Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Weekly Recap: 5/2/16 - 5/8/16

Monday (8.7) -  Smart people take a shorter run after a big effort.  I felt like I was tripping over my legs for the first 1/2 mile of my run, but then things sort of sussed themselves out and it just kept getting better and feeling easier, so what was going to be a 3 mile slog turned into a 6 mile progression run.  I felt so damn good!

BARRE was what I needed to work the last of the kinks out from Saturday's  3 hours and 30 minutes on the trail.

Gus and I had a lovely stroll, I taunted him with a trip by Dairy Queen, he can smell the sugar, I'm sure. 

Tuesday (5) - Well I paid for my excess on Monday, it was a pretty evenly paced run, should have been what I aimed for on Monday.  I hobbled back to my desk with my knees giving me hell.  Yeah, shut up, I'm stupid.  Guess what knees you don't have to run on Wed or Thur, so Phtttttttt.......

Gus paid me back by doing a little counter surfing and destroying the tinfoil that wrapped the last piece of banana bread Dave saved for me.  When I came home to spy the shredded tinfoil on the floor I asked the two idiots "Which one of you did this?".  They ran over to Gizmo.  For starters, Gizmo can barely shuffle across the floor and for enders, he was never a counter surfer.  Jax didn't freak out with my tone of voice; clearly was Gus who had himself a little snack.  Great...  He got me, didn't he?

Wednesday (5.6) - Ro and I made it out for the power hill loop and missed the rain. Her fracture is healing and my left knee needed a break  from pounding.  I have a feeling it's going to be a tough road getting over 40 running miles a week.  I will take full advantage of my cut back weeks so it can heal and strengthen. Crikies it's been like Michigan lately with the gray skies, with a lighter shade of gray being a sunny day.

Thursday (0) - Rest day and drive to MI.  Not a bad drive, cloudy, I finally saw the sun when I crossed over into Ohio, so that was quite the treat.

Friday (6.5) - Ugh that first run after a long drive, and then to have it first thing in the morning, double ugh.  I took a little side trip down Hack Road to see what the "Dead End" sign was all about.  There was a sketchy bridge down there and it was out for a while and now it appeared to be gone?  Was there a way through the ditch or not?  All rather curious.  Well it wasn't a dead end, the bridge was in the midst of being repaired, I could probably get through on the road or through the ditch on foot for Saturday's run, if I chose to run a trapezoid.  Gak I really do get tired of the 5 mile around the block grids of my childhood...

Saturday (7.5) - Decided I wanted to run on some hard top roads, so I took a  run out to Macon to run around the triangle.  Not as much fun as I thought it might be, not really a surprise.  But I did see actual cars, so that was exciting!!

The evening's fun was my brothers, their wives, and the nephew visiting for a bon fire.  We haven't had one since John and Julie's wedding reception in 2007, shortly after that my mother's pain in her back was diagnosed as Lung Cancer.  For 9 years my dad has been piling up brush in the pit, the pile was reasonable for a small family bonfire and my mother was ready to have one, just not a big deal,  burn what was in there and not add onto it from the bonfire wood piles in the field.

Mark and Judy brought ribs and we all had a great meal with relatively little fuss.  We all played baseball with Jin (the nephew), mom "watched" (read: napped) from the back porch, the "kids" had fun and left Dad to deal with the dishes in what is now his kitchen.  He REALLY doesn't want anyone helping because they put EVERYTHING away incorrectly!

After a water break and to let the soon to be 6 year old mellow out a bit we all traipsed to the back pond to do a little fishing.  Well John and Jin fished the rest of us spectated.  

We got back to the front of the property to find Mark and Dad busy getting the bonfire started the slow way with saw dust and wood shavings and matches.  No diesel fuel... that was kind of disappointing, but hey, it was supposed to be a mellow event. 

Once the dry wood caught it was a "Raging Ball of Awesomness" to quote Jin.

9ish years of sticks and a couple house joists.

From the right side of the pit, I couldn't stand being in the smoke

Half way - we could move closer now!!

Jin enjoying the "raging ball of awesomeness"

At this point is when the stumps and other wood not good enough for a fire in the house would be burned,
1 maybe 2 pickup loads
It was perfect for some marshmallow toasting!!

Sunday (0) - Planned not to do anything.  I can't deal with the straight roads three days in a row and it was nice to lazy about all day knit and watch videos with my Mom.  I didn't even break 10,000 steps on my FitBit I was that big of a slug.

Weekly Mileage:  33.2  (run:  25  walk: 8.2)
Yearly Mileage:  756.1  against a straight line target of 710.8

Beth, happy to have had some time in MI and now on to real life...

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