Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Weekly recap as my only post is getting kind of boring...

I'm cribbing Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem.  I started following her for the title of her blog only, had to be a farm girl.  Little did I know she was a TRUE farm girl generations of cowboys and ranchers in Montana and a super runner and just a fantastic to read blogger!   One of my uncles and aunt live in Plains Montana and have been inviting me out, their latest ploy was, you could run a race.  Her pictures make me want to start looking for a Montana Road trip!  My family, gotta love 'em!

So three things I'm happy about:

1) I gave up Diet Coke in January.  It's been good.  The first week was tough, the withdrawal from all the crap in them was a week worth of headaches and crankiness.  I'm not giving up caffeine, just Diet Coke.    Decided I'd give coffee a try.  Hooo boy, good stuff!   Now I'm slowly figuring out hydration with the coffee.  It tastes best hot and black with a little bit of cream.  However, it doesn't stay hot long and I slug it down like a beer after a run.  And it always seems wise to get a large.  Then I get cold in the chilly office and get a second so that's 40 oz of fluid in 3 hours... and well not always so good when I run between 11 and 1.   All in all I feel bunches better!

2) I'm adding in weight training for reals!  Squats with the bar in that contraption thingy (oh you didn't expect me to know the technical terms), Deadlifts, various leg and ab machines.  Seems like the squats and deadlift are two most recommended.  Of course planks!  I'm up to 90 seconds!

3) After years of fearing pressure cookers, my mother used to use them a huge giant pressure canner/cooker and smaller one.  The spinning hissing pressure relief valve was a thing of nightmares. Jennifer bought an electric one, and when I go over for one of our workouts her house smells amazing.  I bit and bought one.  The first meal is being pressure cooked tonight.  Teriyaki chicken.  Smells pretty good, waiting for the dogs to start milling with their noses in the air.

Beth, never a bad thing to try something, or three things, new!

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  1. welcome to the world of caffeine - coffee on me next time i'm in B260