Sunday, September 1, 2013

MCM Training - Week 10 - Recap

8 weeks till the Marathon!  Holy cow, how time flies. In 8 weeks from today I will have finished my 3rd marathon and sitting in the hotel bar drinking with my Marathon buddies, Maryann, Andrea, Gabe, and Erwin!!!  And probably a few other people the more social of our group have picked up along the way.

Erwin, Andrea, Gabe, Maryann, Me

Last year Super Storm Sandy bared down on the East coast, shutting down Washington DC October 29 - 30, the days after the Marathon.  Being stuck in DC with Maryann, Andrea, and Gabe was pretty awesome, Hubb was home with four dogs and no electricity.  I think by Wednesday it was pretty apparent Amtrak would not be operating and Maryann and I rented a car.  Andrea and Gabe flew back to CO on Thursday; Maryann and I drove said rental car taking her back to Princeton and then me on to RI.  

Andrea, Maryann, Sara, Me, Gabe, and Okan

Hubb and I had one night of lantern lit scrabble and then the power was on.  The thing that man puts up with always amaze me.  Then again his mother reminds me what a saint I am for dealing with her boy.  My mother's take on the whole thing: "You both met your match."  She may be on to something.

I digress...  today ends week 10 of training and my first 20 mile run of this training session.  I barely remember my first 20 mile run and even reading about it I still don't remember it in any vivid detail just bits and bobs.  Nice to see I haven't gotten THAT much slower in a year!!  Granted it was a different course...  whatever Beth, whatever.

Went out to Watch Hill and along Atlantic Avenue/Misquamicut beach and back home, parts of the Surf Town route.  Despite the narrow roads in some places it is a nice route to run.  I took a digger at about mile 11.5, you know, tripped on a piece of stand after navigating potholes and uneven asphalt and sidewalks the previous 11.5 miles, typical stuff.  I've fallen on the trails plenty of times, usually over something substantial like an actual rock or root sticking out of the earth, not for no apparent reason.  I dusted off the sticky sand best I could inspected the scrapes on my palms and right knee, nothing dire, just a little blood.  Fortunately the humidity has provided enough sweat to gather so I could wring my skirt out over the sandy and bloody parts and clean myself up a bit.  Thank heavens for small gifts, right?

In fact there was a lot of skirt ringing out and me wondering if I should have dug out a pair of running shorts, but I'd feel naked, but I wouldn't be carting around a pound or so of water... hmmm...

All in all it was a decent run.  I'm pleased, I started, I finished, in the immortal words of JoAnn, I didn't die.

Hubb had designs on riding Big River this a.m. he and his buddies arrived out there to find it lightening and thundering and raining.  Huh... they headed back to Burlingame where the weather was much more agreeable and rode. The weather out here is so wonky sometimes, seems like North of I-95 generally gets the brunt of the ugliness and the coast is saved.  Well other than hurricanes or what are we calling them now Super Storms...

We went for pretzel sammiches and beers (Wachusset Blueberry for me and Shandy for Hubb) at The Malted Barley and now I suppose I should attack that pantry...

Beth, thankful she was alerted to the healing and chromium replenishment attributes of beer!


  1. Great job Beth! Thinking about going over 13 miles seems so not doable but I know it is.

    I have got to check out this Malted Barley place. It sounds so good!

    The pantry can wait till another day.

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling good about the run and looking forward to running shorter distances all this week!!

      Actually the pantry wasn't that bad. Only the bottom half really needed a serious tackling. The upper half was more just organizing cans and getting rid of expired or we are NEVER going to eat THAT stuff. I'll leave the counter top for another time... It truly is my most favorite room of this old house.

  2. Nice work on a badass run. And I've got to get down to Westerly and check out the Malted Barley.

    1. Thanks! And yes, definitely put the Malted Barley on the top of the list. Worth the trip!