Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sealegs Shuffle 10 miler - Recap

Bib pick up started at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Branford soundRUNNER store, so I took the scenic route from Killingworth to Branford, CT on rte 80.  CT really does have some beautiful drives, even in the rain it was lovely.

The gal handed me the sheet to find my number, number 2 I said a little questioningly.  She pulled bib #2 and said, “Beth?”   “Yep that is me”   Bibs were issued in order of sign up.  Wow…  that drunk woman who signs me up for races has impeccable timing!

Hubb now has a nice yellow tech shirt to ride in!

After not really sleeping well, even though the FitBit says I got 6 hours of sleep and wasn't all that restless, I felt like crap.  Showered, fed the dogs, and picked up my bag of stuff for the race and plodded out the door.

Arriving at the Guilford Fairgrounds I wished I had brought a cap the sun was bright, not hot, just bright and unrelenting I was pleased I packed a light fleece as it was chilly.  In fact it was really good racing weather. 

This was the first time I had witnessed the phenomena of the men’s bathroom line longer and slower than the women’s.  Yes, REAL bathrooms pre-race! 

All the 10 mile runners were rounded up at the start and I think this is the first race where they didn't play the national anthem, that seemed weird.  The gun went off and then I realized this was gun timed, not chip timed, so I was about 10 seconds off the times shouted out at the mile markers. 

I thought this was going to be a flatish course, on the shore and all.  It wasn't  it wasn't hilly either, there were bumps, hard to call them hills.  Some of them felt killer, could it be that someone’s legs were a teensy bit tired and she was letting her mind take over what the machine can do?

The first few miles were nice, sun at my back, I could run with my old dependable running partner, my shadow.  I noted how less often, hardly every I needed to remind myself there was a string off the top of my head, as Don says, pulling me up to run with my back straight.  Things have changed a lot in the last year. Beautiful course to observe, nice runners, great volunteers, funny conversations going on, and lots of bikes.  And my mind wandered back to my bike and how much I’d rather be riding and when would my next ride be!?!?

During miles 5 and 6 I ran with a lovely British woman.  She said, “Mind if I pace with you a bit?” Absolutely not!  We talked about past races and upcoming races and this is along her normal running route and the hills are tough.  She was running the “Reach the Beach” relay in September.  I told her “My old boss asked me to run that with him, he is British.” I let out a little chuckle, and  finished with “It’s a small country do you think you know him?  She laughed and said there were no other Brits on her team and we don’t all know each other.  She asked where I lived and I said Westerly, Rhode Island, we talked about the local area and she laughed and said “I know someone who lives, there, it’s a small state, do you think you know her?”   I wished her well as I dropped back.  Nice conversation.  Wish I could remember her name.

During mile 7 I managed to convince myself there was no earthly way I was running a marathon then I reminded myself I had run two, so that wasn't an excuse, and now was not the time to be making those decisions anyhow.

During mile 8 there was a water station.  The gal said “Gatorade here, water back.”  I said “I’d love a Gatorade with a water back!”  Ahhh…  yeah I’d of rather a whiskey with a water back, beggars can’t be chooser, now can the!?!  No matter what my sense of humor and sarcasm rarely leaves me!  The gal shouted out the time when I passed mile marker 8, 88 minutes.  Whoop!! I was all excited I was going to meet my goal of 100 minutes for this 10 mile race.  I picked up my pace a  bit to be sure to stay under a 12 minute mile, it was very hard to lift and turn my legs over, but I only had a mile to go.  Then I started noticing an unusual number of people doing a cool down.  Huh… 

Mile marker 9 was approaching, the end, where were all the crowds of people?  Where was the finish line?  Wait the fair grounds are back there.  Then someone said a mile to go.  Oh crap, this is a 10 mile race ding bat, they aren't cooling down they are running towards the finish line. Feeling a little silly there was a mile left to run I walked a few steps at mile marker 9, sucked it up and ran till the end. 

Beth, glad to be done with the series