Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marine Corps Training - Week 8 - recap

Today ends week 8 of MCM training.  Wow, 10 weeks till the big show. 

I am running the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of the Lung Cancer Alliance's Team Lung Love. The Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for Lung Cancer.

My Sunday long runs include a loop through Westerly's Wilcox Park. I dedicate this loop in memory of someone lost to or in honor of someone surviving with Lung Cancer.

My loop in the park was dedicated to Arthur Pignataro, a Westerly native highly involved in local theater.  As this is the last night for Taming of the Shrew in Westerly's Wilcox Park I thought it very appropriate for this loop to be dedicated to him.  He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at a very late stage.  Truly a loss for the community.

There was a father with his two young children having a little breakfast by the fountain, this was just so sweet.  What a treat for everyone on such a beautiful morning!

It was nice to see The Runaway Bunny was all cleaned up from his graffiti attack. Who would do such a thing?  

And that wraps up the 1/4 mile loop through the park!

I decided to run my side of the river today, it was early enough and the weather cool enough the beach traffic wouldn't be crazy as I worked my way down to Watch Hill over to Misquamicut and back home.  I skipped the run down Atlantic and back up Shore, you just know when the old body is going to have a fit, and it was on the verge.  Perhaps the 26.2 mile bike ride with Hubb wasn't a great idea?  Hubb did say I was pushing it up the hills so possibly using new muscles?  Feh, I enjoyed the ride yesterday and my run this a.m. it is all good.  I remember being reminded to not under estimate my level of fitness, thanks JB!

The hill at the Ocean House was something I wasn't and was looking forward to.  I stopped at the top to admire the view, wowza...  no matter how many times I run, ride, or drive by that place is just amazing. Someday it would be nice to stay there.

Opting for the hill, I passed up the opportunity to take a run by TS's house, I'm sure I'd of seen one of the local running club members?   HA! 

My favorite part of the run was seeing John Hammett Sr.  leading a group run.  Nice to recognize someone and have a few seconds to just stop.  The run along Atlantic was nice and up Winnapaug, got a couple waves from beach goers, ok so they aren't ALL bad...  

I will say that I took a GU with caffeine at about mile 11, huh, that does make a difference, the rest of the hills on the roads home didn't seem all that bad.  I may have to rethink this GU thing.

Mileage stats:

Monday - 0 (recovering from the wicked sunburn from Falmouth, really didn't relish the thought of sweating and tech shirt combo) and  TRX

Tuesday - 3.1.  and Spin

Wednesday - 0 and 23.4 mile bike ride

Thursday - 3.4 with a couple three spins around the track, run the straights jog the curves

Friday - 0 and 5 mile hike with Gizmo

Saturday - 0 and 26.2 bike ride with Hubb

Sunday - 14.3 

20.8 out of 33, whoops, nothing to beat myself up about my head and neck over, I had an active week and will get back into the swing of things!

Beth, slightly sore and a little exhausted with a big helping of smiles!


  1. Good week though! And quite the capper on Sunday :), great job!

    1. Thanks Mike! I was exhausted, as evidenced by the choppy blog post!!

  2. Great week! I can't believe you are at 10 weeks to MCM! You are doing a great job on your training. I need to step it up a bit but I am thankful I have you to keep me motivated!

    1. Thanks! I know, 10 weeks away, I don't feel ready and I'm definitely not as focused as I should be, but hey, life needs to be lived. You have time to make up for a weeks loss, not a lot of time, but time!! No worries!!!