Saturday, August 31, 2013

To Do Lists

Between leaving work Friday and going back on Tuesday I have three things to accomplish:
  1. Clean the pantry
  2. Clean my junk room
  3. Run my first 20 mile run of this MCM training plan
Three days, three things.  Not a very high bar?  Well, each of these will take ~5 hours, so yeah, three days three things.  

So, what did I do today?  House work, mowed the lawn, worked out my proposal and sent to the team for van decorations and shirts for the Bourbon Chase, and took an easy bike ride with Hubb. Full on avoidance mode.

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow, no point in putting off the inevitable.  Why does this distance scare me so much? Probably because it can take me pretty far away from home. I mapped out a route on Boombridge over to Clarks Falls ~22ish miles, but not really sure where I can stop for water.  1L is probably not going to cut it with this weather.  I enjoyed the ride we took out there a couple weeks ago, not really recalling anything other than the ice cream place at the point Clarks Falls Road turns in to Woodville, probably won't be open at 8 in the a.m.!  Sure some of the roads are a bit narrow, however not really remembering too much traffic.  Maybe this will be the 3rd 20 mile run it will be dryer or I'll stash some water...

I'll run the route I've run the last two weeks, and go all the way down to Weekapaug Rd.  It gets me 19.7 miles (on the roads per Map My Run), figure the loop in the park is 1/4 mile, I can add on once I get back to my neighborhood to top off the 20. The goal is to kill two birds with one run the first 20 (and kill this anxiety) as well as the Strava challenge. I am going to allow myself some walking. I've never gone into a training run with 'walking is ok' thought I'd try something different this time.  Perhaps less beating myself about the head and neck?  Or with it being allowed I won't do it?  Be interesting to see how all this processes in my frayed synapses tomorrow a.m.

The afternoon may require starting on one of the 2 chores.  Although #2 became much less important as the visitors due for the weekend of the 13th have bailed.  Hmmmm...

Beth, ready or not here the long run comes!


  1. I pretty much walked mile 11 today. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I needed to and it was good for me. Today sucked, as you know but not beating ourselves up, a mile, is a mile, is a mile. You got this!

    1. Thanks Nicole!!! Bad runs happen, I walked and I was OK with that, I did it, it is done and I have a benchmark for the next 20!!!

  2. I have run two 20 milers already this training. I have one more to go next week. It's nerve racking every time, but dont worry too much about it. Just go out there and get the miles in. And it's Ok to walk or stop if you have to. Sometimes that rest or 2-3 minute walk is what one needs to finish off strong.

    1. Thanks Jose! Your words of wisdom did come in handy! I walked and I'm OK with that. It is nerve wracking and I doubted my abilities about mile 11, sound familiar?, and eventually came to grips with I've done this before and I will do it again, besides that how the heck else was I going to get home!!!??? LOL Seriously thank you! I've enjoyed following your training immensely, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!!!!