Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bobby Doyle 5 Miler - Recap

Nicole is training for her first 1/2 Ironman and we haven't been able to run together much, which sucks.  In the meanwhile I made a new running friend, Jennifer, who is also a bad influence on signing up for races, although more of a bad influence with the drinking that seems to accompany running.  

Fortunately, or unfortunately I have been progressively feeling crappier this week. I skipped the pizza party at Jennifer's on Saturday night.  Woke up feeling slightly better than I did yesterday morning and hemmed and hawed about running the race or not.  My head is plugged up, it would be lovely to breathe was my only thought, the dogs were concerned about breakfast.  Dave was off early biking, leaving me to dog breakfast, again.   The hounds weren't going to give me a moments peace so I might as well get up and since I'm up suck it up buttercup and run the 5 mile race it will be easier than running on my own.

The Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Summer Classic is in its 7th year, celebrating RI's marathon king, proceeds of the race go towards the Bobby Doyle Scholarship.  

As I got close to the start of the race, Pier Middle School in Narragansett, I noticed a group of young boys running with numbers.  It was just after 8, wait the race starts at 9, doesn't it?  Wouldn't be the first time I messed up a race start time.   Then I saw people milling, ok, they are warming up, no worries.  Bib pick up and shirt pick up.  Nice shirt.  I don't have any that color blue.  

Shirt and a Medal!  The clover spins!

Time to consider some goals, A goal 9:45 pace  B goal 10:00 pace  C goal don't die.   C is the sure thing!

Eventually Jennifer and the other Red Felt Running Club gals found me.  Ah, nice, so I wouldn't be alone.  Jennifer said "If I don't puke by mile 3 I'll be surprised."  Guess they had a pretty good time on Saturday night!  So that would be fortunately I was feeling crappy.  We all started together and pretty much hung together through the race, some a little faster some a little slower. 

Photo by Allison
Of course I stopped at the water stops, I haven't mastered drinking and running; honestly I could have done without the water it was nice to take a break and dump the water down my back.  I really didn't study my watch till we hit the 5K mark,  31 something, hmm  ok.   Maybe I'll hit a 10 pace.  I really wanted to blow my nose, ugh, I hate this crap.  Not a decent snot rocket was to be blown, which really sucked.  I've become such a mouth breather it isn't even funny.

Finished with a little pep at a 9:58 pace (my watch read 5.1 miles at 51:02 and I started the clock just before the timing mat and stopped just after the timing mat)  I'll take it!  Full results are here, gun time.   Despite my whining about my snotty nose it was a good run.  Narragansett is a great place to run.  The course is flat and scenic.  

As always I am in awe of the front runners.  Fun to see them heading towards the finish when I was winding up mile 2.  And then doing their cool down when I was finishing up!

I bowed out of post race mimosas and went home to ice my aching knees, fold the laundry, and curl up on the couch and sleep.  The ice was delightful, the laundry a wrinkled mess, and the nap was bliss.  My knees didn't even hurt afterwards.  Guess I caught up on lost sleep?  Who knows.  I'll take it, especially if I'm not wincing walking down stairs.

Most Sunday nights Dave and I take the dogs out to the RC Plane field, he heads out a little earlier with a plane, the young pups.  He orders a pizza and Giz and I pick it up.  The young ones can run themselves to near exhaustion, refuel on pizza crust and we all take a couple mile hike around the property.  

Beth, feeling old and ornery


  1. The Red Felt Running Club just sounds like a cool club.

    Great job coming in just under your B goal. Hope the snottiness in your nose gets better soon, that can be so annoying!

  2. Love the fact that you make several goals - I think that's really important for any race. Obviously we're always a little disappointed when we miss our A goal, but after we take a step back and look at it, having other things we working toward really gives a sense of accomplishment (at least it does for me)

  3. There are few things in life more disappointing than a failed snot rocket. Way to overcome that challenge and finish strong!

  4. Oh man, I miss running with you too! Maybe we can get a few in before Newport. That is if I survive RW.

    Great race! I have not run that on eyer, but it is in my town, so it is just a matter of time. I love the shirt and the medal.