Monday, September 16, 2013

There is no crying in TRX

The calendar was wide open today.  This is nice but it also makes me a bit nervous.  What to do with these nerves, why go for a run.  Mike had mentioned a hill by a certain name, it started with a B, maybe I'd try it.  I think it is the one on Poquonnock?  Make a left at the bottom of the hill to stay on Poquonnock versus right on to High Rock?  I wimped out.  This was supposed to be a fun run and I really didn't want to run by the defense plant at lunch time.   After all this is my absolute favorite weather to run in, cloudy, breezy, teensy bit of drizzle, and chilly, let's see what Thomas had to offer, nice and flat and wait, is that a trail?  Oh goodie, wasn't Jeff the Detroit Runner just talking about the merits of being able to see the world differently when running? It is all about the journey in everything we do and experience.  

MG, I know you don't read this blog much; in the event you've tuned in --> thanks for the insight "Life unfolds as it is meant to."  We take a bit of everyone we meet forward in our life, and those brief interactions were certainly life altering for me.

Anyhoodles, I took the trail, (the road less traveled?) nice wide grass covered, me and a couple white tail deer had the crap scared out of us by each other. (hmm proper grammar?) There is a little pond back there (like I can remember the name of the 'green space' and nothing is coming up on Google).  At the fork in the trail I took a right, I'll go straight next time and see what more is back there.  The right took me back to the parking lot. Looking on the map could be a mile or so of trails to putter around on!!  Fun place to explore.  Of course the guys at work suggested this isn't a smart thing for a woman to do alone.  Well come run with me!  *shakes head*   Back out on to Thomas to run the familiar roads.  

I was feeling pretty good, quads a little sore, do I take the right and go back to campus or left and continue on with the rest of the Native American?  Yeah, left.   I felt fantastic!!  Will I pay for this tomorrow?  Who knows, and really who cares.  I spend Thur - Sun at a conference and most likely running on a flipping treadmill.  Not complaining, just a little unsure of what I'll be faced with weather-wise and outdoor running-wise in Dallas.  

Although Syracuse continues to remind me that the treadmill will help my speed and pacing...  Thanks buddy!  I'll wear my orange socks, maybe that will help the mind numbing boredom?  I am dreading this and REALLY need to NOT dread it and just do it.

Oh, so tonight was TRX.  The Instructor/Drill Sargent had quite an ordeal the past few work days with a crying contractor.  So she relayed the stories and well, it wasn't due to lack of diplomacy on her part.  I had a boss that used to say "Beth, don't die on the vine."  And this is exactly what was going on.  Don't take on more than you can handle and when you need to say uncle, for pete's sake SAY IT!!  (I never did die on the vine, it was far better for me to be over worked during my 20's, it helped to keep me out of trouble I found quite enough, and more found me, thank you very much.)

At one point both of us were groaning about our backs.  We just heard "There is NO crying in TRX, man up!!"  Well it is hard to maintain a plank and laugh, but we somehow managed!!  Man I've missed our little trio of trouble makers...  

I think Emily Dickinson said it best:

Yesterday is History, 
'Tis so far away
Yesterday is Poetry
'Tis Philosophy

Yesterday is a Mystery
Where it is today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

Beth, reflecting on the past looking forward to the future, living in the present!


  1. Beth, Thanks for the encouragement over on my blog...I really appreciate it!! You'd be happy running in Budapest right now; the weather is cloudy, windy, overcast, and it's rained off an on all day. But my mind is clear, my body feels ready, good time to get week 15 underway. Enjoy the dreadmill :)

    1. Debra - you are welcome!!! I'd love to run in you Budapest weather!! Enjoy week 15, hopefully more than I enjoy the dreadmill!

  2. Are you planning 20 on the 'mill?

    I am so excited for you and Sally! I think you will have a great time.

    1. Not at one time. I need to get 35 by the 22nd for another challenge so I guess it will be 7 a day on the mill? Ouch that sounds horrible. Maybe I'll break it up? Ugh... Hopefully I can get out for 10 miles tomorrow and at least I'll have one long run in for the week. I am looking forward to this conference, I really am, it is just tough juggling priorities!!

    2. You will get it done and it will be all good, no worries! 10 tomorrow will be great and 7 is doable on the treadmill. (says the girl who never ran over 6 on the mill) NO, but really, it sounds like a good plan.

    3. I think I've never managed more than 3 on the treadmill... this is going to be a challenge for me. A good challenge, just a challenge.

  3. Right now is exactly where you are supposed to be.

  4. The name of the hill is “the bitch”
    Did you run in Birch Plain Creek Open Space ?

    1. I KNOW I'm really trying to clean up my act... irreverance seems to follow me around! I ran it again today and REMEMBERED the name Sparkle Lake Conservation area, it is the other side of Birch Plain Creek. I debated poking around in Birch Plain but there was one car in the parking lot... I'd rather none or 2+ less chance of weirdos. There was only a mile of trail in Sparkle Lake. Oh well, it was a fun diversion.