Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Log -- 9/12/2016 - 9/18/2016

Yeah the weekly log kinda gets boring, however if I actually kept accurate labels I'd be able to know the last time I had a days long headache.   I think it was Feb and it was 4 or 5 days.  I woke up with this one in the very early hours of Saturday a.m. and seems to maybe have let up, but I'm not going to say it's gone till the last of the Acetaminophen is out of my system.  I've consumed more than enough Ibuprofen in the last 4 months so.... time to give my poor liver a break....

Monday (3.2/3/0) - Ran all by myself.  I walked the first 1/4 mile and the last 1/10 mile and a few steps in the middle.  All in all I am satisfied with this run.  I knew I'd be running with Faith on Tuesday so I'd get in some more solid miles, keeping up with her is my goal.  No pain, other than the left knee with the arthritis, and that wasn't even that bad.  I'm still icing.  It feels good, so I keep on doing it.  It was a challenge to myself to run solo.  Why I'm being so weird about this is anyone's guess..

Walk with Gus after I cooked dinner, he was peppy tonight!  The cooler and drier air definitely helps.  Glad to have a bit more speed back in our outings, my beer belly can definitely used the extra calorie burn!

Tuesday (5.3/0/0) - Tuesday run with Faith, we started with a walk at my request, she was still sorta feeling Surftown from Sunday, I wondered.  We didn't walk long, just up the hill, it was long enough to start running, plus then we'd start the run on a slight downhill and that's never a bad thing, right?  I'll get the start running right away point eventually.  It was a nice run, low humidity, however deceptively warm.  Faith is getting back into heart rate training which means her running my pace more than me running her pace, nice for me.  We were about mid way through mile 4 and on a slight uphill when I started feeling my hip, it gets later and later into each run.  I'll call that an improvement, and it's more like I feel tension, like I need to do a deep stretch.  The next couple Tuesdays I'm in NY so that will suck.  OH yeah and the headache is still there.  Bastard...

Wednesday (5.6/0/15) -  Woke up with no headache!  That's pretty stellar.  Not sure why the little bastard decided to go away, glad he did.

Hills with Ro was good, as usual.  She is adjusting to her mother's death, that is the best I can assess.  Not having lost a parent I have no idea.

Jennifer resurfaced and the sun is setting earlier, back to Spin on Wednesday.  My first 'double' in a long time.  My hip felt it when I got home, a little ice and all was ok.  Or maybe it was the beer?  I hate spin, I really do.  At least it is only 45 minutes and over by the time it starts. It's good for me to do....

Thursday (0/3.3/0) - PT in the gym for lunch.  Boring, and necessary.  I did some stuff with the TRX too.  I do miss that quite a bit.  Enough to keep me moving for an hour.

Walked Jax, he was decent, I can usually count on wanting to strangle him in the first 1/4 mile, and tonight was no exception.  I did set him up a bit by walking by the JV game at the High School, so I didn't count his lunging and pulling against him.  Once we got by that, it was like walking a normal dog, until there was a house already decorated for Halloween, with things in the front yard.  This freaked him out then set him off.  Poor guy.  Lola was like that too, anything looking human like (includes snow men) and BOOM her head exploded and it was an immediate threat to be dealt with.

Friday (6/1/0) - I ran 6 miles with no breaks!  I am very proud of myself.  It felt good and it felt harder than it should have.  I did it and that is what matters.

Saturday (0/2.7/42.2) - After a slow start to the morning I finally got on the bike.  Figured I'd get in a few miles, pedal out to Noak and check out Sue's new shop and probably pedal back.  Kinda sorta what I did, meandering here and there.  It's nice to just be out on the bike on a beautiful sunny cool dry day.   I do love biking, and should do more of it.  Running is 'easier' in that its all weather all season all conditions all terrain....

I love the little reflective red eyes
The sign says "this belongs to the residents of Osbrook, it is not fire wood"

Noank, CT

Noank Ct
Ice Cold Ice

Groton Long Point
No Dogs
No Bikes

Groton Long Point
In the distance is a fishing boat and a sail boat,
the dichotomy of the two was what prompted me to take the picture

Jax got walkies because Dave had to walk Gus to and from the vet on Friday as his truck was still in the shop.  Gus did not think this was fair because it wasn't a fun walk it was a walk with Dave and the vet was involved.  I can sorta kinda see his point.  Jax is finally, after how many YEARS, getting this walking thing and not being a complete idiot on the leash.  Might be able to do double dog walks shortly!

Sunday (0/6.2/0) - Didn't do much today, didn't really plan on it.  Happy to get both dogs walked, a sweater finished, a sweater started, a couple more episodes of Vikings Season 2 (it is horribly violent, and I am enjoying it), and make dinner.

Jax protecting me from a wooden turtle.
He really can't understand yard art.


Foot:  Weekly - 33.6  Yearly - 1,276.6 against a straight-line target of 1,443.6
Saddle: Weekly - 57.1 Yearly - 1,247.8 against a straight-line target of 1,443.6

Beth, thinking maybe it's time to find a race or something to train for, but not really sure.


  1. So what's with the headaches? Allergies? Migraines? I sure hope they go away!

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