Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/1 - 2/7

Monday – (8.4) February 1st, ugh.  February isn’t a favorite month of mine and I was putting in a real effort to not think about it and I’ve mostly succeeded except when its horror slaps me across the face, and yippiee we have an extra day of it!  

We are February is not the same persons month this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue try to love a changed person challenged month.” -- W. Somerset Maugham

And so I will move forward with February, one day at a time.   Just think that extra day will get me closer to my mileage goals!  Sorry Mom, for mutilating a favorite authors words.

Got the Strava 10K out of the way, actually was a pretty nice run, warm, not too sunny.  

Weight work at the Y in the evening followed up by walking Jax.  He’s got the attention span for 2 miles and we did that and both of us were happier at the end of the walk.   I didn’t want to strangle him and he didn’t want to bite me, a win all the way around.  Plus he curled up in the chair and dozed off after only a few rounds of “the dumb game”.  

Walk me now.

Tuesday – (5.4) So nice to be able to wear shorts in February, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, but it was Nicole's birthday and she turned 44 so she asked us to run 4.4 for her, that motivated me to get down to the gym and out the door.  I did three laps on the Meech hill and then down to Eastern Point beach for three more laps and headed back to campus.  My day was going in circles, guess that’s appropriate for Ground Hog Day right?

Yoga in the evening was welcome; I really need to find another class.

My Great Aunt Gert at 89, she is 95 now and rehabbing from breaking her tibia in December.

Wednesday – (5.1) Again wasn’t sure I even wanted to run.  I did.  Got in my minimum for miles and even had negative splits, ok so the last mile was hill assisted but it was into the wind…  this marked my longest running streak of 10 days.  My knees feel it for the first mile, and no I don’t need new shoes, the pair I’ve been running in has less than 100 miles on them.

Speaking of shoes, I found an interesting article ( calf, Achilles or foot pain sneaking up out of nowhere, no changing in routine or shoes or anything.  My take away was the difference in the heel drop.  I rotate between three different shoes, trying different styles with in the manufacturer I like best.  Well, the heel drop in the second favorite pair is the same as the heel drop in the third favorite pair and both are 3 mm lower than the favorite pair.  Wonder if this is part of my knee pain or the return of the dreaded PF?  Do I even really run enough for all that to make a difference?   I honestly don’t know.  Maybe that is part of the achiness in my right hip and the PF re-occurrence I’ve been plagued with lately?  Feh probably not, I don’t run long enough or fast enough to have such problems.  

Kayano  13mm drop
GT1000 10 mm drop – this is my second pair of GT100s
Noosa  10 mm drop

I’ll keep running along, in my three different shoes.  Considering this seems to be a new problem and I've been running in similar shoes for over a year.  

Thursday –  Weights at the Y after work.  Lots of excellent people watching!!

I didn’t even meet my minimum FitBit step goal (15,000)!!!  What a lazy day!!!  I slept like a rock on Thursday night, I think we all did, when my alarm went off at 6:45 no one was stirring.  Not even Jax wanting to be let out to go get his ball. Usually I’m up by 6:30 with no alarm. Curiouser still was I had no foot pain and my left hip felt fine.  Can we say, maybe you needed a bit of a rest there Beth?

This is what Gus thinks of not going for a walk.

Friday – (6) Oh happy happy joy joy the possibility of a snow globe run!  Well, not so much, it was heavy and sloppy and really not safe.  I struggled through 6 miles on the treadmill.  Upping the speed by 2/10 for every song and when I hit my max I downed the speed by 2/10 for every song.  It really did break the run up a bit and for a whole song I managed to get out of my own head.  That was kind of nice.  My legs ached the rest of the day.

The texts started from the 'Gansett Girls late in the afternoon.  I begged off because I had a race at 10 and while I could get in a few miles with them at 8, probably not a good idea....

Saturday about noon - very pretty and still pretty socked in with snow.  Poor trees!

Then Jenn piped in that the race was cancelled because of all the wet heavy snow taking down trees.  Jenn who rarely ever looks at her texts was in the know!!  I checked FB and yep, it was postponed due to bad conditions (heavy wet snow taking down lots of trees), and the parking lot not being plowed or the porta potties not being able to be delivered.  That is unfortunate, however I do enjoy my Narragansett runs!

Saturday - (12)  Met up in the parking lot.  Jackie bailed because her car was frozen shut, well that sucks.  Mary's was also frozen shut however she was 3/4 of a mile from the beach so she would run down to meet us for the run.  Nicole was a bit late because her husband's car was frozen shut and he had a challenge getting into it at the airport.  Patti was there waiting for all of us to appear in the icy parking lot!  So we had four which is great for a run.  US 1 was in decent enough shape, not great, slippery in spots.  It was still cold enough the snow wasn't falling from the trees and wires to smack us in the head.

There were surfers out there in the Narragansett Bay - brrrrrrr

Mary, Me, Nicole, Patti
Fun run.  We all switch up taking turns pairing up to talk.  I didn't know much about Patti before this run so I asked all the questions and she had all the answers.  Nicole and I ran an extra two so we got a chance to catch up!

I hobbled around, probably residual treadmill disgust, there is no reason for them to feel like I've run a marathon...

After a round of dog pancakes (the extra one I couldn't eat) Giz settled in for a snooze and Gus and I went out to explore!

Dave took Jax out for an experimental adventure in the woods, letting Jax run along while he road the Fat Bike.  It woked well!  An encounter with a hiker and a German Shephard proved Jax is very much learning how to pay attention and while he wants to go get into trouble he eventually decides it's not worth it.  Yippiee!

Sunday - (8.3) After slogging around in the a.m. I finally got out for a run at quarter of 11.  Well that is about when I run during the week so it sort of felt normal?  I figured 4 do half of what I did yesterday.  I meandered around on and off sidewalks and then said screw it and stayed in road till I absolutely had to use the sidewalk.  Felt pretty good at 3 so decided for 5 and a run up Oak Street, get some sort of hill in my run.  Legs felt much better!

Gizmo - enjoying some sun and giving me the stink eye -
dunno why, afterall he stole my chair and has the best seat in the house!!

Took Gus out in the afternoon, Jax is still recovering from chasing Dave on the fat bike Saturday, and Gizmo gets exhausted walking around the block; as a result the bi-peds could peacefully enjoy our Beer'd growlers (mine:  Midnight Oil; Dave's: Frank & Berry) while watching the Superbowl and the commercials.  

Week:  45.2  Run: 36.2  Walk: 9 (Gus got robbed, clearly)

Feet:  236.8 against a straight line target of 209.4  
Saddle:  60 against a straight line target of 209.4

Beth, flummoxed.

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  1. I rotate my shoes too and I have everything from Kayanos to Altra Torins with a zero drop. Are those all your dogs? WHat a great looking bunch :) Looks like you had a great week!