Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/22/16 - 2/28/16

Monday - (8.2) We are into week 3 of this cold, I'm counting the week I woke up with a headache every frigging day as the first week.  What a miserable bug this one is.  Seems like I'm sick every couple months?  Guess the last one was pre Thanksgiving... better start keeping track, somehow.

In the process of training for training for this ultra I feel the need to set my sights on minimum runs, if I'm going out, it won't be worth it unless I run X miles.  Since the beginning of the year I've aimed for 5 for my runs and I think I'm pretty good with that.  While that may not seem like a lot to some, it is still 50+/- minutes of time for my pace so I have to balance in the time it takes.    This week I'm aiming for 6 and see how this goes.  I know training plans have varying miles per day in my mind I believe I need to do this, mental stamina training, not cutting short at 5 miles.  Daily runs may only be able to top out at 6 or 7 for be depending on how long I can get away at lunch.  Or run before work... which may need to happen in the summer.   But who knows my company is going through some upheaval, hard telling where it all will fall out in the late summer.

Did weight training after work.  I feel odd putting that as public entry in Strava.  It had been a few weeks and I definitely needed to drop 5 lbs on a couple things and up a couple others.  The leg extensions and curls bother my knees.  And yes, free weights and squats and lunges would be the better substitute.   I'll get all this figured out as my insecurities about free weights wane

Tuesday - (8.4)  That 6 mile run was tough, the wind made it fun, gloves would have been nice, my fingers were icy and the defrosting process wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. The wind was mostly coming from the East, I ran into it for stretches. The most was 1/2 mile stretch directly East. It was fun, in that perverse way running into the wind can be. When I was treated to running with the wind at my back I was impressed with how far the wind would carry my spit (I'm a child). 

Bailed on Yoga sometimes I need a quiet evening.  Dave was supposed to be at band practice so the house would be quiet.  No dice, between the bass playing and the equipment running in the basement I should have gone to yoga.  Oh well, perhaps tomorrow night.  He only had one thing to finish up so it was quiet when I got home from a snowy walk with Gus, I don't think he was all that much into the walk, but he wanted to go, so, oh who can figure out dogs anyhow?  Dave and I settled in to watch Monday nights episode of Better Call Saul, we aren't totally sold on the prequel thing but the shows are actually pretty good so far.  As evidenced by me talking to the TV.  He just laughs, and agrees, it was a good episode.  If I'm quite then it usually wasn't a good episode.  This is probably why we don't go to many movies, me talking to the screen.  

Wednesday - (6.2)  Met up with Eric on the way out of the building, he said his run was good, the weather was actually nice, IF it didn't down pour.  Considering I didn't want to run 6 and the thought of a down pour...  oh well... what needs to be done, gets done.  I decided to torture myself with two laps of the hill Faith and I did on Friday (in 'the neighborhood') for my wanting to say 5 would be good enough.  As I got closer to campus the rain was coming down harder, it was refreshing.  Plus I knew Thursday I'd be in NY with no opportunity to run so I should really enjoy this run.  

Spin at the Arcadia Y, good interval class, I think the floor boards warped under my bike from all the sweat.

The rain and lack of energy prevented a dog walk.  I made pancakes and shared them with the hounds, hoping that a little real maple syrup would gain me some forgiveness and not upset any stomachs.

Thursday -  (2.9)  NY for the day.  The weather was cranky and my meetings were scattered hither and yon, so I ate 6 cookies and a salad for lunch.  For dinner I picked up a Left Hand Brewery Hard Wired Nitro Stout, ok 2.  Brought Ruta Sepetys new book "Salt to the Sea" with me.  Fifty pages in and I was riveted.  Similar to how "Between Shades of Grey" captivated/gripped me.  "Out of the Easy" was about a different time period however a similar escaping destiny theme.

To say it was a stellar diet day, would only be appropriate dripping with sarcasm.   Got home to nothing but noise and Gus nosing me to take him for a walk.  Sure at 8 p.m. perfect time for a walk...  I wanted to go to sleep I was crashing from my poor dietary choices and having to be up at 5:30 a.m. and on the ball all day.  I took him, he's such a sad creature sometimes, he will never fully recover from the abuse he endured the first 3 years of his life.  It is nice to see him happy and confident.

