Saturday, August 10, 2013


At work on Friday I decided that I'd come home and take a nap.  I was going to get my new shoes broken in at Bluff Point, they are far far to white and a night and a day of rain makes trails nice and muddy, but I was really feeling the need to nap.  It was a long and taxing both emotionally and physically week and I love to nap.  I got all settled in and dug into "Relentless Forward Progress" pre-nap. Hubb tooed and froed about going for a ride and finally decided he was going to go.  Well how long were you going to ride?  2 hours. Hmm, I could run, I haven't been on the trails in Burlingame in a while.  Oh he was going to Arcadia.  My knowledge of Arcadia is limited to the JB Hudson trail.  We used to take the dogs, Gizmo, Diesel, and Sage out there.   I could run on the road to the trail head and then follow the marked trail? Hubb rambled on about fire roads and trails and rattled off things I wasn't possibly going to remember.  Rather than getting lost I'll just do what I know and take it from there for the next adventure.

I still tooed and froed as I changed my clothes and packed dry clothes and a towel.  It was the right decision.  The memories came flooding back as I ran that trail we used to walk so often.  I remembered when the three of them emerged out of the woods carrying a huge stick down the trail.  It was so funny to see their team work and pride with this HUGE stick! The big mud hole Sage used to motor through, that girl LOVED to get muddy and dirty.  Gizmo would carefully pick his way over the stones to not get a speck of mud on his paws.  Diesel could take the mud or leave it he just wanted to run and run and run and run a little more.  It was really special to run down and back up that trail and remember all of their group and individual rituals along the trail.

Before my mother got sick and she and my father used to visit we took them and the dogs out there and hiked the JB Hudson to the white trail all the way to Breakheart Pond.  


The white trail is a little more direct than the JB Hudson, I think. I stuck to the yellow blazed trail and followed that out partially around the pond until the Garmin beeped 3 miles.  6 was what I planned on, figuring that would take me less than 90 minutes and give me some time to stretch and explore once I got back to the truck, before hubb was due back in 2 hours.

It was a pretty appropriate end to a taxing work week.  When I arrived back at the truck, I was there a few minutes when a man arrived with his elderly beagles.  Oh they were cute!  The male ran on over to investigate who this person was, I am sure he could smell our dogs.  He was all up for some scratches and I poked around in the truck, apparently Hubb doesn't keep treats in his car like I do.  You just never know when you will see a dog and if it is ok with their owner, give them a little snicky snack.  The female wasn't so sure about all of this but she was happy to walk by me just not come to me. I bet if I had a treat she would have changed her mind...

Slightly more respectable!

He hadn't been gone long and Hubb appeared out of the woods!

Beth, ending the week a little muddy and much happier!