Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekly Recap: 7/7 - 7/13

Monday - Walk 2

Day started with my every 6 month visit to the doc so he can discuss my cholesterol results, which have been pretty stable, he thinks they are high.  They are fine and I'm not going back on the meds.  For starters these ranges are all based on men and not women and I've managed to bring it down significantly on my own with exercise and the meds don't significantly drop it. Then we get into the usual of what to people in your family die from, blah blah blah...  it isn't old age, unfortunately.  

Then this stupid cough/allergy/plague thing prompted a chest x-ray.  The report back was "No evidence of acute disease" to which I asked "Well is there evidence of an ugly disease?" Doc didn't exactly think that was funny, I did.  He suggested I call back if the cough isn't gone in two weeks.   My take away, ok good, not pneumonia. Yes, yes, my mother has Lung Cancer and I've collected several friends my age with Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma, so yeah, a little wigged.  Nothing a bike ride, a run, a dog walk, and a little whiskey couldn't fix, right?

Tuesday –  Run 5

Ro and I were going to walk, that turned into well lets walk and then run, to let's run till Avery point and Ro will walk back and I'll continue on.  I was happy with whatever as long as I got a few miles of running in.  

Nice 5 mile run in the HHH (Hazy Hot and Humidity) stop for water at Avery Point helped with the last 2.5 solo miles.   

Missed the Dog Watch fun run, Bailey came over to walk Gizmo so they could get to know each other.  Both Dave and I think Gizzy will LOVE being an only dog for a week with someone doting on him.  He has only been an only dog for 1 week and all he really wants to be is an only dog.  Poor guy.

Wednesday -  Bike to/from Work 34 / Westerly Fun Run 2 / Walk 2.5

Biking went exceptionally well, not really sure why, but I didn't feel like the slog fest it felt like last week.  Quite happy with my progress of taking a few second off each of the hills I navigate to and from work.

Pocketed a nice QOM, so there is that.

I got wrapped up in a project at the end of the day and left 40 minutes later than I intended on leaving, hurried home, fed the hounds, and rushed off to the Westerly Fun Run, and made it there to watch everyone zip by on their second lap.  DOH, they started early?  Or on time?  I wasn't THAT late, maybe 5 minutes?  Might as well run a couple miles and head home to walk Gizzy...  absolutely uninspired run, my legs were heavy!  Nice walk with Giz, we may have went just a bit too far, he was having trouble with his back legs.  Seemed fine after we were home 10 minutes, no lasting problems.  I worry. 

Thursday – Run 5 / Walk ?

Met up with Steve and Dave outside the gate, figured they would be long gone by the time we got to the top of the hill.  Nope! Nice guys hanging back with me at my pace.  We ran down to the beach they were out for 3ish and headded back, I continued on with a goal of 6, clicked off the watch at 5.3.  No breeze sucked.  I have to remember my water bottle, I slugged down some water at the UConn Avery Point cafe, could have used one more stop.   Be interesting to see how far my splits dropped once I was on my own.  Getting to enjoy running and chatting.  Didn't think I ever would.

After really looking at my bike miles, no wonder my butt hurts,  I ramped up pretty darn quickly.  Hoping a week away from my still to be named bike doesn't make me back pedal (ha ha)...

I have no idea what the rest of the week will hold

Friday – Usually a rest day - probably stick with that lots going on with the start of vacation

Saturday -  not a clue, at sea so running around a tiny oval on a cruise ship?  treadmill?  bike?  I seriously have no idea.

Sunday - Ditto Saturday...

Beth embarking on a week of the unknown on a big ship...  *bites nails*

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  1. You can't trust those doctors!

  2. I chuckled at your cute disease!
    My doctor told me I'm not bringing in enough revenue for him, and suggested that I take up chain-smoking and binge drinking!