Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolution 5K Beach and Trail Race - Recap

The first race of the year!

My decision to participate was based on how my knees felt when I got out of bed in the a.m.  They were pretty achy after Saturday’s trail run.  Not sure if it was the trail or I may need to switch shoes, neither pair in rotation have much over 200 miles on them, so I’m not really sure what is going on.  Both of them hurting equally is a little mysterious.  Usually the left is achier than the right. Maybe the right was having sympathy pains for the left?  After my run (6.2 on asphalt) today they felt like they normally feel. Probably the uneven surfaces.

All felt fine when I got out of bed, so off I went.

After 15 or 17 per Johnny (and Muddy) GPS math, on the trails I wondered how this concept of moving faster (it was a shorter distance) would process.  It didn't process too quickly on my warm up, so I figured 35 minutes at the very most.  Set your expectations low and you are bound to beat them, right?  I didn’t look up what I ran on this course in 2012 before the race, I’m pretty consistently in the 10:30 neighborhood on shorter distance trail runs.  I missed the race in 2013 (one of the 5 DNS) because I thought it was an 11 start and it was a 10 start or something like that, I remember 2012 being very late morning race.  This prompted me to write the start time down to not have that problem again (Newport Bridge  we will chalk up to alarm issues).  Anyhoodles, 10:30 lands me shy of 33 minutes.  We all run at our own pace!  I’m done feeling out of place because of my pace!

We were warned there were a “few puddles” on the trail.  I knew I should have run through the first few because the first big one wouldn't have been such a shocker.  Just a little bracing.  I may have yelped "son of a bitch" my go to swear phrase, actually my first as that is also one of my mother's go to swear phrases.  

Nice course, sand, asphalt, crushed stone, venturing through an old flooded stone house, and back to the beach!  I wanted to ditch the shoes, I prefer running the beach barefoot …  

Old Stone House & Beach    Photo by Jana Walker

Crutch met me with a few 10ths of a mile to go to run me in.  This time my ‘don’t push me’ was in jest!   

The last few tenths of a mile...  Photo by Jana Walker

Results: WTAC for the overall and team win!!  

Team WTAC (Westerly Track and Athletic Club)  Photo by Jana Walker

The team won a case of yummy beer.  Thanks for handing me a bottle Johnny, nice to be part of the team!!  I enjoyed the benefit of running with fast boys while I knitted and watched Downton Abbey. 

The 26.2 from the glasses Joe made me is nearly visible!
My results: 32:48 (10:35 pace)  2012 was 31:59 (10:19) 2 years younger and hadn’t run 17 on the muddy trails the day before.  I’ll take this as a personal win, 49 seconds slower or not!  I had a good time on a beautiful course on a beautiful January day with a group of great people.

Beth, with the first of a very very few race recaps for 2014.


  1. Cheers! Good fun and don't ever feel "out of place because of your pace"! Good dirty fun with beer....yes, please!

  2. nice job Beth - i like the "son of a bitch" comment

  3. Nice job, especially after running 15+ just the day before?!

    Ditto on the Puddin' pace comment above.

  4. Nice job my friend! Looks like I missed a good one. Love the picture of you and Mike!

  5. Great work, especially after putting down 15+ on Saturday! Mud and beer? Always a fun combination :)

  6. I'm in awe of those last couple of pictures, it looks just beautiful! Great job on the race!

    Glad I found your blog via your comment on mine. I would love to know what to see/do/can't miss in RI while we are there in Oct....or in any of the surrounding States. We'll do probably flying in to Boston or Providence and then doing Hartford Conneticut first on Sat..and then RI on Sun. I"m hoping to either come in a few days early or stay a few days after. So anyway, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear from you! Thanks :)

    1. Michael - I've been enjoying your blog! Ok for some suggestions --> In Newport a can't miss is the Cliff Walk, I'd say the day after you and your husband's races. It is gorgeous. Especially in the fall. I think that is my favorite time to walk it. I've done the trolley tour in Newport and that is interesting, it goes along a good portion of the 1/2 course. Of course the opulent mansions are fantastic to see. Boston it would be hard to pick one or two things, I'm a fan of the Trolley tours to get a feel for the city. Definitely the Old North Church and Mike's for Cannolis (they are quite near each other), the Freedom Trail, Boston Commons... I'm not really familiar with Hartford. I have friends who have run the full and the half there and they enjoyed it very much...

      The race was great, the RI shore is so beautiful, I am at a loss to find uninspiring place to run around here!

      Best of luck with your tri-training and I look forward to following your adventures!

    2. Thansk Beth! My husband actually did the Boston marathon a few years ago, so we enjoyed lots of the city, so while it's awesome, we will probably spend our few days around CT & RI. Thanks for the advice! I am so excited about this trip. I've never been either place before.

    3. The Mark Twain house in Hartfordish area is very interesting. Of course Mystic CT is a great place to see quaint New England as well as the Mystic Seaport. Enjoy!!