Friday - (5)  The wind was NNW, so I decided to run to the Gold Star Bridge and back, about 5 miles, not hitting my 6 goal but I have a race tomorrow?  Does that count?  Yeah, probably not.  So I ran up hill into the wind for most of 2.5 miles and then similar hill profile on the way back to campus. The second half of the run was considerably faster than the first.  I enjoyed the wind in my face, well except for the part with the street sweeper and the dirt, and then enjoyed the wind at my back.  Kind of felt like flying in either direction.  I'd of run the bridge, even with my ballast a good gust probably could have lifted me up and over the fence. 

Gus didn't get a walk, he didn't seem to distraught about it.

Saturday - (10.1)  Belleville Pond 10K 3rd in the 4th Season Trail race series (recap to come)  I placed 5th in my age group and 114th overall (130 finishers)  33 minutes after the winner, no wonder why there was barely a car left in the parking lot!!  HA HA HA HA!!  My time was just under 3 minutes slower than my fastest time on this course.  30ish seconds a mile, I'll account that to 1) age 2) the extra 10 lbs of beer belly I'm harboring like a criminal and 3) oh who really cares!!

After hobbling home, holy guacamole not running trails since Old Mountain Field really showed in my knees and my bum and weirdly my shins (that's a new pain), I tried to nap however Gizmo wasn't having any of that and wanted his walk around the block, he won, of course.  I read a bit in "Salt of the Sea" and then took Gus, no matter how much he hates car rides, he does enjoy the destination (other than the vet) I took him to Barn Island.  I hobbled and he waited for me to catch up as he sauntered hither and yon. 

Sunday - (7.7) 10 a.m. meet up with Jennifer B and Jennifer W to run the hills by Jennifer B's work.  JB is up to about 4 miles and we were good with that.  She brought along Mox, her adopted 8 year old lab.  She is Mox's 3rd and final home.   He, like most adult rescues have a sad story.  Honestly I have a hard time calling a puppy a rescue, the mom of the puppy is the one in rescue probably because she got knocked up, and she is the tough luck case, the puppies well, they have the misfortune of being born to an abandoned (and possibly abused or neglected) bitch.    Mox enjoyed the run, his second guardians were runners and used to take him for runs, so he knew the routine.  Labs are built for running, for sure.   It wasn't a break neck pace it was 4 miles, much needed recovery miles for me.  I am so surprised how much Belleville Pond beat me up.

Cute trail marker!

Took Gus for a stroll through Grills Preserve in the late afternoon, I've never been there and I've seen the guys run in there quite a bit.  Wow, I am really missing some nice easy relaxing trails.  Gus and I wandered here and there, I got lost, per usual.  Fortunately the trails are fairly well marked (also USUALLY I can remember where the sun was when I started out and know it needs to be opposite to be heading back to the car) and we ended up back at the starting point for both loops we did!  Next weekend, time and energy allowing we will go for a run there.  I think he will enjoy that.  He has proven time and time again he will listen to me when I say stop and he doesn't get more than 10 feet ahead of me, he takes note of squirrels, birds, and mice running hither and yon however he doesn't dart off to chase them. 

Don't go around, go through!  Good Boy!!

Bi Ped Bridges are for sissies!

Wow, that really IS a big Rock!


Week: 48.6 (33.7 run 14.9 walk)  
MTD:  349.1 against a straight line target of: 325.1


Beth, exhausted and starting week 4 of the mookus cold.  Blargh.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/15/16 - 2/22/16

Monday - (3.6)  I managed to convince myself my bare calves could get frost bitten because of the cold temperature.  I was so sure it was going to be 30F just like the weather prophets promised.  No deal.  It was 12F, no sun, was it really tights, not capri weather? how long could my bare calves be exposed??  Truly proves how much impact the mind has on the run!  It was a peppy run too, alas, I cut it short because I was thinking - thinking is bad, I should stop....  There is always tomorrow.

