Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Recap - 11/9 - 11/15 (final)

Monday - The week started out in the dentist chair getting a new temporary crown!  If a week starts out in the dentist chair or jail it can only go up from there!!

Surprise!  No knitting!  I always pack my gym bag for the week and bring it in on Monday, just in case! 

It was nice to get out in the sprinkles for a run!  A run is a run and on a Monday after two days off (and an hour in the dentists chair) it was really a treat.  On my way to the gym, I ran into a runner friend, umbrella in hand, saying "You wouldn't be running in the rain if you'd come out to Bluff Point in the a.m., it was beautiful this morning."  Good point, maybe I'll try that on Monday's, yeah, lets see if that happens, ever. 

Yes, Mikey I run outside in all kinds of weather just to make YOU feel bad for running inside, I'm evil like that.

TRX followed by a walk with Jax topped off the night! 

Tuesday - Thought I may meet up with Faith when I ran through campus, nope, darn! 

It seems to take me longer to heal from the long bike rides than I think it is going to take.  My pace was typical for the run, however the general level of all over body pain was higher. 

Yoga after work was much needed and appreciated!  All I could think about was chicken-bacon-ranch pizza, so that's what we munched on post yoga.  Ahhhhh.

Wednesday - Met up with Ro at her house, she was up for 3ish miles and picked out a nice route, the run up to her house is about 1/2 mile so I tacked on a little on the end to hit 5 for the day.  We haven't run together in a while, it was fun to catch up!

First Spin class in I have no idea how long.  My butt didn't like the saddle however the class worked out the residual lingering soreness and stiffness from Friday's ride.  This will make Wednesday a normal night, home by 6:30, dinner, dog walk, and Dave and I can watch "Blindspot".

Thursday -Well, I think I left a lot on the spin bike on Wed night, my run had me experiencing 'a glitch in the matrix'. Remember the scene where the cat appeared twice?  Well that is what I was seeing after the first 1/2 mile, things were jumping around. I tried running with my eyes closed for a bit.  That didn't work well...  it was clear after 2 miles I was dehydrated and needed to stop/slow down.  Looking at my watch (I'm only allowing myself to look when it buzzes at a mile) my pace showed the same, I felt like I was running a lot faster than I actually was.  I walked for 1/2 mile and ran the last 0.7 back to campus (it was largely down hill and easy despite the sidewalk jumping to the right and then to the left - what is this a freaking Time Warp a la Rocky Horror Picture Show???).

That will explain the two Strava entries for Thursday.  (see side bar)  I contemplated hiding them, they happened, live up to it.  I am not ashamed nor do I think I should be!

Dave and I had a date night, no dog walk.  Went to The Malted Barley for Heavy Seas night.  Couple pint glasses as a give away (he really has to stop bitching we have to many glasses) and awesome beer.  Dunno what it is about the name always shy away from buying it.  We both enjoyed a Siren Noire (Imperial Chocolate Stout aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels 9.5%), then Dave opted for the Cross Bones (IPA) in the cask and I tried a Winter Storm 7.5% (extra special bitter) for my second, only because two 9% in a night on top of two Outer Light Brewing Company Libation Propaganda Coffee Stout 5.5% at a going away party was probably too much for a dehydrated runner on a Thursday night?  (and yes that is an actual question)  They had tasters, I'm not an IPA fan, so I opted for the Heavy Seas, I was NOT disappointed by this 9% doppelbock, love a nice bock, wish I opted for it for my second - well fourth beer of the evening. 

Friday - Weigh work, time to get into a winter training program.  Dave did really well with his weight program and considering the approaching 50 spread I am experiencing I need to add in something different to shock the aging figure...  I'm not searching for compliments... I see what I see in the mirror...  my 5'2" 100 lb mother I'll never be...  well hopefully I won't shrink 5 inches, because that would REALLY suck!

Saturday - Not really sure, maybe I'll vacuum and knit, maybe I'll sleep...  maybe binge watch Grimm.  Maybe I'll run Nicole's last 8 with her... who knows.

I didn't do much of anything (of the above I vacuumed).  Shopped for ingredients for "Treats for Troops" night and prepped the insides of the treat I was making.  I made "Tom's Favorite Cookie" 1 cup each of butter, powdered sugar, peanut butter.  Spread that mixture between two wheat thins and smear the whole thing in chocolate.  To. Die. For.

And yes, when I was all done I sucked my fingers clean of all that chocolate - I'm an addict!

Sunday - Li'l Rhody Run Around 8 miles ( I won't hit 30, it's a goal not a requirement).  Recap here.

Nice walk with Gus, ran into Jeff H, fellow WTAC and neighbor and runner, he was getting in the last few miles to meet his 40 for the week.  Bravo!  Nice to chat, funny we've been neighbors for 15 years and yet it was WTAC and Strava that introduced us!  Looking forward to watching his training towards his big goal and maybe I'll get my act together for my big goal...  a little motivation is always good, right?

Totals as of 11/12/15

Run:  27.6
Walk:  10
Bike:  15 (could be closer to 20 for a Spin class)
Other:  TRX, Yoga, Spin

Beth, happy porter and stout season is upon us and I fully place an enormous amounts of thank yous on Seth's Choco Nanner Stout, who knew beer could taste so yummy!! 

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