Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekly Log 5/19 - 5/25

Monday - TRX & dog walk

I may stick with this being a non-running day or I may not.   TRX was good, we hadn't had class in a while it was nice to catch up with the girls!  Took Gizzy out for a little stroll after dinner.  

Tuesday - 19 Bike & dog walk

Left work a little early and went for a bike ride.  I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go but I was sure I wanted to avoid any hills.  Not really that many true hills on the coast, but there is one in Watch Hill up towards Taylor Swift's house so I avoided that. Figured I'd work on a bit of speed along Ocean Drive, flat with a few rolls.  According to Strava managed 17 MPH on that segment, cool.  So then on to Atlantic, right along the ocean.  BRRRR it was a bit chilly and at that point I decided to not make this a brick and shed my shoes and run a few miles on the beach.  Wimp.  East bound on Atlantic was into the wind and I just concentrated on a steady pedal knowing that I'd turn around and hopefully find some more speed with the wind at my back for the west bound trip.  Success East bound 13 MPH  West bound 18 MPH, Dave cautions me that these aren't accurate.  I did get a cadence sensor so that may help get some truer readings?   I was going to set that up on Thursday and test out the trainer Dave procured for us.  Vinnie (the Volvo) had other plans, he decided to go into electronic freak out mode (it was like driving Christine - lights flashing, windshield wipers going, windows not going down, etc) lovely, I thought Ford was supposed to have fixed all these electronic issues.  Hopefully the usual remedy of unplugging the battery over night will work.  Unplugging it for an hour certainly didn't.  190K miles at  7 years old, this should not be happening, right?

Wednesday - Walk with the usual suspects & Bluff Point (3.6)  run with Ro & Dog Walk

Caught up with Don and Ro, Don is running Vermont City Marathon this weekend, GO DON!  He commented that a friend convinced him to run this and then dropped out. He has had a rough time training for this, going into it with a BQ in mind and now it is simply to finish.  

Ro and I ran Bluff Point, easy she says, which is still pushing for me and I need to learn to run and be slightly uncomfortable.  Not as uncomfortable as trying to keep up with Crutch or Mike B!!  The problem with running solo is it is hard to push yourself, it is easier to be pushed (as much as I grumble about it - Crutch) or to have to chase (Mike B - you're still yapping you can keep going) someone.    I accumulated a collection of CRs as I expected I would keeping up with the humming bird on crack AKA Ro.  

Thursday - 5 & Spin

Caught a HUGE break between rain storms.  So proud of Mike B for going out in the rain, and not getting lost in another trailer park (HA great story) and making new friends!  Went out for 4 and decided on 5 at the point I had to decide on 5.  Nothing spectacular.  I did try just going easier up the first hill to warm up, and that helped.  After the first mile it is down hill so that is always nice to see that speedy mile and then grumble that the next isn't as speedy.  Ah well...  at this point I'm happy with anything under 10 min/mile and need to get serious, I keep saying that don't I?? 

Sub for Spin which was weird.  She didn't have much of a plan so I kept the tension high and just worked on keeping going with that higher tension hoping it will transfer somehow to the road bike.

We "interviewed" a dog sitter for Gizzy.  He is way to old to put in the kennel at 13.5.  Boxers just don't live very long and he is healthy and active and spry, still he is old and we accept that, he is a grumbly old man and deserves to be coddled (which apparently I do WAY to much of, phttt, I love my old guy to pieces).  He definitely took to Bailey and I think will enjoy being the only dog for a week.  Being the only dog has been his goal since we adopted him on NYE of 2003.  He was an only dog for a week then Lola and well the history is here

Friday - goofing around in NYC with a friend - well if Vinnie will let me drive him to New Haven... blargh.  The sound track to my drive should have been the Benny Hill theme with the windshield wipers that won't stop and the interior lights flashing on and off...  Took the Shoreline from Old Saybrook figure 40 minute in Christine would be safe enough and New Haven is just too seedy to trust that all would be ok.

Saturday - 25 Bike with Dave
We got a bit of a late start, emergency trip to the dump because Dave forgot to unload the sawdust in the back of his truck, then I put the cadence sensor on my bike and Dave had to re-do it.  I had it right, phttt... 

The weather was weird, definitely knee covering knickers and long sleeves.  The map was weird to follow, lesson learned, look at a 'real' map and make notes on the hand drawn map.  We got a little turned around in the Fort Weatherill, pretty area so nothing lost, we just missed a few miles of road.  The goal was a lap around the island, and that is what we did.  As we approached Fort Getty, the choice was another out and back to Beaver Tail Lighthouse to get us up over 30 miles.  I was ready to be done.  So much for the goal of 40.  I may have over done it a bit last weekend my legs were tired, whine whine whine...

On the trip out and the trip home Dave kept hinting around that he'd like to have a Garmin 800 to be able to see where he was when he was exploring in the woods.  Guess going around in circles is getting annoying?  Definitely would have helped navigate the one area we (ok I) got confused and we wouldn't have missed two parts of the ride.   (Yes he did finally purchase one, it is on its way).

Sunday -  10K run & 14 mile bike

Got up early to take advantage of the coolness of the morning and went out for a run with nothing particular in mind other than about an hour because I was riding with Nicole later in the day.   The music on my iPod is getting stale.  It has been a while since I changed up the music.

Nicole and I rode down to the beach and then around the pond and back to my house.  

Google Maps

It had been a while since she was at Misquamicut.  Considering she lives near a (nicer) beach, doesn't surprise me!  I pointed out where the Rhode Warrior bike and run would start, the point was to give her a little bit of a feel for the roads she's be biking and running.  We will do more parts as her training progresses.  I'm looking forward to more rides with her.  It was fun.  On the way back to my house I noticed she was in the smaller gear.  I asked why?  And she looked at me, um I don't know how to change the gear?  whats the difference?  I explained how to shift up to the bigger gear and her frantically, or rapidly, pedaling feet slowed to a more reasonable rate and she was going much faster.  The look on her face was one of absolute relief.  Her comment was "I couldn't figure out why it seemed like I was pedaling more than you were, now I know."

I didn't get in a long run, for now my shorts still fit, but I can see this is going to be a problem over time.  I missed my bike and running miles goals, so I need to spend some time planning how to fit it all in.  Mostly likely I will ride my bike to work once or twice a week.  

Beth, rethinking her plan, with plenty of time for adjustments!


  1. That's a good week. Happy you found a sitter for Gizzy. Looking forward to Sunday.

    1. Ha, yes, thanks for the gear lesson! Thanks for riding with me too. It was fun. Nice to be able to talk and see some new things.

    2. Dave asked why it took me so long to notice... thanks, guy... It was fun and I look forward to more and pushing the pace (of course I'd do that). You looked great and comfortable on the bike, Dave was glad to hear that.