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Weekly Recap 3/2 - 3/8 (final)











Monday - snow, so no TRX.  Took a spin class at lunch and walked Gizzy when I got home.  The spin class was good.  Come March 30th I'm going to be regretting not getting on the trainer after a 43 mile ride.  Oh well....  Guess my ass and I will have to come to terms with the ass/saddle torture, or I get on the trainer.

Tuesday - Triple Tuesday - 5ish outside and 3 ish on the treadmill capping off the snowy night with a yoga class.  Tuesday night music bingo at Fat Belly's was cancelled due to the snow.  It was not a fun drive home from Coventry.  I'm constantly amazed at how terrified people are behind the wheel.  Get off the road, pretty please!!

My run outside I never felt like I got moving in any rhythm or pace or something.  Just felt sloggy and like I was running through cornstarch and water or Jell-o or pudding.  It was very weird, not tiring, weird.  My suffer score was 68 with most of my heart rate in Zone 2.  Obviously I wasn't working very hard.  Interestinglyr I've never been able to manage a run with the majority in the Z2 with a little in Z3 area.  Maybe this is a sign of fitness.  I did feel like I could keep plodding, yes, that was it, I felt plodding but not like I was slogging, anyhoodles like I could keep on keeping on for another lap around campus and the golf course.  Weird.  

Jennifer and I met up for some intervals on the treadmill before Yoga. I warned her she needed to keep me honest.  The tables were definitely turned!  She managed pretty well, I have some more teaching to do about being a pain in the ass.   She did do a great Karen impression about my general mood.

 (I liked this MUCH better, Dave usually asks me "What's your malfunction? - IKR, it is amazing we are still married -- then again he is married to a smart ass and you give as good as you get!)

About half way through I started losing a little of the 'frump' as she called it.  Yoga helped immensely.  Missing chicken bacon ranch pizza and music bingo definitely sucked.

Wednesday - I had hoped to get to the gym for some speed work.  I did get out of going to NY for my performance review, and really had high hopes for the 6 hours of commute time I saved.  Of course the day collapsed in on me and I started feeling like Stretch Armstrong. 

I never did get to the gym, it was a nice lunch hour to run outside too, the rain stopped briefly and it was warm.  I did get a lot of actual work done, so there is that.  Oh yeah, and I got a nice little award for some work I've been doing, that always helps to make a day a bit better.

Walked Gizzy when I got home.  My grouchy old man, I love him so.   It will be tough when his time is up, for me and for both Dave and I.  For now, we both enjoy him and all that is The G.

Thursday - Snow was predicted to be all day and it did snow all day, big fluffy flakes, 6 inches is what Dave predicted, we were 8 inches by the time all was said and done.  He took the afternoon to push most of the snow off the porch roof.  It wasn't in danger of collapsing, more danger of once this crap starts to melt it is going to slide very easily off the copper roof and go BOOM, with our luck it would be on someone, like the postman or the UPS guy or Gizzy.

I had a nice short run to the beach and back in the snow globe.  It will most likely be the last for this winter.  Again I felt like I couldn't get into a rhythm and my 'suffer score' on Strava was low.  It didn't feel like I was working hard at all, so I was glad for that confirmation from Strava based on my heart rate.   It really was beautiful.  I didn't listen to my music much.  There is one portion where there is a river to the right and a golf course to the left and that day a father and daughter were playing hide and seek.  There aren't any places to hide, just one tree.  It was fun to watch them having fun chasing each other.  Made me smile.  Then I happened upon a guy walking his golden retriever.  That dog was having a BLAST jumping into snow banks and routing around then jumping back into the sidewalk and repeating the process.  Anyone who says animals don't play or have feelings or know how to have fun really doesn't know animals.  I nearly stopped to play with this pup he was having such a grand time and his hoomin was laughing right along with his antics.  Warmed my heart!  Once I got back on the main road I did put the music back on.  I can't get enough of "Red Solo Cup".

Dave shoveled the walk once, and I got night duty so I could get my car in the driveway. Really easy shovel, he did the heavy lifting.   My poor metal chicken, Whimsey, is nearly drowned in snow.  Poor girl.  Puff, the dragon (what else could he be called?) I won't see till spring.  I love that I have friends who enjoy buying me 'yard art' and a husband whose not the least bit phased by it.  I am very sad my lighted dragon, Larry, was stolen by some juvenile delinquents.  

Friday -  I should have known.  I'm the green on the right.

Got to Misquamicut and well, we ended up at The Malted Barley.   Neither of us are up for any awards, do this for a living, or are going to win a race where actual turtles are the competition, it was cold, it was Friday,  The Malted Barley was the better option!

Saturday - Pick up bib for Sunday's 1/2 maybe snow shoe, maybe run, who knows.  I'm looking forward to sleeping past 7 a.m.  doubtful that will happen, well unless I drug the dogs.

There was no sleeping in past 7.

After coffee I went out for a run, 5 miles.  Zigging and zagging to avoid the un-shoveled walks and dodging cars, I'm getting tired of this.  Felt good after I was done.

Dave and I went snow shoeing out in Burlingame for a few miles.  I wanted to see the ridge in the snow, it is so pretty.  We meandered around for 2.2 miles and it was as beautiful as I remembered from the last big snow, the snow shoes are nice, keep you up a bit from post-holing into the deep snow!

Sunday - Ocean's Run 1/2 marathon - the only goal is do not die.  I didn't get in the long runs, I did get in the speedwork.  I'm 1/2 way there.  It is supposed to be nice and sunny and maybe warm...  I'll enjoy the race and if I best my 2:17 PR I'm good, if I finish an hour after the winner (Muddy, run slow) I'll also be good. What really happened?  RECAP HERE

Beth, who does this running stuff for fun and to, hopefully, live a little more mobile as she ages and, yeah, eat and drink.  And wondering who actually gets her pop culture references....

published 3/6

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