Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chatty Thursday AKA Friday Eve!

Catching up on blogs looks like most everyone had a sloggy run on Friday.   Wonder what that was all about?  Planetary alignment?  Weather?  Mercury isn't in retrograde again until October 20th, oh yippie just in time for fall marathons, well if you go for that kind of stuff…

Monday –
My schedule was pretty full and wasn't going to allow for a run mid day, I bring my stuff, just in case, plus I had TRX so it wasn't going to be completely sedentary desk jockey day.  Well the schedule went into spastic fits freeing up the middle of my day.  Well, what a bummer.  I went out for a mid day run, and discovered the reason I was having such difficulty saving runs and hikes on Strava on the iPhone, seems you have to turn ON the GPS.  Whoopsie!  So that was at least 4 in 40 or 45 minutes, I’m going to grade myself easy on that one.

TRX was good, I wasn't as sore as I should have been on Tuesday I better step up my game a bit.  But I am getting 10 solid curl under planks on both sides, kinda pleased with that!
Run:  at least 4

Tuesday –
NYC.  The boss left early to co-sign a lease on an apartment for her eldest daughter in Brooklyn, leaving me to skip out an hour early and attempt to catch what used to be the 4:34 train.  Apparently it now is the 4:39.  Someone has been monkeying with the schedule and now leave earlier from New Haven (the 6:42 a.m. now leaves at 6:33 a.m.) and arrive later at GTC and outbound leave later and arrives even later, go figure.  Supposed to be temporary and no printed schedules to be found.  I know my quirks, I need that pretty red schedule tucked away in my wallet to be sure I’m on the express and not the local and when the train leaves and arrives.

I’m all snuggled in my seat, if you’re curious about this idiosyncrasy, right hand side against the window.  And the announcement is grumbly mumbly and something didn't sound right, fortunately I was on a new train and could see the stops flashing --> Greenwich, Stamford, New Cannan.  Oh great.  I'm on the wrong train?  Me and many other people who either couldn't read the train board correctly or the train destination changed.  I’m going with the train destination changed.  Quickly, quite a few of us, found the right/new train and snuggled in there.  Everything is so overly air-conditioned.  4:39 the train took off and the car I was in was practically empty?  Seriously?  The post 5:30 trains are all standing room only, huh.  I feel odd enough leaving after 5, but I do get in the office well before 9 and have left my house by 5:30 a.m.  why am I justifying this? Catholic Guilt?

I was home before 8 and before Hubb!  Ah, just me and the boxer boys.  Rustled up some dinner for all of us, well their meal is pretty easy, I decided on chopping up a lone baked potato in the fridge tossing it in a nice hot frying pan, a little butter, onions, egg, and topped that off with cheese.  Healthy?  Well lots of potassium, a bit of calcium, some protein, sure, healthy…

Run: 0

Wednesday –
Late meeting meant no 5K that night.  Bummer.  I did get to take a spin class so got some exercise in.  Hubb was home when I got home and I asked if he wanted to go down to the Y to see the runners finish.  He was game, but take the bikes.  OK.  Everyone was just lining up so I was able to give Don a high 5!  Takes like a minute to bike down when it take 10 to walk, huh.  These things still amaze me.  Nice to see everyone finish, y'all looked great!!!  SO nice to see you actually running, a rare treat for me. Made it home at dog dinner time, so Gizzy, Mr. Schedule, was happy about that. 

Nice evening of nothing planned.  Since I've been putting off unknitting (I didn't notice my big stars to check directions at that part of the pattern and just kept on knitting) four rows of a Fair Isle vest I've been working on since November.  Way back last summer a girlfriend and I bought an on-line knitting class, and finally got started watching the lessons and knitting in the Fall.  She moved to Manhattan in February and that threw a big monkey wrench in our Saturday night knitting get together (oh yeah, I know how to party).   

