Sunday, September 8, 2013

MCM Training - Week 11

Four Seasons Run for Hope this a.m. didn't happen, well for me.  I was there in plenty of time, no on-site parking resulted in a nice tour of Boston and the Commons and my frustration level reaching an epic high.   Well crap...  another day I will run along the Charles River, so I had a nice long morning in the car. BLARGH. Poor planning on my part.  It happens, we live, we learn, and we make adjustments.

Dave was sympathetic. He suggested we ride out to Buttonwood Farms for some ice cream.  Sure, that would be good, let's go at 2:30, I need a nap, frustration wears me out.  By 2:25 he woke me up, remarking how amazing it is that 1) fell asleep with the the obnoxious neighbors and their dirt bike, and 2) slept through the chain saws taking down the 40 foot tree across the street.  Hey I am an expert napper, what can I say, we all have our strengths. 

Off we went on our adventure!  It was fun, we both had a blast and enjoyed our ice cream.  

So there you have it...  a nap, bike ride, and ice cream cures all ills.  Oh yeah and that downhill (9% grade) on 201 was AMAZEBALLS!!!!  The down hills on this route are truly a treat for the up hills. 

And so ends MCM Training Week 11 - the numbers:

Monday - 11.5 miles bike
Tuesday - Spin class
Wednesday - 6 mile run 2.5 mile hike
Thursday - 13.5 miles bike 2.8 mile run on the beach
Friday - 0
Saturday -  3.1 race 11 mile run
Sunday - 32 miles bike

I didn't get in all the miles on my schedule, or to the track... next week is another week!  

Next week is also the Surftown 1/2, last year 2:16, my PR is 2:10. Looking fun to seeing lots of familiar faces! 

Beth, moving forward

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