Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weekly Log 2/2/15 - 2/8/15 -- Final



Triple Tuesday 


Arc Trainer / Weights




Who names a snow storm Linus?   Well it lived up to its name blanketing us with another 8 + inches to keep the existing snow warm and toasty... 

Monday - non-running day for me and after Sunday I was pretty sure I was never going to run again,  and thought about it and remembered I clearly fall smack dab in the middle of Dr. Daniels 3rd category of runners, no natural ability simply a desire to run.  As Seth said a while ago, "just run". Gotcha, just run silly girl. 

No TRX with Joy's wicked driveway.  I did go into work.  I don't get much work done at home, with all the distractions.  It was a fun drive into work!  The hill that threatens to kick my ass when I ride my bike in nearly did Vinnie in when the vehicle in front of us wasn't going fast enough to get up and over the snow packed asphalt!  We got to the top and all was fine, and he did well on the next two hills.  I just imagined pedaling my heart out on these hills once the weather warms to biking temps and the snow goes away.

Enjoyed shoveling out the apron of the driveway when I got home.  No I'm not being sarcastic.  I really do like being outside.  Got that all done and the side walk.  Wow, that snow was heavy, good work out.

Tuesday -  Went to the gym, really didn't want to, Orlando questioned if I was going out, Mike was on the treadmill and convinced me I didn't want to go out into the slop by luring me with a story!  Always up for a good story.  Cookies work too but not so much while running.  After staring at the controls for a few seconds Mike clued me in to what buttons to press and asked me the last time I was on a treadmill.   Hmmm, it had been a while, perhaps April 2014?  Really not my thing.  The story was good!  As I slowed down the treadmill, Mike 'suggested' another mile, thanks for that. 

Next up was Run and Yoga with Jennifer post work.  I was happy to see the pug crew in their sweaters!  So cute, so different from 70 lb big dogs!   The plan was intervals on the treadmill 1/4 mile distance warm up / speed / recover / hill/ recover / speed / speed / recover / hill / speed / recover / hill / cool down.  Twice on the treadmill in one day!  Crazyness...

Wednesday - Tired and sore.  I slept like crap exacerbated by Gizmo having to go out at 2 a.m.  The good thing was the perk is back in his step!  He had a yeast infection in his ear, nothing terminal, pshew!  When anything is the least bit off with him and it gets him completely out of sorts.  Poor guy. 

Quick lunch run 2.6 miles I'll finish up the rest of my daily miles walking Gizmo!  The roads are better than yesterday, hopefully much better tomorrow... oh wait more snow for Thursday?

Thursday - Lunch run in a snow globe, it was beautiful!  Huge flakes all over the place.  I'll not mention the wind, just how cool it was to run with all those huge snow flakes!  4 fun miles!  It was a little slippery and yes a bit chilly.  

Jennifer and I bagged hills at night.  The wind chills were going to be wicked.  She promised to do hill intervals on the treadmill.   I hoped Gizzy would not want a walk, I did, I really did.  He had some soft whines and when I shifted in my chair he was up and bouncing around.  Struggle to get on his sweater, he really did need it, it was COLD, holy wow.  All the slushy parts froze and it was nice and slick too.  We had a couple of skating sessions and neither one of us fell.

Friday -  ARC trainer with Jennifer.  Huh, interesting contraption, definitely mimic stairs.  

Saturday - Sometimes it's just best to lay low, and that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday - 5 miles at the beach with the girls and a walk with Giz.

It will be open soon!!

Beth, sore from shoveling or maybe yoga, hard to tell....

This week back on track!

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