Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Monday - Just a little sore from Sunday's bike adventure.  TRX was supposed to be cancelled unless I wanted to work out with the instructor.  Sure thing! I planned to run Bluff Point, probably better not to.

Tuesday -  Figured a few miles would do me some good; and maybe work out a combination of a soreness I just could not shake from my hamstrings and gluteus maximus.  I'm guessing the bike ride on Sunday is a partial culprit?  It is a good sore feeling, not a bad sore feeling.

Dennis, a schoolmate, posted a couple pictures from Jalalalbad and commented Helos, Heat, and Mortars...  He needs to stay safe, only one purple heart buddy!  I gave him my usual stay safe and thank you.  He asked if I could run there.  HA!   Right, how about you get the next 5.  So the next 5 and change were for him.  Also fitting was the figure I ran, our HS mascot was a Redskin, the Indian, not the potato.

Pretty pleased with my pace on this one.  Nice breeze of the Long Island sound and who knows what just kept me clipping along nicely and fairly effortlessly.  Nice for a change.

Took Giz to the beach after I got home from work.  It has been a long time, he was ecstatic.  Seriously, once he caught that ocean breeze his head was out the window and I swear the old guy smiled.  So nice to see him get all playful on the beach, till I needed to leash him.  The WTAC race at the beach, I was too late to participate, figured I'd lurk / take a peek and see who was down there.  The usual suspects and a VERY handsome boxer boy!   Gizzy and I walked along the water and he didn't even get all wigged out when a wave came up a bit higher than either of us expected.  He can be a little funny about getting his toes wet, silly boy.    It was nice to get him out for a quick trip for both of us to get some sand in our paws.

Wednesday - NY was put on hold, there are some shakeups in the senior leadership and it has my boss a little wiggy and her boss even more wiggy.  In a nut shell the VP of my department is moving on to a new assignment in January.  Her replacement has been named.  Now it is just the shake out at the level below her (VP minus 1).  Who does her replacement get along with, the usual corporate crap to suss out.  My bosses boss is in that VP minus 1 level...   It was just easier to stay put and not immerse myself in the middle of the quagmire on the 19th floor, besides it was going to be like 90 some odd degrees, blarg.  Work schmerk...

I was able to duck out a little early and get in a ride to the beach, a run, and a ride back home.  It was a bit too dusky for comfort half way home.  Better get myself some lights or something.  I have a headlamp and reflective gear for running in the dark/dusk...  Oh more shopping, what a sacrifice!

The way out was nice, wind at my back, the ride out and the run out, the run back was a bit windy but that ride back, wowza, that was a strong wind!!

Last year I ran 9.11 for 9/11. Absolutely not planned, when I looked down at my Garmin to press stop, there were those numbers...    Perhaps this was my 9/11 tribute?  A little heat, a little sand, a little sweat?  Gave me plenty of time to think about my friends who serve and have served this country.  Doubtful this is of any consequence to them.  More for me to reflect and say a quiet thank you for their service and sacrifice,  my quiet way to remember them and our friendship.  In this grand universe I believe these simple good vibes make it to the person when they need them, giving them peace in a turbulent time.

Out to Quonnie

Run at Quonnie.  The tide was perfect, the sand a little squishy and very very sloped!!

And back home, into the wind holy wow it was a slog up Atlantic Avenue!!

Beth, always wishing peace to those around me