Errands took up the bulk of the evening, guess that happens when you don't leave the house or your own block for two full days!  Weight training is making a difference, bad idea to put it on hold.

Tuesday (6) Ahhh that's more like it 6 miles at a peppy pace and half of it into 20 MPH winds.  I have to admit I have a perverse pleasure of running into strong wind.

Yoga was perfect I really missed it last week, I did enjoy catching up with the friends I went to dinner with, life has to have balance.

Wednesday (7.3)  Frigging head cold, I am fine if it stays in my head and I don't get a fever then it's ok to run.  I ran with Ro today, it's been a few weeks, she was on a birthday cruise then the weather has been ghastly, she has her limits with the wind.  It was awesome to catch up and jibber jabber for a few miles.

Spin was good, I'm still dreading and looking forward to the class all at the same time.  I need to get another hour in on the bike.  When to fit it in is the question.  It probably won't happen, so I won't get all stressed about it.  I'll commute on the bike more this summer and that will solve some of my training issues.

Gus finally got a short walk after a week long hiatus.  Between the cold and evening plans he's been left in the lurch, poor guy.  He seems a little happier and less anxious.

Thursday  (3.4) Non-running day, honor thy rest day. Gus got a decent walk, he seemed pleased.  Dave took Jax and his fat bike out to Burlingame and Jax chased him on the fat bike for 4 or 6 miles - I couldn't get a straight story and Dave isn't as obsessive about logging every inch as I am!   Jax was passed out on the dog bed shortly after dinner and didn't move.  Which also meant no one else bothered to move because he wasn't pestering them to play.  Made for nice quite night for me and my cold!  All four of us were in bed early as Dave was out playing bass with some friends.  Loaded up on the NyQuil and passed out, no one noticed him come home, whoops.  Nice to see him getting back into music.

Friday (5.7)  Faith gave me a choice: 5 miles at a 9:30 - 9:45 pace or 4 miles of hill work.  I don't know that I'm ready/willing (you choose) to hold a 9:30 - 9:45 pace for more than a mile I probably could pressured enough, bottom line: I'm lazy. I had her check out the hill I ran last Thursday night and she said that looked good.  It's about 8/10 of a mile all the way around, 4 laps would be fine, 5 probably better but we did 4 and then The Bitch.  Excellent hill work out.  One of the best I've had.  We jibber jabbered up the hill well Faith more than me, I jibber jabbered more on the way down.  After the second I said can we hike the third, by the time we got to the bottom I was feeling recovered and ready to run it again so we ran it and then did a 4th.  That pesky mind again, thinking I couldn't run it three times let alone four!

Dinner out with Dave was nice.  I wasn't feeling much in the mood to cook however I was hungry.  Food makes me feel better when I have a cold, weird.

Saturday (11.1)  Run with the 'Gansett Gals!  I love my Saturday morning runs with them.  I wasn't feeling great when I woke up, BUT it was best I've felt all week!  I was glad for a 9 a.m. start time so I could start my day very slowly.  No NyQuil induced sleep last night so that was good.  Finally could breathe without lathering up with Vicks, I know sexy but damn that stuff works.  Eight miles were on tap and when we started out on the loop and cut back at the 5 mile loop mark I had hoped for the 8 mile loop to end up with the last 3ish miles with the wind at our back.  Nawwww, we needed to support Jenn in her Boston training and end with hills.  WE DID.  She peeled off for a few miles to do tempo pace (I think its somewhere in the high 8's) then looped back to meet up with us to finish out our and her run.  It was kind funny when she zoomed through the middle of Nicole, Diane, and me!  I said "We got lapped by Jenn!!"  She slowed up once she hit her miles and the four of us ran on.  I think Jenn and I sped up for a bit.  We had all sorts of boring things to catch up on, KonMarie progress, hey it's nice to talk with someone else going through the process.  Plus it's nice to have something to talk about to get to know Jenn better.  We met back up at the cars at 5 miles and then did 3 of hills, in to the wind for the last mile and a half.  Ah well, good for mental training too!!

