things to look at, the water and the houses.

I felt good most of the first mile, my time showed.  But really wasn't feeling it, oh well.  Kind of what I suspected.  I picked a runner ahead of me and watched their feet and focused on closing the gap and form and breathing.  Might as well, right?  I had my music, which pretty much means I'm not serious.  I think someone was trying to talk to me, I'm probably now known as 'that snobby girl' in her race recap!  WHOOPS.  

Mile 2 Noticeably harder and slower.  Yeah, this is going how I expected.  Still the Thames River to the right and pretty houses on the left, really not so bad.  

Mile 3 Noticing a bit of elevation gain, and then turned the corner on, huh, appears this road has no name.  It does have a bit of a hill.  I got picked off by three people.  Grrr....  Once to the top (it wasn't really anything to write home about but damn it felt like I was climbing Mt. Washington).

Mile 4 I focused on picking off the people who passed me.  Success!  And I picked off a few others.  Huh...

Mile 5 When the woman with the baby stroller passed me the wind went out of my sails...  Ugh...  I finished, happy to see the finish line with a time of 47:22 (official results not out), so a true 10 pace, a slow training/recovery run?  

Chilly enough for a hat!

There was beer, that always helps.  Plus a pending drive down The Mohawk Trail in MA to get to North Adams for Sunday's fun!

All in all a good race in a great location!  My performance, was as I expected.  

Beth, who should really consider raising her expectations!

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