Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Recap - 2/8 - 2/14

Monday -  (0) After a bit of debate, I took a Zero.   The snow was bad and while I love running in the snow and the cold I do not want to get picked out of a snow plow or a vehicle grill to be laid to rest.   I brought my bike gear to do a Tabata Protocol on the bike, lunch happened instead. I left work about 2, I thought I might find the screw shoes and run the neighborhood hills after reviewing one document. 

Best laid plans.  Review completed and an eMail popped up about an unreported expense to be resolved immediately.   Got the data guru gal on that one, 14 phone calls later, no kidding, it really was 14 calls for one line of data.  She finally figured out what needed to be done, in between all the chewing, she is good at her job but wow, she eats more than I do, got all the back up data and the line for me to review and submit. Then I decided Gizmo looked like he needed to nap, so we took Monday afternoon nap.  My mood, which I hadn't realized was so surly, became slightly more jocund.  Funny what naps can do.

Tuesday - (7.1) Back on track?  Ran at lunch it was beautifully sunny and I could skip around most of the slushy bits so that was ok.  I landed in a few puddle, either that or become a hood ornament.  After the morning chaos it was a nice break.  Still crabby.

The rest of the week, really....

Wednesday - (7.3) Wasn't feeling the run all that much, got through mile 2 and things perked up quite a bit, guess this is how it's going to be for a while, I'll go with it.  

I read an article on base building and thought, oh maybe that's what I'm doing now base building, running and not putting any pressure on myself in terms of speedwork.  Then I took a gander at the weekly mileage the author was talking about (60 - 70 miles a week) and though, woah, no not me.   Well what ever it is I'm doing I'm happy and I can't say that I've been happy about running for the last year.  

Spin was an easy interval class, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or right, I sweat and stay in Zone 2 for the most part so I'm gaining something, probably not anything that will transfer to the road well other than a little bit less of me come summer time.  And that frankly would be nice.  I can't out run or bike my fork or my beer glass, we stay pretty much neck in neck of late.  Homeostasis?

Gus and I got out for his constitutional I cut it short at 2 miles, he doesn't seem any worse off.  It is icy outside and I don't really need to injure myself walking the dog of all things!!

Thursday - (3.2) My usual rest day, I knit at lunch.  Knitting was on, and of course the weather looked perfect and with the pending cold weather I was a little ticked and still glad for my time to work on my latest project.  

Dave wasn't going to be riding on Thursday night and I threw my reflective vest and head lamp in my bag (I never know if Rory is going to be swamped and cancel knitting so I'm prepared for both).  I decided I'd do 5 laps of hill work, it's about a mile loop, figured getting there and getting back to Sneekers and doing the loop 5 times would get me close to my minimum of 5.  Holy christ was it windy, from the West and the hill is NorthWest climbing.  Holy crap did that suck.  By the third time up I couldn't feel my face and had a searing pain through my left temple.  I've never gotten a headache from the cold and I think that is what happened.  I went back to Sneekers, warmed up in my car for 15 minutes until I braved the weather to get out of my sweaty clothes and then back in the car to re-warm up.  I never felt warmed up until an hour after I crawled in bed and covered myself in down comforters and flannel.  

Friday (5.5)  Seeking some redemption from wimping out on Thursday I packed appropriate clothes to go for a run in the predicted 20 F at lunch time.  I got to the gym started pulling out my gear and opened up my shoe compartment to find the shoes I wore to work yesterday.  Oh crap.  Well I did have bike shoes at my desk.  As I stormed out of the women's locker room I ran smack dab in to Mikey B and he questioned why I didn't have a spare pair of sneeks in the Gym Cubbies.  LIGHT BULB  I did have a pair of old crappy Brooks that just never felt right on my feet at my desk, or at least I thought I did.  I scrambled the 1/4 mile back to my desk to find that yes I did have the crappy shoes I wore in the ill fated MCM '13 and scrambled back to the gym to change, noting I had to be back for 1:30 to dial into my performance review. 

The run was ok, the shoes suck and my feet and legs hate them and were rebelling about mile 4.  I need to find a soon to be retired pair to keep at work.

I got back to my desk with a HUGE lunch, the cafe guy was all "well that only comes with two sides but for you you can have three and well that is usually a side but it's late and I'll give it to you"  um ok I'm freaking starving right now, load it up!!

Got to my desk to find out that my review was at 1 and it was now 1:05.  Brilliant there Lazor, brilliant...  I stared at my HUGE lunch listening and watching another meeting notice pop up.  Crap was I ever going to get to eat???

Saturday (0) Screw it, this is a step back week anyhow. I'm going to sleep and relax and I did.  Baked and cooked and cleaned and knitted.  It takes me too long to warm back up and feel normal after a cold run, three days in a row of that is not going to happen. Super kudos to all the nuts who got out there and got in their miles. 

I took some time to review ultra training plans and kept landing back on Byron Powell "Relentless Forward Progress" I re-looked at his plans, far more reasonable total mileage per week wise.  I mean really some of those weeks had me at 60 and 70 mile weeks.  I know a 100K is a big deal I can't realistically swing those miles working full time.  I'm not in it to win it I'm in it to finish (or with the race I have in mind, get as far as I can) and be able to walk afterwards. 

One thing I have come to grips with is we all have different goals and things that motivate us.  I'm fine with those who's goal is winning or placing in their age group, that is just not where it is at for me, I hope those folks are fine with my goals.    I enjoy running immensely; it puts me at peace with myself (same with biking).  If it ever strikes my fancy to work on my speed, I'll do that.  Honestly I'd rather do hill work, it has some speed benefit and there is something so satisfying to me to get to the top to be able to bomb back down.

Sunday (0)  This response to a post inquiring if anyone was interested in a ride later on in the day (note the wind chill is -20F and climbing):   "What exactly is wrong with you? Clearly today was created to sit at home and drink?"  

I hadn't planned on running or leaving the house any longer than it took for Gizmo to do his business.  Let the Arctic Vortex do it's thing and I'll do my thing.


Feet:  Week:  23.1 (19 run 4.1 walk)  Total: 259.9 against a straight line of 247.9
Seat:  60 against 247.9

Beth, snuggled up with Gizmo, knitting, beer, and Grimm noting it will be 30F tomorrow, perfect running weather!


  1. Wow, where do I begin?
    LOVED your post this week. Funny and entertaining, with extra kudos for 4 cartoon postings.
    Glad your Monday was jocund, despite not getting out in the snow.
    So are you calling me a nut? (Sat/Sun running)
    Far be it from me to judge, but personally, YES, I'm fine with your goals! Very impressive how much you both plan AND execute. Mt. Washington Road Race, century bike rides, etc, etc.

  2. It sounds like all of the cards were stacked against you this week! Sometimes that's what life deals us. You seem pretty realistic though. And I admire your goal to run the ultra. Here's hoping that your shoes find themselves in the right place next week !