Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ocean's (not quite a) 1/2 Marathon - Recap

Let me be completely honest, I haven't run long since the 1/2 on October 12th (Newport).  Long to me is 10 or more miles.  I've run a couple 9s, maybe a few days of doubles touched on 8. Seriously, this was at best a training run.  I had a goal of a sub 2 for this 1/2, the first 1/2 of the year.  The training didn't happen so it didn't happen.  Am I upset? No.  Am I disappointed? No.  Am I happy?  Yes, why wouldn't I be?  I smiled across the finish line.  I finished, I didn't call a cab, I had enough fitness, stamina, and gumption to get from the start to the finish, granted it was "only" 12.7 miles it was not 13.1.

Going into this I knew it was going to be a struggle sub 2 hours was off the table.  Even a course PR (2.17) was questionable.  I set my goals as such:

A)  1 hour after Muddy (who I also predicted would win)
B)  2:30
C)  Don't call a cab
D) Don't Die

Ok so how did Muddy get wrapped up in this whole thing?  The first time I ran this I was in decent condition, I think I am a bit fitter now, although I am two years older and nearly 10 lbs heavier - shit happens with these cold winters, don't judge.   2013 Mike Galoob won at 1:17 and I was 2:17.  Completely arbitrary.   It worked for me.

I dropped back to 2:30 because it is a nice 'round' number, very curvy!

Rhode Island has had snow, wicked feet of snow, it was not going anywhere.  This bunged up the start and finish line.  Kinda hard to start and end on a field when that, and all the rest of the fields resembled those in "Fargo" - you know the one where Steve Buscemi's character, Carl Showalter, buried the briefcase of cash by a fence and put a red ice scraper as a marker. 

Snow covered, and while there wasn't 'blizzard fencing' there were stone walls (New England has more stone than they know what to do with - walls everywhere).  I vowed if I did see a red ice scraper I was digging for the brief case of cash, because yeah, that could happen!!

The roads, for the most part, were clean, there were spots of ice and snow, mostly easy to get around.

Because of all this snow the ample parking was not so and we were asked to carpool, cars of 3 would be allowed to park in the close lot.  Being one who really does like to follow the rules I arranged to meet up with Jennifer and Angie, to make 3 to a car to get to the closer lot.  As we pulled in and saw cars of 1 I was annoyed, really?  But Kathy said, cars of 3.  The three of us went a bit out of our way to meet up to be a car of three.  Grrrrr....  my only bitch.

The course is nice, three out and backs where you can see the front runners.  Saw the guys and gals from my track club for the first one.  The second one, my pace slowed and I only caught a glimpse of Mikey and Shara as they floated by.

Jennifer caught up with me at Mile 4 and said "Momma this isn't like you."  I wished her well and assured her there was a porta potty at the end of this road, there was but damn the road was longer than either of us thought!  And chased her down the road.

We were coming on the third time we'd pass the front runners on an out and back.

Thing was there was a 30 minute head start for those figuring on a 3 hour finish, nice thing for Kathy to add, this started to get confusing at this point in the race when I saw people coming towards me that were definitely slower than my pace.  Hmmm did I make a wrong turn?

Eventually I saw Muddy, looking solid, but I wasn't sure if he was in first or second.  He was certainly working hard.  Along comes Gazelle, The Illustrious Seth, Mikey, and Shara.

About mile 7 water stop I started stopping and chatting with the volunteers.  Why not, right?  Gave me a break and perhaps entertained them? Perhaps not?

I had a porta potty break at mile 11, it wasn't going to wait.  Did make the last mile feel much better though, why hadn't I done this earlier????   

At the end of the day it was a fun race, I live in a beautiful area and am happy to run these roads for fun or competition, well more for fun.  I need to work on the competition part!!

As we were walking back to Jennifer's car Angie announces this was her first Half Marathon!   What a secret to keep!  We had not only not dying and not calling a cab but a first to celebrate.  We met up with some friends (Don and Steve) at the Rathskeller in Charlestown, lured by a free beer (it was bud light, Steve and I passed and opted for a Berkshire Brewing Company Coffee Nitro Porter (my favorite) and a bottle of J Lohr Cab for Don, Jennifer and Angie to split.  Hmmmm, guess we did call a cab, ha ha ha ha.... yeah that was reaching.

The swag was nice a soft cotton long sleeved shirt and a pint glass!

Oh and I finished in 2:25:59, and Muddy in 1:13:46 he came in second by seconds.  Full Results Here.  I met B,C,D goals.  I'll call that a win and enjoy drinking a nice porter or stout from the pint glass.  Or maybe water? Maybe I should work on losing the beer gut!

Beth, first long race of the season, done, benchmark for the rest set!

PS the beer tasted better than water...


  1. Great job! It was so nice to see you today. I too, have not run past 10 since Newport. My first half of the year is coming up quick though. Need a couple good runs over the next few weeks.

    Again, great job Beth!

  2. Great job!! You weren't too far off of Goal A either in half marathon thinking. I love when I get a pint glass as part of the swag, although my kids do really good breaking them

  3. Good job and I too was disappointed with the Bud Light offering but it did allow me to continue working on MY beer gut afterwards.

  4. That's great considering the length of your training runs, and beer always tastes better than water, ha. I'm not a robot

  5. Nice job getting that first race in. It's always the hardest. I'm with you on the weight gain...though about twice as much...and it's not a beer gut. I'd say more like a chocolate gut.

  6. Congrats for the good job on your first long race of the season.

  7. Is this the longest Winter ever? Great job and great recap BLS. Warmer days ahead.