Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekly Recap: 2/23 - 3/1



 Legs / Yoga

 Tired sore legs



 Rest (really)


Monday - Non running day.  Missed Spin.  Woke up at 4:55, shut off the alarm for the 5 minutes I was going to rest my eyes and woke up at 5:25.  Well crap.  Fortunately Gazelle was off running a 20 miler, pshew.  I don't think this 5:30 a.m. on a Monday spin class is going to work for me.  I'm not a morning person to begin with.  Maybe once it gets lighter earlier?  I'll try again in a few weeks.   Considering I really did want to spin and my buddy Ro was teaching a spin class at Noon I packed the spin gear I carefully set out on Sunday night in my gym bag.  

My knitting buddy cut off the tip of her finger so not much knitting going on... so I thought I was in for the spin class.  Nope, class ends at 12:55 and I had a could not miss and could not move meeting at 1 and it was going to start promptly.  Blargh...  

TRX was it.  After a month break, OMG it hurt.  Fortunately the planking I've been doing has helped a bit, but seriously not so much fun.  Well giggling with the girls in the basement was fun, otherwise not so much.

Tuesday - Running / Weights / Yoga -   Speedwork was on tap.  And it was below 10, really not conducive to a good workout, treadmill it was.  I chose a different treadmill and it was off the same distance as the last one, 1/2 mile.  5.2 miles per my foot pod with Run / Jog intervals.  1% grade 1/4 mile @8:27 per the TM (1/3 @ 7:30 per foot pod) x 6, 10 TM pace for the recovery intervals.  There were a couple experiments in there.  All in all I was tired and felt good.  Two things that are weird - I can't cool down even with a cold shower, no really seriously, a cold shower and I'm still sweating when I get back to my desk and I sneeze like crazy and have a runny nose all afternoon and into the evening.  Last week I was sure I was getting sick and started taking antihistamines for a couple days till everything settled down.  If I'm stuck inside next Tue I'll use the antihistamines as a prophylactic and see if that helps.  It really isn't fun spending the afternoon on conference calls and sneezing.  Anyone else have allergies happen when they run on the TM?

Jennifer and I did leg weights - yeah not the best follow up to speedwork, I felt it on Wednesday evening!  Yoga was all about hip openers, always a good thing for the tight hips of runners!  

Wednesday - Running - Faith texted to be sure we were on for what hopefully will continue as our Wednesday lunch runs, well at least until the end of the semester and her schedule changes.  For now it works.  I was super apprehensive of this run, I was sore and tired and really sure this was going to be awful.  Yet, I knew it would be OK and I would feel better.  We ticked off the first mile at about a 10:30 pace and both said, we need to go slower.  So we went faster, not really intentionally, the first mile is uphill and the second down and then well it get flat and we got to blabbering.  After the last nasty hill we part company and wished each other well after a lovely 4 mile run and chat.  Yeah, as we were blabbering the whole time we obviously weren't working THAT hard.  Ahhh....  

Had fun trying to twist Mikey B in to a pretzel, I saw him on Thursday and he was still a little ouchey from the hip openers - pigeon pose for the yogies out there.

Bob showed us another way to do the Figure Four stretch.  That was great.  

Decreasing the angle of the leg touching the floor helps make this more intense.  This can also be done supine.

Thursday - Running / Spinning - Ugh it was cold outside and I was so close to 5, I made sure I hit that magic number.  Never warmed up on the run, oh well, this weather has to end at some point right?   Although it makes me think of the Time covers from the 70's about the pending ice age.  Pretty scary stuff as I remember it.

Considering this 5;30 a.m. spin class is stressing me out, Dave suggested I go to a class after work.  Huh... hadn't considered that.  6:30 class on Thursday night, lets try it.  It worked out nice.  Too many things I want to do and so little time what with a full time job...  ugh...  

Friday - Cue the Friday afternoon nap.  Oh my love how I've missed these.  Out for 40 blissful minutes.  Rudely ended by Gus's self inflicted tummy issues.  On the positive side Gizzy got his long awaited walk, the roads are dry the sun was out and we went for a little over two miles.  I could definitely see a little loss of strength in his hips, however he wanted to go go go and wasn't going to let that hold him back. He'd have walked more if I let him and that was the perfect way to end his first walk in over a week. It is either too cold or the dark and lack of continuous sidewalks hinders our evening constitutionals. 

This poor snowman.  I kinda feel bad for him.
Fortunately (ha) more snow is on the way and the kiddies who built him can freshen him up!

I finished the scarf I was working on. It does make a nice blankie for Gus!  He is feeling better, not to worry.  Totally self inflicted issue.

Saturday - Nice medium run of 8 miles.  Made a dragon with the GPS.  Took Jax out to Watchaug Pond to run off some crazies!

Sunday - Short easy run!  Ahhh  now to prep for the next snow storm:  Gavin...  

Beth, wondering about this ice age stuff....  

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