Thursday, November 20, 2014

"You going out like that?" final

Weekly Recap - 11/17 - 11/23



Speed / Plank 40/50/60 / Stairs 15 sets

NY for the day




Monday -  Run / TRX

Post Li'l Rhody I was feeling a little achey in the knees, guess that is normal.  I wanted to get out a bit and see if everything worked, it did. 

Nice to read everyone's posts about Li'l Rhody Runaround especially Jeff's comment, to my post, that everyone falls apart on the second half.  Stellar performances by all, and not because the course is getting faster!!! (thanks Johnny)  I paid a bit more attention to the pace on the second half and it seemed to drop for most everyone.  Huh...   

TRX was its usual barrel of laughs!  Managed 10 plank curl unders on each side with no cheating.  Has been a while since I've managed them with out having to put my hand down to steady myself.

Tuesday - Speed work / Planks / Stairs
A twofer today.  Scheduled to be in NY on Wednesday and it is hard to fit it all in so I decided to torture myself a bit.  Success!!

Speed work was sluggish, I wasn't feeling it and was told numerous times "Beth you're slacking, get it together."  External dialogue not internal dialogue.   Appreciated comments as much as it stung.  We agreed that there could also be some residual sluggishness from Sunday's race.

I dropped back to where I was in week 2.  However my laps were consistent and not wildly varying, so there is that.  Ok so varying...  Well there does seem to be a pattern with 3 being the best other than week IV...  oh hell what do I know about any of this...  Well my breathing IS getting better.

Met up with Jennifer at URI for some stadium stairs.  I remembered my headlamp this time, much better!!  The goal was 15.  I wanted to be done at 10, I still had energy, although my legs were trembling (?) so much Jennifer asked if someone put a quarter in the stadium.  At #12 Jennifer declared she was done, she'd wait for me to run the last 3 sets.  Um.  No.  I encouraged (or harassed) her up the last 3 while she muttered something like "she's trying to kill me."  Hey, 15 was your idea!!!

Mead Stadium - URI - We run up and down the "visitor" steps
DOMS set in for both of us later in the afternoon, not as bad as last week, however I was wearing sensible shoe this time!  Lesson learned.

Wednesday - Dog Walk

Another day in NYC, with sensible shoes, this time.  I have missed my colleagues in the city, for sure.  I don't miss the long day, though.  I did get myself on a train by 5 so I'd be home by 8.  Gizmo is a wreck, no walk in a week, grumbly grouchy old man is he!!  I took Gus out for a brisk walk to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I did take a brisk walk at lunch time, so I wasn't completely cooped up inside all day.  Gus is very happy to be taking Gizmo's place on these walks.  Next week Gizmo's cast is removed and we can resume our after dinner constitutional.  I don't know if either Dave or I can stand his carrying on for that long, we will we understand his agony.  I think all fully understand what it is like to be sidelined,  poor guy has the added benefit of not understanding why he doesn't get to go out.

Thursday - Run / Disappointment  (edited for clarity)

IM from Mike B asking if I was running.  Back and forth and he agreed not to torture me (too much) meet at 11:30.  Got myself down to the gym and pulled out about 10 long sleeved shirts and no blasted bra.  Yes, I have a list on my bag, however I've been just bringing home the stinky clothes and replacing with clean.  Normally throwing in enough bras to last for the week.   Not sure what the hell happened this week. 

I walked back out of the locker room to see Mike B walking in (sporting that gnarly scar on his face) asking "So, you going our like that?"  I explained my problem and all he could do was laugh and give me shit.  Ahhh...  guess that is pay back for the bloody nip comment on Tuesday? Couldn't possibly be for all of them....

Well that blew my double for Thursday.  Bought a bra at the sporting goods store at lunch, the weather looked so beautiful and sunny, a bit windy, though.  Way better windy and sun than the wind and cold of an after work run.  

I attempted a back to back --> run then hills...  attempted, the operative word.   It was going well, up the Bitch and down Shennie, turn on Thomas looky there an 8:47 mile, I can so keep this up... and about a half mile later I tried to land on the top of my foot.  Son of a Bitch, that hurt.  I hobbled for a few steps and picked it back up.  Damn it is so much easier on the joints when I do this on the trail, bloody asphalt.    Hills with Ro were in question.  Once I got back to Vinnie (who just flipped 200,000 miles at age 8) I hunkered down and hoped it would magically get better, it didn't.  Should be fine for Friday right?

My GAP even with The Bitch was hugely respectable pace for me, and negative splits with the booboo...  damn it.  As my husband would say "God got you" apparently for being cocky?  

Friday - who the hell knows

Took a cold walk around Avery Point before I went home.  Ankle/foot felt ok, hoping it wasn't just the support of the boots I was wearing.  It was wicked windy, yet it felt great.

Dave was out riding in Burlingame - I still can't figure out where the hell "Lenny Lane" is going to be.  Then again I have a hard time not getting lost in the house.

Took Gizzy out for a walk to the end of the block and back.  A whopping 1/3 of a mile.  He was stoked, I mean STOKED to get out side on the leash and go go go.  Of course this meant stopping to smell every 2 feet, but hey, it is what he likes to do.  The cast should be off early next week and we can walk a bit longer and eventually get back to our 10+ miles a week.

All in all the ankle/foot feels fine, tender for sure.  Of all the asinine things to do...

Saturday -  Run / Walk

Too chilly to bike, I ran errands in the a.m. to get that torture out of the way.  From now till January even going to the grocery store is going to suck with the bazillions of holiday shoppers, where are these people the rest of the year?  It's like tourist season...

I went for a run in the afternoon. Three close calls with cars made me wonder if this was really a good idea...  All in all the ankle felt fine, it's the top of the foot that hurts once its out of a shoe and I rotate the ankle.  So I won't do that.

Dog walk with Gus, he was psyched and when I got home I took Gizzy up and down the block, he was happy to get out, bummed when we didn't cross the street.  His vet appt is Monday so hopefully we will be back to 2 - 3 mile walks next week.  

Sunday - Run

Dave was up and out early to ride in Arcadia.  I just got up and ran, took a couple swigs of water, and set out on my journey.  The first mile was mostly down hill and logged way faster than I think is reasonable.  Oh well, so I captured a bit of Strava bling...  All in all the run felt better than yesterday and no one tried to run me over, so double bonus.

Feeling rather uninspired for the rest of the day.  Maybe a bike ride if the sun stays out.  Or maybe I'll knit...

Beth, far less graceful on asphalt than trails....

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