Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday - I haven't a creative title....

Another family weekend....

Saturday night my cousin Michelle, and her husband and their 7 month old, Dawson, are having a Life Celebration.   Kind of an impromptu wedding took place, in a helicopter, in February after Dawson was born and well the bleeding just didn't stop. Michelle is not someone to let a little thing like bleeding out stop her from being a mother to her son.  She and Steve were married on Life Flight from Girard OH to Cleveland.  At 41 Michelle was quite healthy enough to have a normal pregnancy, well, apparently not a normal birth.  Michelle is a tough woman, no doubt.  She is at about 85% of what she was pre-near death/birth.  Yeah, the nurses said, "well we've never seen someone live through that"...  Yes, women still die in childbirth in the 21st century.  Scary.

Enough of the drama.  Michelle has always been someone you didn't mess with, started at birth, and continues on.  Tough bitch, nice, actually; she doesn't take too kindly to being crossed, ever.

Saturday I am off to Austinburg, OH to see her and as many family members as are able to gather.  I'm told there is a nice running trail by the Ramada.  We shall see.  I remember the farm she grew up on and that was in the midst of a nice Midwest grid, so I'll get some miles in when I arrive and hopefully before I leave on Sunday.  My youngest brother will be there and well, there could be drinking...

I still remember when Mark visited me in Grad School (Kent State University) he had just turned 21 and we went to the QD (like a 7-11 but with booze, I'm still, after 14 years, trying to get used to this Packy business in RI) to pick up some beer and the cashier carded ME the OLDER sister...  Mark got a charge out of that.  Let's just say now that I'm way closer to 50 than he is, he looks much older.  Muwahaaaaa!!!

Nice run at work today.  I left the usual way and went a little further figuring maybe I'd tackle "the bitch" or not....  I did it (I'd say her, but well, yeah) actually a little longer than the hill on Meech, just as steep and not as long as the hill on Oak (local to me at home).  Aptly named, no doubt about that.  Next time I'll run on the asphalt instead of the rocky curb.  Did that and went back to my usual loop.  Logged 7.7 miles.  Not too shabby.

Nice high 5 from Mike got me through that last mile!!

Felt pretty good when I got back to my desk as evidenced by my glossy eyes and smile.  Made the rest of the afternoon bearable including paying for Vinnie's latest repairs.  He needed two rear wheel bearings, that makes a full set in the last year.  Blargh.  At 170K he is pretty much rebuilt and should last for another few years.  Better start planning what to get when I turn 50!  BMW?  Thoughts?

And that wraps the week up.

Tuesday - Spin and TRALP (Tuesday Running And Libations Professionals - I had a nice Blue Pointe at the Harp and Hound in Mystic after 2 miles)

Wednesday- 4ish mile lunch run and a nice mind clearing bike ride out to Watch Hill.  Getting faster!  Woot!!  I need to take that segment back from M, now that I know what QOM means - thanks Jeff!!

Thursday -  rest day, Spin and what did I do when I got home, mail I think...

Beth, thankful for the miracles of modern medicine and looking forward to meeting Dawson in person!  (oh yeah and seeing her parents and one of her brothers)


  1. Wow, what an amazing women your cousin is! Have a great time and enjoy your family!

    1. It was fun! A lot of driving over a short period of time. Dave thought it was a bit foolish, but there just aren't a lot of chances like this weekend!