Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekly Log - 5/5/14 - 5/11/14 or 4, 3, 2, 0, 0, 31, 0

Monday -  4

Here we go... 4 on the schedule for today I left with no particular place to go, figured I might run by the HS, and just decided to tackle the hills on Tower to then run down Oak and see where my feet took me.  They decided they would like to run up John Street, a slow 100 foot over 0.5 miles, nothing too significant, but it had been a while since I did it.  Considering I opted to stay on Elm when this biker decided harass me a few weeks ago on my Sunday a.m. run.  Saw a familiar blue pick up truck and quickly noted, CT plates and the driver stopping.  Shit, this is going to mess up my segment.  Do I stop my watch, will that fix it, oh whatever.  I suppose I grumbled something, in jest, of course.  He scrambled out trying to get his fancy schmancy space watch to pick up a signal and I said it was a mile till home, he was welcome to run with me.  And off we went.  I never much like running South on that section of US 1 in town because the drivers only look left for on coming traffic and don't look right to see if there is a pedestrian or a runner.  We only had to zig zag once, at the usual spot.  I've nearly gotten creamed there a couple times.  I swore the driver saw me, that was the last time I jumped to that conclusion.  I often wonder if the driver of that white pick up looks both ways before turning right at that intersection, I'm pretty sure evil Beth emerged.  

I begged off any further torture when we got to my street and down Granite went Mike noting that he has a segment along this section.  Hmmm....

And a pictorial representation because, oh who knows why...  I'm finally figuring paint out after all these years...

Stunning isn't it?

The rest of the day was filled with work, I was working from home as Dave was in Maine getting another tree and more maple syrup,  so I better at least check eMail.  Glad I did, got to save the day with my pack-rat tendencies!  After that work business was over I made a trip to Wallyworld to get the$12 deposit (?) returning Vinnie's shot battery, after so many weeks of it sitting on the porch.  Wowza that was heavy and so glad they have handles on them now. Took a look around my absolutely needs to be cleaned car, and thought I better NEVER let Mike B see the inside of this car.  Considered for a moment cleaning, but that would mean getting rid of Sage's dog drool on the rear windows, sentimental I am sometimes, maybe I should vacuum out the accumulation of sand...  another day, perhaps. 

Sage, absolutely enthralled with what ever audio book I'm listening to.
We were at a full stop and the car was in park.
Tuesday - 3 and Spin 

Reviewing my calendar in the afternoon I had a meeting that would preempt spin, thems the breaks right?  As the day went on and meetings became markedly shorter, yeah, people are doing their homework making it easy on me!  The late afternoon meeting was cancelled and I was free to go to spin and have a quick run pre spin, per usual. 

I went left out of the gate, I was going to fight the wind either way, right?

Ro suggested I needed to get serious about hill training, next Wednesday...  Um, erp, I was planning on taking it easy for a week after the 50K, you know prevent injury and illness...  The matter is still up for discussion, she suggested Thursday.  Ro, for those that don't know her has more energy than a humming bird on speed....  love her to pieces...  but really?

New Girl made an announcement a few weeks back, she signed up for Surftown after a long hiatus from running.  She bounced in this a.m. telling me about her initial training runs and pacing.  A little disappointed she was so slow. Oh pishaw on slow, slow schmoe, you are coming back from a pretty horrific injury, take it one run at a time!  That was a bright spot on an otherwise uninteresting day!

Wednesday - 2 and panicked packing

Took a nice 2 mile jog with Gus.  When I woke up this a.m. it appeared we were short two dogs in the bed, Gus was not in his usual place, draped across my legs, and Jax was not between Dave and I tossing around trying to get one or both of us to wrestle with him.  Huh.  I got up and went to the basement to check outside, there was Gus, looking a little green.  We've been having food issues with him.  I was thankful he went outside to do what he needed to do.  He had two greenies in two weeks, too much.  We will go back to once a month.  Those things are truly doggy crack. Fortunately the latest dog food is not causing any problems, pshew!!

I went back upstairs and finally saw Jax all curled up with Dave, OMG they were too stinking cute.   

When I got home Dave was out biking in the woods.  Eventually I will be out there, eventually...  so I took Gus.  Dave said he seemed good the rest of the day and ate his breakfast with no issues.  Gus jogs the best. Minimal pee stops and he could careless about cars or other people even other dogs.  We did our two.  Yeah, 2 miles 25 minutes, not quite worth getting sweaty if you ask me.  I went for a bike ride ~15 miles.  I forgot to start my watch when I left the house, whoops.  

Packing wasn't too bad,  Dave did laundry, oh how I love that he does this and as hard as it was to ask him to do laundry, he still did it.  I have no idea what I am going to wear for the 50K, bottoms I have figured out, no worries, not a skirt though, the shorties I've been wearing are much easier to deal with and they haven't chafed me once when I've had to drop them and pull them up, to um, poop or pee, lets be real about this.  I'll be running 7 - 8 hours, it is going to happen.  

Top, the temps are supposed to start at climb from 53F to 70F  by 5 p.m. and minimal humidity and cloud cover.  I'm thinking I'll be down to a tank top at some point or should I start out there?

Thursday - 0 and drive

Friday - 0 and drive

Saturday -  50K

Sunday - hobble to meet up with some friends in IL before venturing off to MI to see my mom and dad...

Beth, anxious and excited.


  1. Have a good race. You've put in the hard work. You're going to do great!

  2. walk in the park for you - you have done the plan, now just execute - good luck

  3. Have a great race, I had to laugh at your panicked packing, that is exactly what I usually end up doing :)

    1. Thanks! Packing panic has started. If i start early i take too much, there is just no happy medium!

  4. You're totally ready for the 50K. You've done the work, now get out there and reap the rewards! Enjoy the experience, it's gonna be epic :) - I promise not to mess up any future segment gathering when you get back!

    1. Thanks! No worries! It's hidden, mine all mine, muwahaaa...

  5. You are more than ready for this race! Enjoy every minute event the ones you hate. No worries!