Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super 5K - Recap

Today was not that day.

A goal 27: anything
B goal 28: anything
C goal don't die

After my stellar performance at the Resolution 5K, and generally feeling good about my running lately, I was pretty sure I could hit in the 27 minute mark for this 5K.  I was incredibly nervous.  Had a good warm up run, although Crutch scared the crap out of me.  

Mile 1: 8:44 I felt really good, really good.

Mile 2: 9:29 And it started falling apart, I started spending energy thinking and not running

Mile 3: 9:39  This was downhill and probably the only thing that saved me was seeing all the WTAC guys on their cooldown.  Perked me up for a few seconds, I couldn't hang on to it.

Mile 0.1: 9:03 And done, damn it  29:02

Really isn't much more to say than "Today was not that day", period.

Today WAS a beautiful sunny day and I got to hang out with lots of running peeps, the club and the girls, really that's what counts right?  That and I didn't die.  

Beth, still breathing

Photo by Jana Walker - Misery

Photo by Jana Walker - Misery


  1. Props on not dying. Don't worry, even though today wasn't that day, one of those good races will come along soon. Well done!

    1. Thanks Cory! Not dying is key for sure! 100 miler a month for a year, eh? You are hard core, KUDOS!!!

  2. Glad I could be there to scare you! You turned so abruptly that you actually scared me! Oh, and thanks for ruining the pool for me, I was counting on winning that 40 bucks ;)

    1. Well I wasn't going to mention you shrieking was what scared me, but hey, you brought it up. Yeah, people should totally come with break lights and turn signals, sorry about that!!! Yeah, sorry about the pool because you'd of totally won, with a 26:59 from me...

  3. Yeah, we all have those days when thinking really ruins things. LOL You didn't die, it was a nice day and you were with friends. That's all you need!