Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Recap: 2/15/16 - 2/22/16

Monday - (3.6)  I managed to convince myself my bare calves could get frost bitten because of the cold temperature.  I was so sure it was going to be 30F just like the weather prophets promised.  No deal.  It was 12F, no sun, was it really tights, not capri weather? how long could my bare calves be exposed??  Truly proves how much impact the mind has on the run!  It was a peppy run too, alas, I cut it short because I was thinking - thinking is bad, I should stop....  There is always tomorrow.

Errands took up the bulk of the evening, guess that happens when you don't leave the house or your own block for two full days!  Weight training is making a difference, bad idea to put it on hold.

Tuesday (6) Ahhh that's more like it 6 miles at a peppy pace and half of it into 20 MPH winds.  I have to admit I have a perverse pleasure of running into strong wind.

Yoga was perfect I really missed it last week, I did enjoy catching up with the friends I went to dinner with, life has to have balance.

Wednesday (7.3)  Frigging head cold, I am fine if it stays in my head and I don't get a fever then it's ok to run.  I ran with Ro today, it's been a few weeks, she was on a birthday cruise then the weather has been ghastly, she has her limits with the wind.  It was awesome to catch up and jibber jabber for a few miles.

Spin was good, I'm still dreading and looking forward to the class all at the same time.  I need to get another hour in on the bike.  When to fit it in is the question.  It probably won't happen, so I won't get all stressed about it.  I'll commute on the bike more this summer and that will solve some of my training issues.

Gus finally got a short walk after a week long hiatus.  Between the cold and evening plans he's been left in the lurch, poor guy.  He seems a little happier and less anxious.

Thursday  (3.4) Non-running day, honor thy rest day. Gus got a decent walk, he seemed pleased.  Dave took Jax and his fat bike out to Burlingame and Jax chased him on the fat bike for 4 or 6 miles - I couldn't get a straight story and Dave isn't as obsessive about logging every inch as I am!   Jax was passed out on the dog bed shortly after dinner and didn't move.  Which also meant no one else bothered to move because he wasn't pestering them to play.  Made for nice quite night for me and my cold!  All four of us were in bed early as Dave was out playing bass with some friends.  Loaded up on the NyQuil and passed out, no one noticed him come home, whoops.  Nice to see him getting back into music.

Friday (5.7)  Faith gave me a choice: 5 miles at a 9:30 - 9:45 pace or 4 miles of hill work.  I don't know that I'm ready/willing (you choose) to hold a 9:30 - 9:45 pace for more than a mile I probably could pressured enough, bottom line: I'm lazy. I had her check out the hill I ran last Thursday night and she said that looked good.  It's about 8/10 of a mile all the way around, 4 laps would be fine, 5 probably better but we did 4 and then The Bitch.  Excellent hill work out.  One of the best I've had.  We jibber jabbered up the hill well Faith more than me, I jibber jabbered more on the way down.  After the second I said can we hike the third, by the time we got to the bottom I was feeling recovered and ready to run it again so we ran it and then did a 4th.  That pesky mind again, thinking I couldn't run it three times let alone four!

Dinner out with Dave was nice.  I wasn't feeling much in the mood to cook however I was hungry.  Food makes me feel better when I have a cold, weird.

Saturday (11.1)  Run with the 'Gansett Gals!  I love my Saturday morning runs with them.  I wasn't feeling great when I woke up, BUT it was best I've felt all week!  I was glad for a 9 a.m. start time so I could start my day very slowly.  No NyQuil induced sleep last night so that was good.  Finally could breathe without lathering up with Vicks, I know sexy but damn that stuff works.  Eight miles were on tap and when we started out on the loop and cut back at the 5 mile loop mark I had hoped for the 8 mile loop to end up with the last 3ish miles with the wind at our back.  Nawwww, we needed to support Jenn in her Boston training and end with hills.  WE DID.  She peeled off for a few miles to do tempo pace (I think its somewhere in the high 8's) then looped back to meet up with us to finish out our and her run.  It was kind funny when she zoomed through the middle of Nicole, Diane, and me!  I said "We got lapped by Jenn!!"  She slowed up once she hit her miles and the four of us ran on.  I think Jenn and I sped up for a bit.  We had all sorts of boring things to catch up on, KonMarie progress, hey it's nice to talk with someone else going through the process.  Plus it's nice to have something to talk about to get to know Jenn better.  We met back up at the cars at 5 miles and then did 3 of hills, in to the wind for the last mile and a half.  Ah well, good for mental training too!!

Gus and I got out for 3 miles, that's about all I had in me energy and time wise.  I had a pretty packed Saturday day and really wanted to walk him in the daylight rather than at night.  

I have stuck with my tried and true shoes and have not had any of the PF pain I've been having.  Guess this tells me something either about my weekend of rest or my shoe choice...  either way it is nice to get out of bed and not want to cry out in pain.

Sunday (3.5) - After a very interesting BARRE class I noted the temps were in the 50's perfect for a bike ride.  I put the run on the back burner and dusted off Ruby and cool weather biking gear.  We had a nice spin around some of the roads I was contemplating running. 

So this BARRE class, essentially the hour warm up ballerina's do before they practice dance.  It was a lot of controlled micro movements I can really feel in my core.   I definitely enjoyed the class and will go again, now to figure out how to incorporate this into my already packed week.  Definitely not a budding ballerina, I'd need to drop about 40 lbs and grow a couple more inches!

Gus got a stroll and it was after 5 when we got back so I cracked a beer and listened to the latest sound track to my life...  Dave is starting to play bass with a band.  Saturday's song was a wee bit more mellow than today's song. It gets monotonous and eventually I can tune it out.  I did with the banjo when we lived in a 700 sq foot house.  The neighbors, not so much...

Feet:  300.5 against 286.5   (40.6 for the week  28.2 run 12.2 walk)
Bike:  90 against 286.5  (30 for the week)

If there is a take away for the week it is the mind is a powerful tool for good and for bad.

Beth, back to thinking positive and finding the enjoyment in all experiences

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