Monday, August 5, 2013

Killingworth 4 miler – Recap and a new bike!

The 6th race of the 7th I needed to complete for the Shoreline Race Series was Saturday a.m.  8:30 start time in Killingworth, CT.  Yes, again I drove for longer than I ran, but after the race I was able to drive up to Branford and pick up my race bib for Sunday’s race.

Bib pick up was day of, starting at 7:30.  I managed to get up and out and was there pretty close to 7:30 as they were just starting to pass out bibs.  Doubtful I needed an hour, and had only planned on being there 30 minutes early.  Seems like no one really explains their logic with the check in sheets to the volunteers checking people in.  The poor man realized he gave out the wrong bib numbers, he was going by the line number and not the bib number.  Hopefully this didn't make things to wonky at the end.  I’m remembering the same thing happening for the Frosty 5K (the first race in the series), when my bib was given out to someone else, their line number was the same as my bib number.  Now I think I understand why people put the stickers on the back with the runners name and other info?

It was cool and raining, drizzling probably describes it best, better than heat and humidity any day.  The runners gathered around under trees.  I was surprised at the number of dogs.  There was one woman with a small yellow lab and we struck up a conversation.  Her pup is 2 and ready to run, she says the dog keeps her going and that she did!  Even after the 4 miles her pup was still ready to rumble!!

This was a nice course!  I didn’t check the elevation on the course profile, just noted it was a square with a little out and back.   The first 2 miles were mostly downhill.  What goes down must come up, and I kept waiting, wondering when, it never really felt like it did until the last ¾ of a mile.  And I got a CR on Strava for my effort in that segment, cool…

In any event, my goal was 40 minutes and my gun time was 39:24!  Solidly meeting goal.  12th out of 20 for my Division, creeping up on being middle of the pack!

New Bike

Saturday afternoon hubb and I were off to Stedman’s for some bike shopping.  I go into these things with the idea to purchase.  All I know is what I’m willing to spend and the level of components we should be looking for.  Of course red would be my preferred color.  I know what I like and don’t like about my mountain bike and how that feels.  After a lot of discussion and explanation of the different types of bikes, finally out for a couple test rides to find the right sized bike. I landed on one I liked the feel of, full carbon frame,  the price was far more than I was willing to, or even should spend on a first road bike.  The next level bike was the same dimensions just different material, aluminum with a carbon fork.  I took that for a spin around the block and it felt just a little more stiff than the higher end model but with a pair of gloves and bike shorts all would be right with the world.  Plus it was so much more comfortable and lighter than my mountain bike.

Talked with one of the guys I know through running the races he puts on in the winter.  Nice to finally introduce Hubb to one of these guys.  They had met a few weeks earlier at a bike time trial or something. 

I left very pleased with my purchase and anxious to go for a ride.  Hubb installed the clips that went with the pedals in my shoes and I practiced getting in and out of them.  I never used the clips mountain biking.  Knowing how often I crash and how quickly I don’t think, it was best to just not tempt fate and lock myself on the bike.   It wasn't so difficult getting in and out and I didn't feel insecure and went out for a little spin up and down the road.  Hubb insisted I remove the reflectors, don’t be a dork Beth…

The second one came off later.

New Bike

After getting all appropriately dressed and helmeted I took a spin around the neighborhood and then tackled the hills.  Yeah, someone has a 10 mile race in the a.m. but it is along the shore, so how hilly could it be??  The ride was fun and I would have loved to go longer, however my legs were tired and I was tired and it was time to spend some time with the Hubb and the pups who have been very much ignored lately.

Apparently some further adjustments need to be made to the shoes / clips…  Seemed fine to me but what do I know?

Beth one more race re-cap in the wings... happy for a rest day today, well just TRX


  1. Run (check), bike (check), swim (?) – TRI ??????
    See you in Greenhaven, riding

  2. Happy new bike! Great stuff. Will you be joining us in tris soon?

    1. It isn't out of the realm of possibilities. ;)