Thursday, September 5, 2013


I bailed on my run with Nicole tonight, of course there is some guilt in that.  Damn my grandmothers for making my mother baptize me... sorry grandma and grandma, but really... this guilt thing is tough. We are running a race on Saturday and will get to spend some time together so I'm not a complete butt munch for bailing.

I've been wanting to experiment with riding to the beach running the beach then riding home.  This thing is called a brick.  I suppose what I did counts? 7 miles ride to the beach 2.5 mile run 6.5 mile ride back home.  I really wanted to see what it would feel like and it felt great.  Not hot fudge sundae great or Jack Daniels great but wow look what I can accomplish great, and honestly that is a better kind of great feeling.  Shhh don't tell anyone!

My legs don't feel like bricks, though, probably the excitement of just doing it?

After chatting with Mike B about this plan and which beach to run Napatree sounded best, nice hard sand. Plus I haven't been to Napatree since Sage died, thought that would be fitting as Sage was built like a brick outhouse and I've been missing her a lot lately. Sage and/or Giz and I got out to the beach nearly every weekend last fall and the previous winter, good memories. Although I lost some of the video (when I reformatted my iPhone) of the two old fogies getting crazy at the beach, I'm most bummed about that.

Sage and Giz - Jan 2012 Quonnie

I digress...

My ride out was uneventful.  Although I needed to reroute a little as Elm Street was torn up and then decided to not deal with the collection of filled potholes on Beach, wise move, I think.  The ride out to Watch Hill (just like the run out there) seems to get easier every time, funny how that works isn't it?

The run was as I remembered it.  I had only been out on Napatree a couple times since Super Storm Sandy and it's new normal is still pretty!  Not many people either!

Then to ride home.  I got harassed by some teenagers driving by close, then turning around to drive by close again and their capstone was to drive by close and screaming.  Fortunately I didn't flinch, well too much.  Of course I kept repeating the licence plate 466 448 sounding like Dory repeating "P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney" name that movie and now I'm not sure if that is the right licence plate.  Dave suggested the better idea would have been to stop and write it down, smart guy that husband of mine plus he knows that my mind is like a sieve sometimes, ok MOST times....

And a some of my favorite pictures of my tough girl 11/10/02 - 1/30/13

On the look out for some asses to kick!

Whaddya mean we have to go home, I OBJECT!

So young, so obnoxious August '03 with Diesel @ Napatree
Take this off or I swear I WILL bite you!
Beth, enjoyed the run down memory lane on Napatree!


  1. No worries Beth, I bailed too.

    I think you Brick was perfect and I will have to try that sometime. So not a swimmer, but love to run and bike.

    Love the pics of your guys. You miss him, but you have so many happy memories that will always be with you.

    1. AH! Good! It was fun and I have plans on another one to a different beach just a bit further away. Sage was a tough cookie and very much a sweetheart. Saturday will be great!!!