Friday, May 16, 2014

"What would you do differently?"

Thursday Mike B asked me:  "What would you do differently?"

What a great question!

I hadn't even begun to think in earnest about the race.  My blog post was my gut reaction and I'm glad to have that documented to read later and see what nuggets I can glean from it.  Because I'm now at the point I'm half seriously contemplating the next one (and I am completely sober).

As for an answer my immediate thought: fuel, and honestly I don't think that was an issue, I don't recall feeling that spaced out starry eyed pre-sugar crash.  However it concerned me in the beginning of the race when I realized I'd had half a bagel with peanut butter and half a bottle of water and half a bottle of diet coke. I stuck to the fueling I had used during my training runs, two GU chews every 3 miles and water.  At the aid stations after mile 7 I consumed: 1/4 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, probably what amounted to a handful of chips, a banana and an orange (maybe two - I love oranges) and probably over 100 oz of water, maybe close to 150 I wasn't monitoring it very well, plus some coke and Heed.

All in all I feel like I did well with my fueling, mostly because I didn't crash or hear the trees talking to me.

Maybe more hill training?  I'd of walked less of the flat prairie with more hill training (or less sun and heat?)

Maybe a time goal?  I went in with a 7:30 goal and with the heat upped that to 8:00.

I think that is a fantastic question and for most of my previous races I could tick off quite a few things, the first being training and the second being why did I want to do this race, what was my reason?

Do you ask yourself "What would I do differently?" 

Beth, just jabbering away in a stream of consciousness with no real answer....


  1. I ask myself that question after almost every race. If it goes well, I think "Man, I need to try to reproduce that training cycle". But if it doesn't, I'm second guessing everything I did.

  2. I ask myself that all the time, even with good races. I am still questioning my marathon...

  3. I also ask myself that all the time. Nicole, we can get you a faster marathon if that is what you want. But here is my question - why go for 50K instead of just leaving well enough alone at 26.2?

    1. Great question Sarah!! (smells a little of the beloved Socratic method) Why 50K, why that extra 8K / 5 Miles? The answer is many fold 1) I had a disastrous 2013 completely at my own hands and in my own opinion. I needed to do the 50K to prove to myself I did have the dedication to stick to a plan and to focus on that plan. 2) I wanted to do that 50K to do it, to have that accomplishment. 3) I am always seeking a stronger runners high, that rush of finishing a very long foot race, that rush of knowing you've bested yourself, simply that rush. I will NEVER be able to recreate that rush crossing the finish line of MCM 2012, I know this, however like a junkie I will keep trying to get that first buzz, just one more time. 4) For me it is about accomplishment, it is about finishing what I started, it is about just going that one more step, pushing the edge of the envelope, and perhaps just doing something unusual that most people screw up their face and say 'you are nuts'.

      And yes Nicole we can get you a faster marathon time, for sure! To the track!

      And Sarah why run a marathon more than once?