Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekly Log 5/12 - 5/18

Monday:  5K / beer shopping / nap

I arrived at my parents house a little earlier than I expected on Sunday, I was ushered out of IL by my friends stating there was a storm a brewing and I should be ahead of it.  No worries.  Midwest storms come up like a freight train.  I was in and out of the car giving my tight achy hips a little walk around, still made pretty good time.  It was nice to be at my parents before sunset and hang out on the back porch in the unseasonably warm weather. Nice for my Mom to have all three of her kids, and her grandson, visit on Mother's Day.  Mom and Dad were warned that I may not be 100% and that I'd probably sleep late on Monday and would be going for a run.  There is just something about being in your childhood home.  Even with the re-build after the fire it still pretty much feels like the same place.

Slept like a rock till all of 7 a.m. I was up and out the door for a short run, figured 2 miles and never remembering how far point A is from point B in the straight line of road I ended up being so close to 5K I just had to make it an even 5K.  My hips were tight, for sure, but loosened up after the first mile.  Everything worked and felt good, no residual pain in my right ankle.  I'm interpreting this to mean I was well trained...

Demonstrated how to use a foam roller to my mother, and she attempted it.  Spry lady she is for 69, for sure.  She found a little relief for the achy and tight spots on her hips and IT bands that have been giving her trouble, a tightness she couldn't relieve with yoga.  My father found all of this slightly amusing and shook his head just making sure his wife and (favorite) daughter were ok rolling around on the floor.

Late in the afternoon Mom and I snuggled down on our respective couches to read and fell asleep in 30 minutes.  Blissful nap before the middle boy, his wife, and their son came over for dinner.  Jin was excited to have a birthday to celebrate.  Oh to be 3, nearly 4, again, he is so much fun.  He picked out a lovely glow in the dark wand for me that we promptly had to go into a windowless bathroom to play swords.  He needed to show me how mine lit up but his didn't because he had already tried it the day before.  Too cute!!  We also had a rousing game of some sort of catch and throw the ball and 'It's your turn to go get the ball that fell off the porch."  Love this little guy to pieces.

Tuesday - nada - driving

Well I did pull over mid way through PA to take a little snooze.  Hey when you gotta nap you gotta nap, it is all part of the recovery process right?  Dave and the dogs were as happy to see me as I was to see them.

Wednesday - 5 mile run 21 mile bike ride

So nice sleeping in my own bed even trying to find leg room through all the dogs piled on top of me.  Dave is happy to have me home partly for me being home and partly because the dogs glom on to me for the first few nights I'm home and they completely ignore him.

Nice easy run when I got up, did some house chores, unpacked, took a nap and then went for a ride with Dave.  Ahhh...

Thursday - Spin / 2 mile dog jog

Spin kicked my butt, or really my legs.  Guess they are a little tired?  I wanted to run, wasn't sure about even committing to a 3.6 mile trail run at Bluff Point so I went home and decided Jax would be the victim of a dog jog.  He is such a goof ball.  He sprinted for the first 10th of a mile and then was all, wait, you are keeping up with me and stopped...  ha!  Eventually we got into a rhythm and then he'd see a person or another dog or a car and all hell broke loose, gahhhhh.  I'd have to calm him down, mostly by forcing him to sit and staring at him.  Yelling only adds to the excitment.  He gained his composure fairly quickly.  Guess for try #2, not so bad.  Gus is just way more focused on keeping a steady pace while Jax is looking for the next party...

Friday - Nada

Traditionally a rest day, I stuck with it and took Gizzy for a walk around town and that was it for activity.

Saturday - 10 mile run

Waking up to a message from a friend that her mother passed away early in the morning, she had lung cancer and was only a few weeks out from her diagnosis, not exactly a great start to the day.  Hits very close to home for me.  I didn't have a plan other than 10 miles. When I trained for my first marathon I did a loop in the park and dedicated it in honor of or in memory of a lung cancer patient.  I haven't done that loop in a while.  While it isn't easy to run and cry, it made me feel better taking in the beauty of Westerly's Wilcox park and send off some healing energy to Janelly.

After the loop I decided on the Greenhaven loop, I haven't run that in a long time, this was also a favorite while training for my first marathon.  There were a few people out.  Most notably a woman pushing a tandem stroller with her two girls, 2 and 3 years old?  They were pretty small but not too big.  This is a hilly area.  We passed each other as I was coming down a  hill and she was heading up.  I met up with her on a flat part, she was stopped to let traffic pass and I had to stop and tell her how impressed I was. She said well I have to get home some how!  I'm still in awe of the folks that blow by me in jogging strollers.  Wow.

The rest of the day was reading, Dave teaching me how to change a bike tire, and taking Gizzy on a stroll.  Oh yeah, and a nap...  recovery, right?

Sunday - 57 bike ride - Tour de Lyme -  I'm a little nervous about this mostly doing something to violate biking rules.  Dave reviewed some with me as well as pointed me to a helpful website:  The Rules  #5 is my favorite and I do violate #93... wow there are a lot of rules...  I guess I'll recap the Tour de Lyme...

Beth, back to training

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