Gus and I got out for 3 miles, that's about all I had in me energy and time wise.  I had a pretty packed Saturday day and really wanted to walk him in the daylight rather than at night.  

I have stuck with my tried and true shoes and have not had any of the PF pain I've been having.  Guess this tells me something either about my weekend of rest or my shoe choice...  either way it is nice to get out of bed and not want to cry out in pain.

Sunday (3.5) - After a very interesting BARRE class I noted the temps were in the 50's perfect for a bike ride.  I put the run on the back burner and dusted off Ruby and cool weather biking gear.  We had a nice spin around some of the roads I was contemplating running. 

So this BARRE class, essentially the hour warm up ballerina's do before they practice dance.  It was a lot of controlled micro movements I can really feel in my core.   I definitely enjoyed the class and will go again, now to figure out how to incorporate this into my already packed week.  Definitely not a budding ballerina, I'd need to drop about 40 lbs and grow a couple more inches!

Gus got a stroll and it was after 5 when we got back so I cracked a beer and listened to the latest sound track to my life...  Dave is starting to play bass with a band.  Saturday's song was a wee bit more mellow than today's song. It gets monotonous and eventually I can tune it out.  I did with the banjo when we lived in a 700 sq foot house.  The neighbors, not so much...

Feet:  300.5 against 286.5   (40.6 for the week  28.2 run 12.2 walk)
Bike:  90 against 286.5  (30 for the week)

If there is a take away for the week it is the mind is a powerful tool for good and for bad.

Beth, back to thinking positive and finding the enjoyment in all experiences

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Recap - 2/8 - 2/14

Monday -  (0) After a bit of debate, I took a Zero.   The snow was bad and while I love running in the snow and the cold I do not want to get picked out of a snow plow or a vehicle grill to be laid to rest.   I brought my bike gear to do a Tabata Protocol on the bike, lunch happened instead. I left work about 2, I thought I might find the screw shoes and run the neighborhood hills after reviewing one document. 

Best laid plans.  Review completed and an eMail popped up about an unreported expense to be resolved immediately.   Got the data guru gal on that one, 14 phone calls later, no kidding, it really was 14 calls for one line of data.  She finally figured out what needed to be done, in between all the chewing, she is good at her job but wow, she eats more than I do, got all the back up data and the line for me to review and submit. Then I decided Gizmo looked like he needed to nap, so we took Monday afternoon nap.  My mood, which I hadn't realized was so surly, became slightly more jocund.  Funny what naps can do.

Tuesday - (7.1) Back on track?  Ran at lunch it was beautifully sunny and I could skip around most of the slushy bits so that was ok.  I landed in a few puddle, either that or become a hood ornament.  After the morning chaos it was a nice break.  Still crabby.

The rest of the week, really....

Wednesday - (7.3) Wasn't feeling the run all that much, got through mile 2 and things perked up quite a bit, guess this is how it's going to be for a while, I'll go with it.  

I read an article on base building and thought, oh maybe that's what I'm doing now base building, running and not putting any pressure on myself in terms of speedwork.  Then I took a gander at the weekly mileage the author was talking about (60 - 70 miles a week) and though, woah, no not me.   Well what ever it is I'm doing I'm happy and I can't say that I've been happy about running for the last year.  

Spin was an easy interval class, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or right, I sweat and stay in Zone 2 for the most part so I'm gaining something, probably not anything that will transfer to the road well other than a little bit less of me come summer time.  And that frankly would be nice.  I can't out run or bike my fork or my beer glass, we stay pretty much neck in neck of late.  Homeostasis?

Gus and I got out for his constitutional I cut it short at 2 miles, he doesn't seem any worse off.  It is icy outside and I don't really need to injure myself walking the dog of all things!!

Thursday - (3.2) My usual rest day, I knit at lunch.  Knitting was on, and of course the weather looked perfect and with the pending cold weather I was a little ticked and still glad for my time to work on my latest project.  

