Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog Watch - Recap / First Real Ride on the new Bike!

Dog Watch Fun Run 

After a “I double dog dare you to ask me how my day was” Monday, I was a little fragile Tuesday a.m. not to mention really worn out from two races, a bike ride, and being on my best behavior (and out past my bed time) at the Worcester Country Club for the in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner Sunday night.

 I tooed and froed about an easy run during the day.  My aching hip and exploding eMail won out and I decided the fun run on Tuesday would be an easy run, 11 minute mile, what do the pros call it a ‘shake out’ run, just to keep things moving help the aches and pains calm down a bit. 

Well it ended up being a decent 5K for me, huh.  When Stephen shouted out something that sounded like 14:30 at the ½ way mark I thought, huh, and checked my watch.  Wow…  I just ran along not really pushing it and enjoying the scenery.   The Borough really is an interesting and beautiful place.  My tight calf felt better, my hip, well it is still a little tender and I need to pay some special attention to it and get back to my at home PT.  I've been slacking. 

It was nice to catch up with Buzz and find out he is feeling ok after kidney stones kept him out of the Blessing.  The usual crowd was there to enjoy a beer and good conversation!

First REAL Bike Ride

As I was leaving the house this a.m. recapping the agenda for the day, explaining that I had a late meeting and was going to take a ride tonight and wouldn't be home for dinner, Hubb pitched in that he had his RC club meeting so he wouldn't be home till late ahhh, I have the evening to goof around and do Beth stuff, yeah!!  He did ask if I’d been to spin class lately?  Oh awesome idea! I quick grabbed my shoes and stuffed the bike gear into my overstuffed gym bag.  I am so glad I did this.  There is a spin class at noon (Mon and Wed).

After the 20 minute discussion on clips and pedals at the bike store, my head spun.  I like my mountain bike shoes, and even more that the clip is protected or rather the floor is protected from the clip by the lugs.  Sure the shoes may be a bit heavier, nothing that I notice.  

After Spin class I noticed one of the gals shoes and asked about them.  She said that they are mountain bike shoes, so not exactly the right shoe for road cycling, however they are much more comfortable than her road shoes, plus the whole lug protecting the clip or floor thing.  Another gal pitched in that she too used the mountain bike shoes the lugs protect the clip and the floor and if you intend on doing any type of walking, even a few feet, you were better off, even with the few extra ounces. They both agreed their mountain bike shoe was way more comfortable than the road bike shoe.  I felt so validated that I stuck with the same shoes I already had.   I’ll figure the whole shoe thing out as I go along.  I am sure there are many more things to figure out, there were with running.  Trial and error till you get what works for you. 

Decided to bike to Watch Hill then out to Misquamicut after work.  Thinking I needed a little side view mirror for my helmet I stopped at Mystic Cycle shop on my way home and they sold me this mirror that went on the handlebar cap...  I had a good view of my leg, I already know what that looks like, I wanted to see traffic behind me.  Guess that will be going back?  Or I may read the directions?  Could go either way.

It was a nice ride and I didn't feel scared with the traffic.  The only heart stopping moment was someone coming out of no where on their bike and me nearly crashing into her and her looking at me like I had 2 heads.  She was going the wrong way, bikes are supposed to follow the traffic pattern right?  She was coming up a one way street she should have been going down...  I'm sticking to that story and being a bit more careful.

Beth, digging this bike and looking forward to a NYC rest day and a little stroll to Bryant Park for lunch!