Thursday, September 19, 2013


On my run Wednesday, probably about mile 2.  I have no idea exactly when, I left my space watch at my desk and only had the iPhone (which stays in the SPI belt)  to record the run.  I came to the conclusion I am a runner I am not a racer.  I love to run, I really really really do.  Racing makes me crazy, I am competitive, mostly with myself, sometimes with others, mostly against myself.  Hence, checking back on race stats and run stats and the constant comparison. And beating myself about the head and neck and subjecting y'all to it.  Analysis paralysis, much? 

Once I finally got to this point, my run got easier, huh, how about that.  So I just kept going, and going, 8 miles on the nose.  How about that, and a sub 10 pace, how about that!  I also wonder if the inability to obsessively compulsively check my pace had anything to do with that too...

Getting back into the office Howie wanted to know if I made the full 10, I said I ran out of road and landed at 8 on the nose!   I threw out my little epiphany and he said, "I'm a racer, I feel that drive to just go out there and run hard till I puke."  Huh... maybe I am on to something.

On my run, I explored that little trail, it was little, no more than a mile in the, yes I remembered to memorize the name, Sparkle Lake Conservation area off of Thomas Road, next to Birch Plain Creek.  Kinda fun to run around in the woody prairie.  

Beth, who really really appreciates all the support and reminders to not pick on myself and apologizes for being whiney!!  


  1. Yeah, just run. That's why we all do it. Sure we like to race every now and then, but we all do it because we love it. We are indeed runners. :)

  2. Have fun in Tejas. Don't worry about no stinkin' racing!

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You may not know what it is (I didn’t know either before I was nominated!), so you can check out my link about it if you want. I’ll post it here. Thanks for being an awesome fellow blogger!

    1. Very cool!! THANK YOU means A LOT to me!!! I love your stuff too! Love this, very cool!! You rock too! Honest and forthright, admirable qualities!

  4. Running and racing sometimes go hand in hand. Running always comes first though. It's what we love and who we are.