Fair Isle knitting is stranded knitting, each row has two colors and there are no more than 7 stitches between colors, makes some beautiful fabric.    It is all knit in the round, so you just go round and round knitting and changing colors and decreasing as the pattern specifies.  This makes a tube, or really a cone.  To put in the neck edging and the arm edging (this is a vest – if it were a sweater then sub in sleeves) the knitted fabric needs to be cut, yes cut the knitting, this is known as steeking.  Then the appropriate number of stitches are picked up around the hole and more knitting.

More tedium is going to be weaving in all of the little ends of yarn.    Now to urge Elizabeth to finish up her vest so we can steek together.  I don’t want to do that by myself for the first time.  Yikes!

Run - 0
Biking - 5 + spin

Thursday - 
Howie “I’m an idiot”
Tim “Yes, yes you are, if there was an idiot contest you’d come in second place.”
Howie “Why?”
Tim “Because you are an idiot.”

The guys were in rare form, between today being the eve of a long weekend and a week-long vacation for some, one of their hens finally laying their first egg, and the jackass, well being the jackass, lots of laughs all around.  

It was tolerable to deal with this knowing I was going to run with Nicole tonight!!  I was also enjoying the book I've been listening to. Generally I go for more historical fiction, but I love the way Binchy tells  story!! Driving to Narragansett I was zoning out waiting for Fiona to finally dump Sean the asshat, I didn't even notice the flashing red and blue lights behind me then the siren.  Well crap...  I know I was speeding, I speed, I'll fully admit to that.  The second point was a bit of a shocker!!

Debated on using the "So how fast was I going?" line from when I got pulled over in North Carolina...  And decided against that.  I never know if it is OK to fumble through my glove box for the registration and proof of insurance.  I wait until the officer comes to the window.

CT State Trooper:  "You were going 80 in a 65 and following two closely. Licence, registration and proof of insurance."
Me:  "That isn't good.  Is that the right insurance card, I know the insurance flips in September."  Thinking:  Well actually I wasn't following too closely, you should see how close on someones bumper I can get, and I wanted to hear how Fiona dumped Sean so I was not tailgating, tailgating takes concentration.
CT State Trooper: "Either one is fine."
Me:  wondering can I turn back on my book?  wonder if I can get a picture of his lights in my rear view.  Oh wow there were TWO cop cars as the second one pulls off to nab someone else.  I'm a scofflaw!!
CT State Trooper: Walking up to the window with an envelope, well crap...  "I decided to give you a break and only give you a ticket for following too closely. That is how most accidents happen."
Me:  "Thanks!" Grin
CT State Trooper: "Have  nice holiday weekend."
Me: "You to!" Grin

Huh...  I haven't gotten a ticket in over 30 years.  I'll be contacting a CT Trooper buddy and see what would happen if I plead not guilty, the guy didn't have any sort of way to measure my distance.  Not saying there aren't occasions where I follow too closely, this wasn't one of them.

Hubb's only comment on this was "You weren't following too close by Michigan standards, even when you leave space, it is still a little close.  Set the cruise at 72 and just listen to your book, try leaving 3 white lines between you and the next car."   3 white lines!!  A car length, I'd loose my MI driving edge!! 

Anyhow, Fiona did dump Sean the asshat and I was 10 minutes late meeting up with Nicole.   We had a nice run and TONS of things to catch up on.  I'm amazed we kept a decent pace for all the flapping our gums were doing!!!  I really missed running with her and hearing her stories!

Run - 5.1

Beth, perhaps needs to slow down and back off...  it is tough being such an intense person.


  1. Sucks what happened on Thursday - funny reading about it :)

    1. It was very surprising, I was staying with traffic too which makes it even more surprising, hardly ever find the right lane moving that fast!! OH well! LOL!!

  2. Probably the most expensive 5 mile run you will ever have! OK, sorry, not funny. Great run last night!

    1. HA! I didn't even think about it that way. I'll be paying higher insurance for the next 7 years, yea me? Blargh... oh well.

  3. Wow. I think I'm over 30 years since the speeding ticket for 45 in a 25 on the way to Powder Ridge in Middlefield CT. I'm due. Better start riding my bike to work.

    1. I've been considering the same thing.