Friday, September 27, 2013

Living the Dream

It has been since when since I babbled? Monday... oh my...  

I suppose some have missed me?  Those who have have probably been inundated with stream of consciousness eMails, no? well ask me for my eMail and I'll blather at you incessantly...

Monday I was supposed to go to NYC to get my mid year performance review.  Yes, I realize it is SEPTEMBER....  I got half way to the train station when my boss called me to determine if I read the 10:30 p.m. eMail regarding the cancellation of Monday's meeting.  Well, no I last checked at 8:30 p.m. just when my connecting flight from Atlanta took off.  I figured if it hadn't been cancelled by 8:30 it would be ok...  apparently not.  So at 6:30 a.m. I turned around and headed back to the Groton, CT offices.  Remembering WHY when we moved here I lived East of the site, so I didn't have to drive into the sun to and from work.  Seriously, 7 years of that nonsense was enough for me living in Ann Arbor and commuting to Dearborn then Detroit.  

Figuring I got home at midnight, and up at 5:30 a.m. (I slept in).  4 hours of sleep had me, well, slightly on the goofy side. I left early 2 p.m..  Hubb/Dave, missed the message and the text and was surprised to see me!  I napped on the couch till 5:25 p.m. he woke me up to tell me we were going to Captain Scott's for dinner.  OK, sure...

Tuesday was a designated Groton, CT day.  All went normally, I got in 5 and some change at work.  So happy to be running outside.  

After work Ro and I met up with a new running group, TRALP - Tuesday Running And Libations Professionals, meet at the Mystic Harp and Hound at 5:30 and run River Road, miles of your choice. The whole loop is 7 miles.  Ro and I opted for 3 out and back.  9:20 mile... not bad, no wonder why I couldn't keep up my side of the conversation!!.  I was sucking some major wind and Ro did all the talking.  I need the 'speed work' so this was a perfect follow up to my 5 and change earlier in the day. 

Wednesday,  I got all the way to New Haven, this is an hours drive for me.   Todd, the platform dude, informed me the train was going as far as Stamford.  I asked when is the next train to Grand Central?  Todd said, none, Con Ed feeder line is out, no power,  you can go to Stamford and hope for a train or a bus ... hmmm.... I saw a few co-workers on the platform and decided, well guess I'm working in Groton, again...  back into the sun, OMG how much I don't miss that horror, and wow I really need to get a new windshield.  Being sans gym bag I planned on leaving a little early!

Left a message for Hubb/Dave, that I'd be home and let's go for a ride, I need some help with my tire pressure and this sqeaky grinding noise I'm hearing from my chain.  Based on the surprised look I got at 4 p.m. he had not checked messages, in fact he hadn't taken his phone from his hydration pack from Tuesday nights ride!!!

Tires were low.  I let more air out then I put in with the hand pump.  Dave got a good laugh out of that.  For each psst he said "That's 10 lbs."  Crap.  The floor pump was more helpful  100 psi in those skinny tires is wow, kinda scary, and tough to get in those last few pounds.  Any suggestions from the bikers out there? An easier way? Better floor pump?  Better hand pump? 

The squeaking noise was all the sand I've manage to pick up riding along the beach.  Dave lubed the chain and all seems better...

We did a nice easy 20, we both thought it was pretty easy, it was actually a nice effort, topping many of my 'segments' in Strava.    Huh.  I so missed my bike in the last two weeks, my last ride was 9/11.  Felt so freaking fantastic to ride again!!

Thursday, went on a walk at lunch time and a spin class.  Then the panic to get the house cleaned up for weekend guests.  That was thwarted by I'm not sure what, after dinner Dave and I had a few cocktails and started watching the 7th season of Entourage.  Amazing what you can check out of the library.   Don't judge, somethings you start you just need to finish.

Today (Friday) my aunt and uncle who live in LA were on this coast taking a fall cruise from NYC to Halifax.  I was so excited to spend the morning with them.  They were in port in Newport for the day.  It has been far too long since I've seen them.

Charlie, me, KJ,
Toes: I asked Dave what color I should get my toes done, yellow-orange... who knew there was yellow-orange nail polish...
I got to talk with my uncle (my mom's brother) about his athletics.  He is a biker, 7 times riding the San Fran to LA AIDS ride, 580 miles.  He said it was mostly down hill and you could really get cruising along.  HA!  SO modest.  I asked if he had ever done a tri.  Oh yes, he did one, a sprint.  His advice:  if you aren't planning on winning, take your time getting in the water, getting kicked, slapped, and punched in the water isn't fun, and he is a swimmer.  The bike was his favorite part, of course, and he said he nearly crawled across the finish line for the run.  He did it, one and done, and suggested going from sea level to 7,000 feet (his tri was in Big Bear, CA) wasn't really a good plan.  HA!  Excellent advice!

Oh let me also mention he is a cancer survivor, non-hodgking lymphoma (6 years remission) and low grade prostate.  And he is a writer, I totally forgot to ask if he had written any stories lately.  Funny how genes work, isn't it?  

He volunteered his marathon experiences, prefaced by saying his favorite distance is a 10K and he hated 5Ks unless he ran a 10K first then the 5K.  Marathon the first,  he over trained and ended up with knots in the muscles on TOP of his shins.  Krikies.  He did the second, and the last, to start and not finish in excruciating pain.  

My aunt said, you two are just crazy, and that's why I love you both.

Lots of video of their latest grandchild, OMG she is a DOLL, my cousin is a redhead married to a Japanese woman, OMG a redheaded Asian girl, Koa, so cute you want to eat her up!!!  She is just reaching her first year.

Hopefully the dog sitter Dave and I are interviewing will work out and we can use their beach house,  I think the LA marathon is in March?  Hmmmm.... 

And there you go... at least I feel caught up.  20 miler in the a.m. may turn in to a 15 miler... I am so not as focused on training for this marathon as I was last year.  Then again there are far better distractions (family) this year compared to last! 

Beth, kinda lacking focus, however for a good reason, family!!


  1. I'm so jealous you have toenails ;)

  2. HA! IKR? This is my first year having all 10!! Hope you get the same joy soon!!! Hope your marathon training is going well and you are over that WTF am I doing phase!!!

    1. What you have all 10 and are further along in marathon training than me! I am down one, not fair!

    2. This is my first full year with all 10! I kept loosing the second one on the left foot, still haven't figured that one out!! And my marathon is before yours, so ummm, that kinda makes sense? LOL!!!