Dave wasn't going to be riding on Thursday night and I threw my reflective vest and head lamp in my bag (I never know if Rory is going to be swamped and cancel knitting so I'm prepared for both).  I decided I'd do 5 laps of hill work, it's about a mile loop, figured getting there and getting back to Sneekers and doing the loop 5 times would get me close to my minimum of 5.  Holy christ was it windy, from the West and the hill is NorthWest climbing.  Holy crap did that suck.  By the third time up I couldn't feel my face and had a searing pain through my left temple.  I've never gotten a headache from the cold and I think that is what happened.  I went back to Sneekers, warmed up in my car for 15 minutes until I braved the weather to get out of my sweaty clothes and then back in the car to re-warm up.  I never felt warmed up until an hour after I crawled in bed and covered myself in down comforters and flannel.  

Friday (5.5)  Seeking some redemption from wimping out on Thursday I packed appropriate clothes to go for a run in the predicted 20 F at lunch time.  I got to the gym started pulling out my gear and opened up my shoe compartment to find the shoes I wore to work yesterday.  Oh crap.  Well I did have bike shoes at my desk.  As I stormed out of the women's locker room I ran smack dab in to Mikey B and he questioned why I didn't have a spare pair of sneeks in the Gym Cubbies.  LIGHT BULB  I did have a pair of old crappy Brooks that just never felt right on my feet at my desk, or at least I thought I did.  I scrambled the 1/4 mile back to my desk to find that yes I did have the crappy shoes I wore in the ill fated MCM '13 and scrambled back to the gym to change, noting I had to be back for 1:30 to dial into my performance review. 

The run was ok, the shoes suck and my feet and legs hate them and were rebelling about mile 4.  I need to find a soon to be retired pair to keep at work.

I got back to my desk with a HUGE lunch, the cafe guy was all "well that only comes with two sides but for you you can have three and well that is usually a side but it's late and I'll give it to you"  um ok I'm freaking starving right now, load it up!!

Got to my desk to find out that my review was at 1 and it was now 1:05.  Brilliant there Lazor, brilliant...  I stared at my HUGE lunch listening and watching another meeting notice pop up.  Crap was I ever going to get to eat???

Saturday (0) Screw it, this is a step back week anyhow. I'm going to sleep and relax and I did.  Baked and cooked and cleaned and knitted.  It takes me too long to warm back up and feel normal after a cold run, three days in a row of that is not going to happen. Super kudos to all the nuts who got out there and got in their miles. 

I took some time to review ultra training plans and kept landing back on Byron Powell "Relentless Forward Progress" I re-looked at his plans, far more reasonable total mileage per week wise.  I mean really some of those weeks had me at 60 and 70 mile weeks.  I know a 100K is a big deal I can't realistically swing those miles working full time.  I'm not in it to win it I'm in it to finish (or with the race I have in mind, get as far as I can) and be able to walk afterwards. 

One thing I have come to grips with is we all have different goals and things that motivate us.  I'm fine with those who's goal is winning or placing in their age group, that is just not where it is at for me, I hope those folks are fine with my goals.    I enjoy running immensely; it puts me at peace with myself (same with biking).  If it ever strikes my fancy to work on my speed, I'll do that.  Honestly I'd rather do hill work, it has some speed benefit and there is something so satisfying to me to get to the top to be able to bomb back down.

Sunday (0)  This response to a post inquiring if anyone was interested in a ride later on in the day (note the wind chill is -20F and climbing):   "What exactly is wrong with you? Clearly today was created to sit at home and drink?"  

I hadn't planned on running or leaving the house any longer than it took for Gizmo to do his business.  Let the Arctic Vortex do it's thing and I'll do my thing.


Feet:  Week:  23.1 (19 run 4.1 walk)  Total: 259.9 against a straight line of 247.9
Seat:  60 against 247.9

Beth, snuggled up with Gizmo, knitting, beer, and Grimm noting it will be 30F tomorrow, perfect running weather!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/1 - 2/7

Monday – (8.4) February 1st, ugh.  February isn’t a favorite month of mine and I was putting in a real effort to not think about it and I’ve mostly succeeded except when its horror slaps me across the face, and yippiee we have an extra day of it!  

