Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly Recap - May 26th - June 1st

Wow June already, Dave’s big announcement at dinner on Sunday was, well a few more weeks and the days start getting shorter.  I am seriously considering sending him away for some reprogramming of this negative attitude; I decided it was just easier and cheaper to kick him instead. Right on his sore shin, alls fair in love and war, right?

Monday – 10.5 / dog walk

As I didn't run long over the weekend and really feel like I need to and do want to get in at least one run 10 miles or over once a week.  I ran long on Monday.  As I went downtown I thought, oh the parade, and altered my course.  As I was heading towards Boombridge (aka cow patty lane) I thought I could go out and see the cows, which would be a much easier run than winding my way through Pawcatuck to run the Greenhaven loop.  I really wanted to run the Greenhaven loop, so I did.   We could call this a reverse progression run; I just got slower and slower and slower.  I can’t even say why, I brought water, so it wasn't that, my legs were a little tired, so maybe it was that.  The breeze was awesome, even running into it.  Running with it at my back, oh good grief I could smell myself and that sucked.   Dave dislikes washing my running and biking clothes with his biking clothes he is sure my stink is going to get into his clothes.  What-a-guy, right?  Well… I should give him a break, he does the laundry, after 16 years of me doing it this has been a nice change of pace!  So anyhow… it just got slower and then the light at the bottom of the last hill ran through what seemed like two cycles till I got a walk signal and I was fine with the break, besides I didn't want to be a scofflaw and jay walk, right??   The little rest did make the last ½ mile up the hill a little easier, it would have looked a little better had I stopped my watch, whoopee twang.

I contemplated taking a bike ride later in the day, the weather was weird and I was enjoying doing nothing productive, and lazying around with the dogs.  Gizzy curled up with me for a small nap, always a nice thing.  Took him for a walk after dinner, a short one, we went a little too far and fast on Sunday with Gus.

Tuesday – 4  run / 15 bike

Bumped into Mike B on the way out to run, so he pulled me along for a little over 3 miles and I went left and he went right and we ended up back at campus, him a few minutes after me.  I could have really used some water midway through the run.  Ummmm do I suggest stopping at the café at Avery Point (they have a drinking fountain) or no? I sucked it up.  Turns out that would have been a good idea.  Sorry Mike!  This was the first run with really little wind at 70F too.  It was nice along the water, for sure. Summer is coming, blargh.

Vinnie’s issues are not catastrophic; a wire came loose from the solder on a control module.  Instead of a not getting out from the dealership for under a grand it was $117, hmmm what can I do with the $900 I “saved”??  Nice to be able to raise and lower the windows, lock and unlock the doors, get into the trunk, not have the windshield wipers going all.the.time, and have the interior lights intermittently flash on and off.  Seriously, cue the Benny Hill theme music.  I took a video, it loses a lot in translation, one of those ‘you had to be there’ kind of things. 

Had just enough time before dog dinner time to get in a rideto the beach and back.  Enjoyed weaving in and out of traffic, shhhh don’t tell Dave.  Decided to go East on Shore Road, and it was into the wind, it felt like I was standing still at points.  Hmm this will make west bound on flat Atlantic pretty easy and fast.  Oh yeah!!!    That was fun, now I wish I would have pushed just a little harder in the beginning, who knew what I could accomplish if I tried a little harder?

Wednesday – 5 run / bike trainer

Wednesday was its usual windy mess, I went right out of the gate and should have gone left, and well I was going to have wind either way, I suppose.  Along the sound who do I spy by Mike B running with his new faster than me slower than him friend.  

It was cold and windy when I got home from work so I decided it was time to figure out this trainer Dave bought from a friend.  I did a little googling around and found a You Tube on how to put the bike on the trainer, glad I did that.  All went well.  Tried to figure out the ‘remote tension’ adjustment device; threw that to the side, it dinged up my handle bars.  Off and on the bike to get the tension right and I’m still not sure I’m doing this right…  Jax did not like the noise the trainer made.  Gizmo laid on one of the dog beds and stared at me like I was loony and eventually fell asleep.  Gus made himself scarce.  Dave was out riding with friends.  Managed half an hour on the contraption; good enough for the first shot, plus it was well past time to feed the dogs.

Thursday  - 32 bike / dog walk

Decided to finally just do it and bike to work.  16 miles and some change one way, took about an hour, and there were some hills I forgot about.  One of the bikers I sit with suggested a different route, longer but may skip a hill or two… I’m dubious, however I like biking along the shore so I’ll try it.  

The ride home was uneventful and the same time as the ride to. Nice!

I prepped the day before bringing in clothes and leaving my gym bag at work.  That worked out well.  I didn't forget anything important so I’ll call that a win. 

Friday - nothing - dinner out with runner friends!!

Saturday - 30 bike / dog walk

After a leisurely breakfast with a friend (yeah, dinner out then breakfast out the next a.m. I certainly have the high flying social life) rounded up Dave for our ride. I mapped out a 23 mile ride for Dave and I and carefully wrote down the turns and put the paper in my jersey pocket.

As we started out Dave suggested I find a route that didn't mean we were biking into the wind up hill the whole way, har har har.  What is it with the wind lately???   Several suggestions on my form were mentioned in the first two miles.  Yeah, yeah, thanks.  My legs are tired and I'm tired and I wondered quietly if maybe this wasn't a good idea...  

I missed a turn and it started to become apparent so we pulled over (Dave suggested we do this before we got to the top of the hill, we were climbing a hill? huh) I looked at my notes and with the miracles of smart phones and google maps and I could see the error. We turned around, noting that now we were going downhill with the wind at our back.  Off of Rte 91 on to Switch (the turn I missed) we were on nice back roads, found the Woodville Damn, very cool.  The road wasn't the greatest in spots but soon got better.  We wove our way back down towards Westerly and Dave commented that this 20 mile ride was turning into longer.  I said, umm I think we will hit 30.  His comment was "Anything over 30 means you are buying ice cream."  Um ok, (I always keep money in my saddle bag - I know those are a violation of the rules, hey I'm a scofflaw and far from perfect) I wound us around and back close to home and then TA DA the Dairy Queen in Pawcatuck, CT.  Not stellar ice cream like Buttonwood Farms (maybe next weekend we will go there) definitely ice cream and a good calcium filled lunch (don't judge) and we trekked the mile towards home, with a lap around the block to actually hit a full 30 miles!!

Fun time and so great to see this beautiful area on the bike!

Sunday - Back Roads Ramble 5K / Maybe I'll bike to and from the race.  Maybe a run later in the day, maybe not.

Beth, plugging along....

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  1. Nice week! I keep thinking about biking to work, but there are some huge hills all the way and if I didn't die on the way up, I am not sure I could stay slow enough to not freak me out on the way down. I am a bit of a speed scaredy cat :)