Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Recap 1/16/17 - 1/22/17

Well hello there Monday holiday!  Still kind of in a funk and really don't want to leave the house.  I'm pretty sure I know why, a week ago a dear friend would have had his 50th birthday.  He's been gone 20 years now.  Anyhow, that is that and we move through it and on with our lives remembering there are other people on this planet and not to run them down while we are in our vehicles those who love them miss them when they are gone.  

I accomplished quite a bit off my chore list so that was a plus!  I found a hat I made a few years ago.  I had totally forgotten about this, it was in a bag of yarn.  I'm not surprised to find this bag of yarn, I was surprised to find the hat inside it, and some baby booties.  I totally forgot I made those too!  Fingers crossed I don't have any more huge bags of yarn hidden in the attic.  

Got Gus out to hike and a sunset to dark hike.  That went well.  We were well on our way back when the sun went down. My headlamp lit the trail well and Gus being the sure footed creature he is led the way back to the car.

Tuesday became hill day as Ro was going to VT to ski.  Sure, that works.  I want to get my running to 3 or 4 days a week and that does help since I didn't do much on Monday.  We did our usual hill loop and it feels a little easier than it did in the heat of the summer.  I do have to get serious about training for a 1/2, a plethora of 5 mile runs isn't going to help a pain and injury free completion of 13.1 miles!  I think I have another week or so I can put this off.  Gus got the walk and he didn't want to stop.  OMG seriously, he kept turning away from home.  It was a bit of a fight to get him to head towards home. 

Finally back to somewhat of a normal early get up schedule, Dave has some sort of a cold, hopefully he doesn't share this with me.  Wednesday I was up and out on time and even got the dogs fed so he could sleep in.  Once they eat they are more than happy to curl back up in bed and snooze the morning away.  Ran at lunch and it felt good.  All that training the fast runners do make them look so miserable.  Spin after work and Jennifer seems to be back on track, so hopefully I'll see her more often in spin.  And Jax got the walk.  I had maybe 30 minutes more of movement in me and he was angelic on our walk.  Even walking through a group of men (which always makes me nervous no matter who they are) and I know he senses my discomfort, he focused forward and we walked, no growling, snarling, barking, or lunging  (and he behaved himself too!).  Ha ha ha.   My first 'triple' in a while...

The little monster looking all cute and innocent, don't let it fool you.
What a day, the big yellow orb was in the sky this Thursday morning!!! I was beginning to think we were living in Michigan where you see the sun a grand total of 14 days between Halloween and Valentines Day.  Well at least there was usually some snow on the ground so it made the gray drab days sort of bearable...  not surprising the SSRI and beer consumption also went up during this period of time.  Nice 5 miles with some hills for lunch.  It was a far more impressive elevation gain graphic on the iPhone than on the computer!  Still I worked some hills and am not disappointed.  Hopefully we get into Mt. Washington Road Race this year.  It could possibly be my worse year, it is so beautiful to climb up the auto road, probably more beautiful to climb up the trails though...   I will train nonetheless.   

Work holiday party, I was kind of dreading.  It was actually fun!  No pressure of the holidays, lots to talk about with the new year.  

Not a running day, Friday, a cross training day.  I did get Gus out for a walk after dinner and we were both happier for that.  I'm dreading and looking forward to my upcoming training for the 1/2 marathon on April 30th.  I'm sure that will pass.

Dave made plans to ride with one of his buddies on Saturday, his cold is finally going away!  I took the opportunity to run in the morning.  Ugh, not my favorite.   I can't believe I used to get up at 5:00 to run and enjoyed it.  Crazy.  I got in a reasonable 4 miles, working on lifting my knees when I run in an effort to improve my form and increase cadence, gave me something to think about.  After I took Gus and Jax out for a cool down walk.  Both the dogs got out for individual hikes before dinner.  Spoiled much?  Made for a very quiet evening for us, so totally worth it!

After a crappy night sleep I was kind of dreading Sunday's ride in Duval.  Razz told Dave they were pretty mellow trails, and for the most part they were.  I didn't hate it but I would have liked it much better if I felt better.   Surprising amount of elevation gain.

Road riding is definitely easier than trail riding.  Trail riding forces you to do intervals, lots of short steep hills.  Road riding is far more long hills you can grind up.  Duval would be some place I could manage on my own, would be great to run to.  If I ever get back to running more than a few days a week.

My stomach never did settle down, I tried to nap, that wasn't happening so I decided to have an adventure with Gus and go to Lantern Hill.  I had no idea what to expect.  It was a 300+ foot climb up then climb down.  Gus did great on all the ledge, definitely not an easy "hill" to climb the views were nice, they would be much better on a sunny day.  I could see the ocean so that was cool for being so far inland. 

There was someone at the very very tippy top texting, I didn't want to disturb them to get a photo with or of Gus....  next time!!


Feet - 35.2 
Saddle - 13

All in all a higher mileage week on the feet!


Beth, moving forward and moving through.  


  1. Wasn't it great to see the sun? I know I enjoyed it...

    1. YES!! It was like I was living in MI again...

  2. Replies
    1. It was pretty cool. Next time I'll explore more... I can't believe you do hill repeats on that bitch.