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Weekly Recap 8/25 - 8/31

 Monday - 0

I was supposed to travel to Kalamazoo MI for a new project.  Thought maybe I’d run when I got to the hotel or maybe not.  I spent a lovely week in the Providence Airport Monday afternoon and ended up with a cancelled flight due to a hole in a tire.  Do these people not know about the dollar bill in the tire trick?  Apparently not.  After a very direct conversation with the last of several people I was headed back home, texting Dave to let him know he should send the dancing girls home and take down the disco ball because I was going to be home and not in MI.  He was bummed, he lost his deposit.  Well that just sucks.  I did get to sleep in my own bed and had my outfits for the next two days all planned out, so well guess we can call that a win.

I called my parents and youngest brother to let them know that I wouldn't be around for dinner on Tuesday. I was pretty bummed about this it has been too long since I've seen my people.  

Gizmo got in my face for a walk, I wasn't in the mood, sorry dude.

Tuesday - Run 3.5 / Bike 14

Nice 5K run at work.  Steve scared the crap out of me by sneaking up on me (iPod blaring in my ears blissfully oblivious of everything around me – see Gazelle it’s not just you) stuck a finger in my back and said “Stick ‘em up”  I shrieked.  He laughed.  Thanks.  I said something I probably shouldn't repeat, of course I will “Happy now, you finally made me scream.”  Cue laughter.  We had a nice run I was surprisingly in a jibber jabbering mood and went on and on about the book I was reading (actually listening to) and how it grabbed me from the beginning and isn't letting go.  Our pace wasn't anything to write home about since I’m the one setting it.  On our return to work (he works 1/2 mile further up the road than I do) we spied Don and Ro and did the “stick ‘em up”  they weren't the least bit phased.  I walked for a bit and then bid adieu to run the rest of the way back to campus – it was down hill after all.

Kinda bummed there was no Dog Watch fun run to go to so I got out on my bike.  My butt is not sore, quite pleased with that.  As I pedaled away I realized I forgot my helmet, turned around and righted that situation.  Back on the bike I totally spaced on where I had intended on going.  I ended up riding to Watch Hill and then down Ocean Road and back home.  Very much at an easy pace.  When I got home and checked my texts, one from Ro about riding on River Road in Mystic and meeting up with the TRALPers who are now back at Harp and Hound since Dog Watch runs are over.  Crap, that is where I wanted to go.  River Road is so nice to ride on, guess what, it does follow a river, the Mystic River. 

Wednesday -  Walk 3 / Run 2.5

Walked with Ro and Darlene – Steve was out running again and decided against his stick ‘em up routine when approaching three women.  Smart man.

Jennifer wanted to run hills so we met up in Watch Hill, after work, and ran a few hills, I’ll tell you she is a good hill runner, had to drag me up the steeper ones.  That didn't last too terribly long and while I should have pushed for another ½ mile (it would have been down hill) so we’d hit a respectable 5K I didn't.

Figuring we’d continue with our post run drink we sauntered into The Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill and slowly backed out when we realized there must be a dress code.  Wandering down the street wondering if there is an actual bar in Watch Hill we determined, um no…. and went to Misquamicut starting at Paddy’s and I was a little taken aback after we had to get wrist bands because we were of age for drinking.  Um been that way for a looonnng time…  The drink menu went something like this:  Pick your booze / Pick your mixer / Pick your animal shaped straw cup.  Um, no…  Jennifer said “Ya think Sandy’s is divey?”  I was game to check it out.  It has been years since there was a ‘bar scene’ in my life and really not looking for one.  It wasn't divey and it wasn't crowded and instead of $20 meatless nachos they had $10 meat nachos (yeah, I’m still tasting them – but that is neither here nor there) with beer in a bottle and wine we were set.

Thursday  - Run 5.5

Today was the day I was going to run more than 3 miles at a time, how long has it been???  It was windy, from the north, I planned on finishing by running into the wind, I’d be running downhill it would be OK.  It was really windy and I wasn't running fast and decided to just run to the beat of the music when I could.  The iPod Shuffle was in a weird mood and played the trashy songs on my play list.  Sure.  I’m good with that.  Kid Rock, Eminem, Aerosmith, Pit Bull  lifted my spirits about my shitty pace and I enjoyed singing lines out loud.  I really need to not do that.  

Getting back to the gym, Mike B wandered in after leaving me in his words "a nasty note on your desk".  He asked how the run was I said uninspired, slow and windy.  He was staying in to do weights commenting that his run on Wednesday sounded the same.  He spied me planking and decided to join me, keep your butt down and your back won’t hurt.  HA!  That was entertaining.    

Friday - Run Schonning 5K

Write up on another post.  

Saturday - Bike 30

I was going to haul myself up to Killington and run in Chatfield Hollow.  I decided better of that with Labor Day traffic and got on the bike.   Dave was off to VT to ride with some friends Sat and Sun he left early (6 a.m. which IS early for me on a Saturday - for some they are just finishing up their 20 mile runs, perspective).  The dogs were up and about milling around, I fed them hoping that once they got some food they'd just go back to sleep. 

Really didn't have a particular route in mind, I just wanted to pedal and thought about going out to Narragansett not quite up for a 60 mile bike ride though...  I pedaled for an hour out on US 1 and then turned around and pedaled back.  Not very inspiring.  

All in all it felt good, my legs were very tired in the beginning and I wondered if I'd even make the 5 miles to the beach!

Sunday - Run 2

This morning Tammy died.  Nearly a year long battle with lung cancer.  She had to bow out of the Princess 1/2 Marathon in February, hip pain.  The cancer spread to her bones.  46 is too damn young.    Parents should not bury their children.  Children should be adults when their parents die.  In a perfect world these would be true.  However, death is inevitable, it happens, sometimes far too soon.

Jennifer and I were going to run 10 in Narragansett with another friend of hers.  She texted, lets go to Goddard, it will probably be cooler.  I was game, trails sounded nice. The weather was horrible and I was in a bad place in my head.  I don't know if I could have run 10, I did know I needed to get out of the house and on my feet and be with a friend.  

The loop we did was the one Jennifer learned to run on.  I feel very special sharing this trail with her.  We ran two miles, enough for both of us to work up a sweat and to get up and moving.  It was perfect. 

Beth, who is very happy Surftown sold out!  I'll be out there cheering you runners on!

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