Sunday, August 11, 2013

Falmouth Road Race - Recap

Rebecca posted "Hey Beth you interested in running Falmouth?"  I answered in the affirmative, after checking to see if I or we (as in Hubb and I) had anything going on on the 11th of August.  Well we did not.  Wayyyyyyyy back in February a cousin posted on my wall I should run Falmouth.  I shrugged off the idea of this, race a bit to far to drive by myself  for 7 miles and I'm sure I had other reasons.  But pass up a chance to run and hang out with Monica and Rebecca?  I think not.

Rebecca had bibs through The Easter Seals.  The only charity I've run for is the Lung Cancer Alliance so I get the donations and all.  It is a great organization and what an opportunity to run a race few get into.

Monica was gracious enough to pick up my bib on Thursday night, she had an easy time picking up the bib and enjoyed the expo.  Rebecca picked up our Easter Seals singlets.  The next hurdle was getting out to Falmouth and not missing the last bus to the start.  Well...  up at 4:10 a.m. to pick up Monica (in Providence) by 5:30.  I was there at 5:30 a.m., on a Sunday, just at the wrong door.  Yes. The. Wrong. Door.  Got a text from Monica, "Hey, I'm ready!"  I texted back "I"m at the door?  Am I at the wrong one?"  After rechecking her message, oh yes, I was at 208 and she lives at 102.  At least I had the correct street.  After laughing out loud, and waking up then neighbors dog, I skedaddled back down the street two blocks...

We were in Falmouth by 6:40 and looking for the school to park.  After following a couple of cars we assumed were going the same place we were going we got turned back around and pointed in the right direction.  Note to self:  Don't assume the car in front of you, despite all the runner stickers, is ACTUALLY going to the same place you are.

We got all parked and porta pottied and petted the sweetest Great Dane and chit chatted with his owners.  It wasn't even close to 7 a.m.  the race started at 10 a.m. and by the time we'd be released in corral 6 it would be 10:20.  We managed to kill a couple hours at the race start till meeting up with Rebecca and Katie and changing into our Easter Seals singlets and still had another hour and a half to kill...  Rebecca and Katie were interviewed for one of the local TV stations.  We snapped a pic.... and we chatted and we lamented we forgot the sun screen.  I'm a bit of a lobster. I had sunscreen I just didn't put it on.  Doh...  Fair skinned people should really know better, shouldn't they?

Rebecca, Monica, me, Katie

Ok so finally corral 6 gets released, just as the elites are nearing the finish line, pretty much.  It was a herd of people in a narrow space.  It thinned out a bit after mile 4.  I tried to focus on the beauty of the course as we bobbed and weaved through walkers and slower runners.  I'm cynical and a little grouchy.  Seriously though I had to give them my last 10K time for corral assignment, it was just shy of an hour.  I'm no speed demon, for sure, and I am OK with that.  Again, I'm cynical and a little grouchy.

Mile 1 - 3 bobbing and weaving and shuffling with oh 10,000 runners and walkers
Mile 4 blasted bladder
Mile 5 - 7 finally sort of moving

Truly a beautiful course and to see the stream of people running up ahead was quite a sight.  I am looking forward to aerial race pictures.

Beth, looking forward to digging into the 9 lb 8 oz fluke Hubb caught today!

Well he had a good day, wouldn't ya say?


  1. Awesome recap. A few friends of mine also ran this race. They all had good things to say about it.

    Great job!

    1. Thanks! It was a nice course for sure, just jam packed!

  2. Nice job on the race. But more importantly, that is a doormat! Kudos to your husband. I'm jealous. :)

    1. The doormat was THE highlight of the day, let's not kid ourselves!!!