Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/23/2017 - 1/29/2017

And another week begins with Monday.  This time not a holiday, so that was a bummer, back to full work weeks till May.  There has got to be a better way...   Not a running day and I was kind of ok with that with the wind.  Spin it was and my legs were a teensy bit tired from Sunday. I got through the class and really worked on heavy gear and intervals.  That may help mountain biking.  No one got a walk, it was raining.  If it was day light and raining, I'd consider it, not at night with the number of people not paying attention to driving while driving.

Wicked wind and rain over night and more expected for Tuesday, a running day.  A morning of meetings and a text from Faith wondering when I was running, not if.  When, it is nice when my friends know I'll run in anything to avoid the treadmill.  She asked to join in and I said sure, I probably wasn't going to run 5 so she'd need to meet that magic number on her own.  Since the wind was 20 MPH from the NNE that is the direction we headed for the first half, we were also treated with a nice steady rain to complement some nice rolling hills.  We were rewarded for our efforts with a pleasant place to run and a tail wind and the houses blocking the bulk of the Easterly wind. We could have added in a loop around Fort Trumbull to get to the 5.  I was happy to get out and away from my desk.  

The rain was full bore by the time I got home so two not so happy dogs for the evening. If it was just a drizzle I'd go out, I feel guilty not getting them out two days in a row.

Ro is in Florida so power walking the hill loop turned into running it on Wednesday because, well, I'm not going to walk that fast on my own.  It wasn't too horrible, I was in to the wind going North and West which meant up hill a bit and with it at my back a bit.  I was glad to have it at my back for School St and Latham St.  The stairs at the top of Latham St really did me in though.  It took a lot to muster up running again.  I did!

Spin at night, interval class, which I definitely need and upped the tension on the bike to really get something out of it.  Spin twice a week is actually helping, I'm feeling a bit more better about the classes.

Then got the boys out for a short walk after beers and pretzel sammiches at The Malted Barley with Faith and Joe for Faith's birthday.  I love it when people like to recognize their latest lap around the sun!

I was pooped and fortunately the short walk appeased the beasts and they let me sleep!

Thursday wasn't too bad with a decent night sleep, yeah I know dogs in the bed is a big part of the problem. Gus spends most of the night in his hut and Jax pretty much settles in and stays in one place.  It's the up and down of Gus wanting to snuggle then leaving. Makes me miss how well Gizzy and Diesel snuggled.

Another running day I aimed for 6 miles and hit 5.95, good enough.  Did all three points around campus and was happy with where I ended up pace wise.  It was spritzing when I started and was raining pretty steady through mile 3, mile 4 and forward the sun came out more and more.  Which was nice, because I was slogging up the backside of campus on the part of the road I dread.

Gus took me out for an energetic walk, he'd keep going if I didn't force him to go home!

Exhausted and sore from three days of running, and not looking forward to strength and core.  I do need it and it is making a difference.  Class was good.  Chris is a fun instructor, he talks through the whole class. My body was sore at the start and more sore at the end.  Will be interesting to see what Saturday holds.

Took Gus to explore another Westerly Land Trust preserve.  I had read about it and was tired of the same old same old, it was time to try a new place and while we hadn't been to one we know in a while I really didn't want to don on the orange.  It's a weird thing with me, not worth getting into.  Very pretty preserve, we did the perimeter loop and will go back and explore the interior loops at some point.

Gus hates selfies.... yet he spends a good 15 minutes every morning admiring himself in the mirror
I swear I hear him singing Meghan Trainor "Me Too"

CELC (Charlestown Early Learning Center) 5K in the afternoon, I wasn't sure about biking before this, I figured I wouldn't be running much of it but still...  Dave was happy to go out with his buddy, but a little disappointed.  That made me feel good and guilty all at the same time. After finding out the Lululemon Strava challenge gave out actual merchandise; I thought what the hell and went up to their Cranston store to claim my goodies.  I don't know if I'll ever get up the nerve to wear the running shorts, they are short!  The shirt, is nice and will work well with spin.  I don't have the right legs for their stuff, a thin muscular leg looks better than a thick muscular leg.  My leg type works better with a different type of short.  Note:  I'm not being hard on myself, I'm pretty clear I was blessed with my mother's awesome legs!!!  Hell for shorts that run $58 and a shirt that runs $68, seems worth the potential uncomfortable-ness, even if I only use the shorts for swimming!

The 5K was good.  Jennifer has surfaced again and I was glad for that.  She's been attending Wed night spin pretty regularly.  She went through a pretty rough personal patch and now has a rough professional patch.  She has a plan for the professional, and frankly having been there myself, the professional is much easier to manage.  We ran and walked averaged a bit over a 12 minute mile.  I'm good with that.  This wasn't for me, it was for her and it was for the kids at the Charlestown Early Learning Center.  Seriously.  

After a beer and some nachos with the girls I took Gus to the newest preserve I found and we had a really good time hiking the interior loop.  Lots of granite ledge to scramble up and a new view of the abandoned granite quarry.  We had a good time and I was definitely feeling Friday's class and looking forward to Amy coming over on Sunday morning to torture me with a deep tissue sports massage.

Happy to scramble up some ledge and show of his mad skillz


Everyone over slept this Sunday a.m. which means Dave scrambled to meet up with his bike group, Gus's tummy was a disaster (if he doesn't eat by 7:00 a.m. we all have hell to pay), Jax didn't have the appropriate amount of time to wrestle and was whiny...  fortunately my only to do was get a massage and Amy was coming to the house and I had time for coffee!  My back has been stiff, not to mention my knees and hips.  It was time to get poked and prodded with the magic pointy elbows and feel like a spry 45 year old once again!  This one didn't hurt as bad as times past so the scar tissue is lessening and I should push for some progress.  Perhaps a bit of speed work.  Since I'm nailing two of the three points in The Art of Stress Management for Runners  I totally embrace run at a comfortable pace and enjoy the process.

No, really, I've been enjoying how much less angst I feel about running.  Angst might not be the right word.  Maybe dread for that first mile. It is getting easier, or I'm noticing the suck a whole lot less. 

Took Gus out for a quick hike through Wahaneeta and Dave went for a long hike with Jax.  Gus was dragging, I guess he is 9 and possibly slowing down.  He ran and scrambled up and down the ledge quite a bit yesterday, plus the whole upset tummy thing this a.m.  I think it might have been the potato chip (or two or three) Dave gave him last night.  He can't handle fat, pretty much any fat... 

So that ended a pretty good week I hit my arbitrary mileage goals, however did not get out on the Mountain Bike or Road Bike even though the weather was ideal for it. I did get to a critical point in my latest sweater and am letting it sit for a day to make sure I don't make some bone head error I'll have to rip out.  The book I'm reading "Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter is probably not a good one for me to be reading right now but I can't put it down, much like it is so difficult to go slow by a car accident.

Feet:  31
Saddle:  30

Beth, Calling it good and ready to start the new week with no regrets.  


  1. I seldom go there, and almost never see anyone in there, but Riverwood is a pretty neat preserve. Quite a contrast in trails. Hopefully the WLT can acquire a better access point sometime in the future.

  2. The Land Trust looks like a beautiful place to get to go hike and take the dogs!