Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Training - Week 9 - Recap

Ok, so I've really not been in a story telling mood, and if you don't have anything funny or sarcastic to say, just don't say anything at all...

Today wrapped up week 9 of MCM training, half way there!  Guess it is all down hill from here?  

On the positive side the only injury I am nursing is a sore left knee.  Think I need one of those under the knee strap thingys, but will investigate PT first.  Amy of the pointy elbows figures it is something to do with how the muscle is tracking over the kneecap and mentioned something about Piriformis Syndrome.  She has always been spot on, so I will listen!!  Last year it was PF and the left knee in pain, like stopping at mile 4 and 10 and screaming, not just sore...  probably something else.  In any event I am pleased and enjoying training far more than last year!!

Monday:  0 for the run and TRX

Tuesday:  4.1 run and 1.5 walk - I went out for a run mid day.  Things in the open space were getting dicey and I needed a break from the guys.  I ran a mile then saw Don and Ro and well barged in on their conversation and walked back to the site with them.  They chastised me for running when I had a race that night... oh pshaw... 

Battle of Stonington - recap I ran this last year.  My splits last year were a bit faster, and my time was 20 seconds faster.  But hey, tis what it tis and I am just getting slower, probably because I am getting fat?  HA!  Well, there is a little truth to that.  But that is neither here nor there.  I've immensely enjoyed the fun runs on Tuesday nights.  I missed them last year as Tuesday was my NYC day as I had a class on Thursday night and well my boss is in the city on Tue and Thur and what would be the point of going in on Wed, if she isn't there?  Well other than to meet up with friends, share some drinks, and laughs after work?

29:40 was my time on this 5K, I'm pleased, it is under 30.  Let's not look back a the beginning of the fun runs when I was seeing times in the 28s, ok?  (oh yeah and I was running 5 miles during the day - must be the heat and the high dew point?)

Wednesday:  big old ZERO!  I had a full day of meetings and dinner out with a couple girlfriends.  I did treat myself with some ice cream from Drawbridge in Mystic and walked around for half an hour or so....  hardly makes up for lobster tacos and a tall tall cocktail...  whaeves...  but we did see Inge's new yacht!!  Ok it is Rupert Murdoch's, but Inge appreciated me saying, "Hey your boat is here!!"

Thursday:  Oh you guessed it NY, watched that 5:23 pull away from the platform and had to stick around for the 5:48, blargh.  I didn't even manage to get in a walk to Bryant Park, double blargh.

Friday:  6 on the road and 15 on the bike.  I enjoyed my 6 mile lunch run until I got back to the office to find out this was actually Lauren's actual last day and her really, this is her final going away lunch, lunch.  Damn that girl out did me with going away lunches and happy hours.  Although I have a sneaking suspicion she will be back as an Employee versus the Temp she has been for the better part of 18 months.  Hmmm... how long has it been?  Well in any event.  I only managed two going away lunches and one HUGE happy hour before I managed to get off a lay off wave and land a permanent job.  That was a miserable 14 months...  it all turned out ok and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Lauren!!

There was much talk about how legs felt heavy and fortunately one of the guys said, well my 9 is compared to my usual 7, so I didn't feel so sluggish for a 10:47!! 

I took advantage of a compressed work week and was home by 4 to get in a ride out to Watch Hill and explore a bit.  It has been years since I've been down to the light house and took the paved?  Wait, when did that get paved? Road.  Observe the magnificent view and take the opportunity to snap a pic of TS house, I think I see a couple guys I recognize running down the beach?  Bwahaaa...

Saturday: 26 on the bike.  Hubb goes out to fly RC planes in the a.m. leaving me to sleep in (like that ever happens with Jax the wrestling king) and get some house work done.  

Dog (Giz) as his co-pilot!  He designed and built this P-29!!

So we go on our ride in the early afternoon.  Quite enjoyable.   I took some cues from Jeff and 5Ks ride and an overwhelming curiosity to see what was on 216 plus wanting to take a ride through Watch Hill with Hubb and show him some of the places I run.  

Sunday: 16.5 run and 5 on the bike.  The Saturday night dinner choice was breakfast for dinner or baked potatoes....  OK so breakfast for dinner (waffles and sausage) was not a great idea.  We both had a sugar buzz and then Hubbs phone making noise from the texts he was getting about Sunday a.m.s ride, seriously, set your phone to QUIET or leave it downstairs, blargh.   We both got late starts.  All in all not a bad run.  I looked at my 17 milers from about this time last year and I ran it a little faster, so yeah, me! 

I enjoyed my run down to Watch Hill and over to Misquamicut last week so decided to try the same thing and add commit to the rest of the miles.  OK I went out for 18 and did 16.5, still and all.  I'm not disappointed and got asked out by some guy taking money for parking.  Woot... old smelly lady still has it.  HA HA HA!!!  

Hubb and I took a pre dinner ride in hopes to just work out some kinks from our sore legs.  Apparently he had a difficult time keeping up with his buddy who rides a single speed mountain bike.  DAMN!!  Impressive!!  We did see one of his other biking buddies out with the wife and kids for a Sunday evening ride.   Nice!

Beth, training is on track, fundraising is not...

PS You've gathered I am very passionate for Lung Cancer advocacy, well really any cancer (my family is riddled with it).  I became addicted to running training for my second Half Marathon (Providence Cox in 2012 - Providence Cox 2011 was, well, a very valuable lesson in proper training) and went on to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon with Team Lung Love mid way through my Providence Cox 1/2 Marathon training...  

I'll beg and plead with family, but if you want to get in on the action supporting me, I'd be completely OK with that!  Yeah, I am not one for sales and feel weird posting this here but here goes.... because maybe my cancer discussions/rants reached you or you know someone with Lung Cancer, or have it?

My Team Lung Love page


  1. A lot of good riding you're getting in lately.
    What's on 216? A good rolling hill workout, followed by enjoying an iced coffee outside at Dave's Coffee near the junction of 1 & 216.

    1. I am really enjoying the road bike!! Oh, Dave's Coffee sounds like a fine plan! I haven't been down 216 in years, really was beautiful and rolling hills, nothing too crazy!