Friday, October 11, 2013


Running home along Elm Street I hear a guy yell "ALIEN" out the car window as it zooms past me.  I suppose I did look rather odd with the headlamp thing, white light in the front and flashing red light in the back with my orange shirt stating: What Part of "Princess" Don't You Understand? reflecting on the back. Yeah, he had a point, I'm sure it was a sight.

Back of the shirt - crown on the front 

I went out with the sole purpose of testing out this headlamp before I wear it next Friday night running leg 17 (8.6 miles mostly along KY300 past grave yards, hoo boy) in the Bourbon Chase.  That will by my 2nd of 3 legs in the 200 mile journey 10 women and 2 men take starting at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont and ending up at the Town Branch Distillery in Lexington.  Of course this is the longest and most difficult leg, in the dark, the week before a marathon.  It will be awesome fun!!!

The whole trip will be awesome fun!! I have never met any of these people in person, only 3 virtually.  We share a common bond of running, whiskey, and wicked sarcastic sense of humor.  Good times will be had, I am sure.

I fiddled with the headlamp quite a bit while I ran. The Black Diamond Sprinter, came highly recommended and had the required front lamp and red flashing back lamp.  It felt a little tight and I loosened it up and tightened up the strap across the top.  Thinking I may be happier with it with a hat or a headband, felt like the front lens was digging into my forehead.  Need a couple more evening/night runs this week to test it out.  Why do I insist on waiting until the last minute?

All in all it lit up the sidewalk and roadway very well.  To be more comfortable I need to try along some darker roads, as I doubt KY300 will have many street lamps!  Guess I'll venture down the West side of the river Monday night, maybe Sunday?  I'll see how I'm feeling after the Newport 1/2.

Tomorrow I'm signed up for two 5Ks.  I'll do one of them and if I happen to be in Narragansett by 12 I'll run the second, or at least pick up my shirt.  The first is Free to Breathe at Slater Park in Pawtucket.  Nicole and I will run together and take it easy!  Plus I'll be able to see several people I met at the Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit in Dallas last month.  It will be nice to catch up!!  The second is Your Next Step is the Cure I've been trying to get in touch with the local folks connected to the organization to expand my Lung Cancer advocacy network and I've had no luck, so that sort of pisses me off, well no it really pisses me off.  This is a bastard of a disease and all these different organizations really need to work together, or find a way to work together, they have the same goal after all.  Yeah yeah, take off your rose colored glasses and be real, it is about who can be there first and raise the most money, I'm sure.  20 some odd years in corporate America should have taught me something, yes?

Anyhoodles, I'll have a smile on my face and see what connections I can make. The consummate diplomat...

Sunday is the Newport 1/2, this was a great race for me last year.  I will enjoy it, a beautiful course and Nicole will be there and one of the gals I met at the Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit, plus this will be a friends first ever marathon and I'm pretty psyched for her.  Although I can't imagine running this as a full, as you pass by the 1/2 finish for 13.1 out and back to finally finish...

Beth, a little over committed for the weekend, but it will keep her from getting stressed over the next two weekends!


  1. Busy but fun weekend - GOOD luck with all - remember when writing up post race blog, which race is which :)

    1. Thanks!!! I skipped the YNSC (#2 5K for Sat) and opted for a bike ride with Dave. Better choice!

  2. Beth, it was great to run with you today! I loved the course and was so thrilled to catch up with you in person! I got used to seeing you every week and miss it. So I would say I didn't take it to easy today but I felt good and still feel good. I am really looking forward to tomorrows race. There are going to be so many good people there and I hope I see everyone and get to run with most of them even if is's only a minute or two. See you in the morning!

    1. We ran pretty easy! We could both talk!! Looking forward to tomorrow!!!