We are February is not the same persons month this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue try to love a changed person challenged month.” -- W. Somerset Maugham

And so I will move forward with February, one day at a time.   Just think that extra day will get me closer to my mileage goals!  Sorry Mom, for mutilating a favorite authors words.

Got the Strava 10K out of the way, actually was a pretty nice run, warm, not too sunny.  

Weight work at the Y in the evening followed up by walking Jax.  He’s got the attention span for 2 miles and we did that and both of us were happier at the end of the walk.   I didn’t want to strangle him and he didn’t want to bite me, a win all the way around.  Plus he curled up in the chair and dozed off after only a few rounds of “the dumb game”.  

Walk me now.

Tuesday – (5.4) So nice to be able to wear shorts in February, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, but it was Nicole's birthday and she turned 44 so she asked us to run 4.4 for her, that motivated me to get down to the gym and out the door.  I did three laps on the Meech hill and then down to Eastern Point beach for three more laps and headed back to campus.  My day was going in circles, guess that’s appropriate for Ground Hog Day right?

Yoga in the evening was welcome; I really need to find another class.

My Great Aunt Gert at 89, she is 95 now and rehabbing from breaking her tibia in December.

Wednesday – (5.1) Again wasn’t sure I even wanted to run.  I did.  Got in my minimum for miles and even had negative splits, ok so the last mile was hill assisted but it was into the wind…  this marked my longest running streak of 10 days.  My knees feel it for the first mile, and no I don’t need new shoes, the pair I’ve been running in has less than 100 miles on them.

Speaking of shoes, I found an interesting article ( calf, Achilles or foot pain sneaking up out of nowhere, no changing in routine or shoes or anything.  My take away was the difference in the heel drop.  I rotate between three different shoes, trying different styles with in the manufacturer I like best.  Well, the heel drop in the second favorite pair is the same as the heel drop in the third favorite pair and both are 3 mm lower than the favorite pair.  Wonder if this is part of my knee pain or the return of the dreaded PF?  Do I even really run enough for all that to make a difference?   I honestly don’t know.  Maybe that is part of the achiness in my right hip and the PF re-occurrence I’ve been plagued with lately?  Feh probably not, I don’t run long enough or fast enough to have such problems.  

Kayano  13mm drop
GT1000 10 mm drop – this is my second pair of GT100s
Noosa  10 mm drop

I’ll keep running along, in my three different shoes.  Considering this seems to be a new problem and I've been running in similar shoes for over a year.  

Thursday –  Weights at the Y after work.  Lots of excellent people watching!!

I didn’t even meet my minimum FitBit step goal (15,000)!!!  What a lazy day!!!  I slept like a rock on Thursday night, I think we all did, when my alarm went off at 6:45 no one was stirring.  Not even Jax wanting to be let out to go get his ball. Usually I’m up by 6:30 with no alarm. Curiouser still was I had no foot pain and my left hip felt fine.  Can we say, maybe you needed a bit of a rest there Beth?

This is what Gus thinks of not going for a walk.

Friday – (6) Oh happy happy joy joy the possibility of a snow globe run!  Well, not so much, it was heavy and sloppy and really not safe.  I struggled through 6 miles on the treadmill.  Upping the speed by 2/10 for every song and when I hit my max I downed the speed by 2/10 for every song.  It really did break the run up a bit and for a whole song I managed to get out of my own head.  That was kind of nice.  My legs ached the rest of the day.

The texts started from the 'Gansett Girls late in the afternoon.  I begged off because I had a race at 10 and while I could get in a few miles with them at 8, probably not a good idea....

Saturday about noon - very pretty and still pretty socked in with snow.  Poor trees!

Then Jenn piped in that the race was cancelled because of all the wet heavy snow taking down trees.  Jenn who rarely ever looks at her texts was in the know!!  I checked FB and yep, it was postponed due to bad conditions (heavy wet snow taking down lots of trees), and the parking lot not being plowed or the porta potties not being able to be delivered.  That is unfortunate, however I do enjoy my Narragansett runs!

Saturday - (12)  Met up in the parking lot.  Jackie bailed because her car was frozen shut, well that sucks.  Mary's was also frozen shut however she was 3/4 of a mile from the beach so she would run down to meet us for the run.  Nicole was a bit late because her husband's car was frozen shut and he had a challenge getting into it at the airport.  Patti was there waiting for all of us to appear in the icy parking lot!  So we had four which is great for a run.  US 1 was in decent enough shape, not great, slippery in spots.  It was still cold enough the snow wasn't falling from the trees and wires to smack us in the head.

There were surfers out there in the Narragansett Bay - brrrrrrr

Mary, Me, Nicole, Patti
Fun run.  We all switch up taking turns pairing up to talk.  I didn't know much about Patti before this run so I asked all the questions and she had all the answers.  Nicole and I ran an extra two so we got a chance to catch up!

I hobbled around, probably residual treadmill disgust, there is no reason for them to feel like I've run a marathon...

After a round of dog pancakes (the extra one I couldn't eat) Giz settled in for a snooze and Gus and I went out to explore!

Dave took Jax out for an experimental adventure in the woods, letting Jax run along while he road the Fat Bike.  It woked well!  An encounter with a hiker and a German Shephard proved Jax is very much learning how to pay attention and while he wants to go get into trouble he eventually decides it's not worth it.  Yippiee!

Sunday - (8.3) After slogging around in the a.m. I finally got out for a run at quarter of 11.  Well that is about when I run during the week so it sort of felt normal?  I figured 4 do half of what I did yesterday.  I meandered around on and off sidewalks and then said screw it and stayed in road till I absolutely had to use the sidewalk.  Felt pretty good at 3 so decided for 5 and a run up Oak Street, get some sort of hill in my run.  Legs felt much better!

Gizmo - enjoying some sun and giving me the stink eye -
dunno why, afterall he stole my chair and has the best seat in the house!!

Took Gus out in the afternoon, Jax is still recovering from chasing Dave on the fat bike Saturday, and Gizmo gets exhausted walking around the block; as a result the bi-peds could peacefully enjoy our Beer'd growlers (mine:  Midnight Oil; Dave's: Frank & Berry) while watching the Superbowl and the commercials.  

Week:  45.2  Run: 36.2  Walk: 9 (Gus got robbed, clearly)

Feet:  236.8 against a straight line target of 209.4  
Saddle:  60 against a straight line target of 209.4

Beth, flummoxed.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Things Thursday

“Data mining nothing else than torturing the data until it confesses…and if you torture it enough, you can get it to confess to anything.”  -- Fred Menger

FitBit – I’ve had one since June 2013, I’ve been through about 8 of them!  They die after about 6 months, not sure why.  The latest version I have, the Charge, seems to soak up moisture from my skin and cloud over then freak out.  A quick chat with a Fit Bit rep and I get a new one, I’m without it for a few days and that kind of sucks.

I had a banner month in January!

January 2016

Garmin – I remember questioning why anyone would need a watch.  The reply was, well some people like to track how far they’ve gone and how fast they’ve gone.  I can’t remember exactly why I bought my first Garmin, it was in July of 2011, and I remember it being a big deal.  My first Garmin run, with my 110 and when I used to get up early to run, so no one could see my slow fat ass lumber along!

I’ve been through a 110, 410, 610, and now a 220.  I’m quite happy with my 220, it does the basics and uploads with Bluetooth so I can then see my Strava Kudos right away!

Strava – I started with Strava starting with my first Marathon in 2012 to record the mileage on my shoes and then slowly started seeing the social networking of it all. 

I back loaded data to Strava from the first use of a new pair of shoes, and some races from the past to see the trend.

So what to do with all this data?  

I don’t do much, when I’m having a tough time I look back and notice I’ve come a long way in the 6 years since I started running. 

Beth, who likes having the data it makes her feel warm and fuzzy.